Happy Father's Day

     We got a little bit of a late start this morning at The Gridiron Uniform Database, so we won't have any database changes for you today, but we'll have some for you tomorrow.  Today is Father's Day, so happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.  With Father's Day, also comes the U.S. Open, so today for our music we bring you the "Golf Boys" video that four of today's PGA stars made.  Honestly, I haven't watched it yet, but they keep talking about it during the golf telecast, so if you've haven't seen it yet, here it is.  Good luck today, Rory.

~ ~ ~

     Today is our one week anniversary, and today we're gonna to take a look at some of the websites that have referred traffic to us this past week.  Of course, we launched last Sunday with an article on Uni Watch and the great majority of you all have come to us from that great site.  Indeed, we really look at ourselves as an off-shoot of the Uni Watch community, and we hope to remain part of it.  And we got a healthy bump in traffic when Uni Watch's Paul Lukas mentioned us in his ESPN Page 2 Column.

     But some of the smaller mentions have also brought us traffic.  We've been mentioned on websites like Football OutsidersJersey Central, and The Miniature Football Coaches Association (whatever that is) as well as in team fan forums like this Saints' forum and this Cowboys' forum.  We've also gotten visitors from countries like England, Russia and Australia, among others.

     My favorite overseas mention, however, was on a French website called "6 Verges Et Les Buts" which roughly translates to "Six yards and the goals."  It is a french website about American Football.  Anyway we were mentioned on their website, they said about us:
-Voici un nouveau site qui documente l’historique complet des uniformes de la NFL, le Gridiron Uniform Database. Bien fait, avec des articles complémentaires. À découvrir.
Which, according to Google Translate means:
Here is a new site that documents the complete history of the NFL uniforms, the Uniform Gridiron Database. Well done, with additional articles. Discover .
The best thing about this website, however, was reading the comments in French, particularly, "Une chance que le "Gridiron Uniform Database" ne s'intéresse pas aux Oregon Ducks!!!" which we guess means something like, good thing they don't have to do the Oregon Ducks!
     Although we have no plans to tackle college football, at least not right now, we did do a mock-up of what Oregon would look like on our website:

     Oh mon dieu!

     Or as Bill says, "pleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFLpleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFLpleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFLpleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFLpleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFLpleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFLpleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFLpleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFLpleasedontletNIKEdothistotheNFL!!!!"  Don't worry Bill, we're not heading down that road...yet!   

     Whether you came to us from Uni Watch or wherever you came from, we hope you enjoy the website, and hope you join in the forums and participate and help us make this the best website it can be.

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     One other thing we wanted to mention, we will be hoping to roll out the pages with some of the weekly matchups soon, and in order to properly add the "field info" we have been looking at which teams have had AstroTurf and FieldTurf during which years, and we have constructed the following chart:

     We know there are many different types of turfs, but for the most part AstroTurf encompasses any of the 1st-generation carpet-like turfs, and FieldTurf encompasses any of the 2nd-generation type artifical surfaces which are used today.  (And of course grass encompasses any natural surface, like painted dirt, mud, et cetera)  So click on that above and enlarge it, and if you spot any mistakes, let us know.

~ ~ ~

     Thank you all for visiting our website this week, and we hope you will continue to come back for many weeks in the future.  Starting tomorrow, we'll take a look back at the Buffalo Bills' uniforms through the years and we'll also have some more database updates for you.

     Again, Happy Father's Day and enjoy the golf.

Has it really been 25 years since Ray Floyd won the 1986 U.S. Open?


  1. I was kind of surprised when I first opened this today to see Oregon. I know this is a pro football site. And the site is incredible.

    At some point to see colleges by somebody would be fantastic.

  2. Hey, great site so far. I've checked it daily since I found out about it. Also, I love the idea of the chart about the playing surfaces. One minor error I noticed was that the University of Illinois had Field Turf at Memorial Stadium in 2002 when the Chicago Bears played there. Here's a link to the Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_Stadium,_Champaign. I know it's not the greatest source, but this fit the timeline that I remembered. If I can find a better source, I'll provide it, but I'd encourage you to look into it. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  3. Actually here is a better source: http://illinihq.com/news/football/2008/09/05/memorial_stadium_timeline/

  4. Actually I was going by that Wikipedia page when I made the chart -- for Memorial Stadium it said:

    Grass (1923–1973)
    AstroTurf (1974–2000)
    AstroPlay (2001–2007)
    FieldTurf (2008–present)

    So I guess I just looked at it quickly and saw the "Astro" but yeah, you're right the AstroPlay is actually more of a FieldTurf kinda thing.. I'll fix it, thanks!

  5. Here's another one. The Oilers actually didn't moved into the Astrodome until 1968. They played at Rice Stadium on grass from c.1965 thru 1967.



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