Week 15 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

By Tim Brulia

Chances are, if you are reading this week's installment, you are not out Christmas shopping. Good. You need a break. So, let's hop on the GUD Uniform Ranking Express!

16) Dolphins-Patriots: MIA in white/white, NE in navy/silver. Oh dear. Dolphins continue to waste opportunities to grab those wonderful aqua pants for the yawning all whites. I don't understand. Would have paired really well against the standard and solid navy over silver of the Pats.

15) Broncos-Chargers: DEN in white/white, SD in navy/white. Too much navy and too much white help to make the spirits blight. Where trim colors, such as maybe more orange, more yellow and/or more powder blue would make the spirits bright.

14) Jaguars-Ravens: JAX in white/black, BAL in purple/black. Oh for the love of black. The Ravens' purple over black is a unique and exciting combo. But matched with the Jags love of black pants, it gets caught in the crossfire.

13) Bengals-Browns: CIN in white/black, CLE in brown/brown. All that chocolatety goodness. All that black pants sleekness. Hmph. A little too much of the dark side. I think the all browns would work better against a team that didn't look so similar.

12) Cardinals-Rams: ARZ in white/white. STL in navy/white. I'm not sure I understand the Cardinals' choices. Last week, all red against the red heavy Chiefs. This game? All white against the Rams with white trousers. Puzzling. Red pants would have been excellent. But the Rams navy over white looks better to me every week. Push.

11) Saints-Bears: NO in white/black, CHI in navy/white. Mixed feelings on this one. I sorta think the Saints did right by wearing the black britches, but...then again, would the gold trunks have been a better fit against the Bears navy-white. Or....maybe the Bears in a ready for prime time all navy look? I guess indecisiveness wins here. It's good, but...gee...

10) Raiders-Chiefs: OAK in white/silver, KC in red/white. Since 1963, the ONLY time we did not see this matchup was in 1980, when the Chiefs decided to go WAH. Which likely makes this the most common uni matchup of all-time. And something should be said for that, I reckon. But as far as a visual treat, it's nothing special. There are better, and there are certainly worse.

9) Redskins-Giants: WSH in white/yellow, NYG in blue/gray. Unlike the aforementioned OAK-KC rivalry, this one goes back even longer, but so many more differing looks than that one. So, more variety, but not necessarily better. In this case though, slightly better. A better distribution of color and trim. Burgundy, red, blue, yellow and gray.

8) Buccaneers-Panthers: TB in white/white, CAR in black/silver. What sparks this one up the map? The Bucs orange socks! Socks are almost always the overlooked element in a uni matchup, but when done right, it helps a lot. Now if the Panther had chosen to go with carolina blue socks...I can't even imagine!

7) Texans-Colts: HOU in white/navy, IND in blue/white. I think in previous years, I was wishy-washy on this matchup. This year, I dig it. Perfect yin-yang. You take the white helmet, I'll take the navy. You have the blue jersey, I gots the white. You do the white pants, I rock the navy. And I'll add a dash of red to boot.

6) Cowboys-Eagles: DAL in white/mint, PHI in green/white. Wait a minute, didn't these guys just play each other? Yeah, Late Thanksgiving Day! But in that one, the Cowboys wore their non-whites at home. This time, the more usual white over mint combo, with the Eagles in green over white. The nightmare early non-green unis of Philly just a bad distant memory. Always a nice clean pairing.

5) 49ers-Seahawks: SF in  white/gold, SEA in navy/navy. Wait another minute, didn't these guys just play each other, too? Yeah, Thanksgiving night! Well, with the rematch so close at hand, the Seahawks wear an outfit much more appealing than the grays that were so difficult to see, their neat-o navys. The Niners with the gold helmets and pants with red trimmed white jerseys, just looks a bit better than a short while ago.

4) Steelers-Falcons: PIT in white/yellow, ATL in red/white. Triple combo vs. triple combo. I always like to give high marks for such matchups, and I do here, despite the fact that black and white are two common denominators at play here. The Falcons red and Steelers yellow do bounce nicely off each other. Well done.

3) Vikings-Lions: MIN in white/purple, DET in honolulu blue/silver. One of my favorite annuals matchups, as long as the Vikes go with purple...and they do. The sweet taste of purple mixed with a hint of yellow against the wondrous shade of honolulu blue and dollops of silver with a kiss of black.

2) Jets-Titans: NYJ in green/green, TEN in white/navy. We haven't seen this much WAH out of the Tennessee bunch since their days as the Tennessee Oilers (1998 & 1999). One good thing about that is this game. It brings out the Jets in mono-green, a look detested but many, but liked a lot by me, and the Titans in navy pants. When both sides have white helmets, it's my believe that they should compensate making full use of their colorways. In this case, affirmative on both sides.
Nice to meet you, old friend.
1) Packers-Bills: GB in white/yellow. BUF in blue/blue. Lordy. I love Buffalo blue. I like Packer green and yellow. So the Bills go all blue with this set and for once, a white helmet looks glorious. Couple with lots of Packer yellow with green trim this becomes a gem of its time. Boy o boy!!

Next week? Yeah, we'll be here. See ya!

Week 14 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

And so it continues...

16) Chiefs-Cardinals: KC in white/red, ARZ in red/red. OK, so you ask, if you like the Chiefs in all red so much, why the low rating for the Cardinals' all red?? Here's the deal. Had the Cardinals gone all red against any other team in the NFL, this game easily is in the upper half of the rankings. Even if the Chiefs wear all white, I can knock this game up a lot. BUT the Big Red goes and wears this combo against only other team with as much red as them. Sigh...next please...

15) Seahawks-Eagles: SEA in white/navy, PHI in black/black. Man, I must be getting jaded or something. The Eagles finally have their greens ready, but they decide to go all black?? I'm sure the black jerseys were known months ago for this one, but heck, if you're going to go all dark, why not rock the green pants?? It would have added style points to the GUD book. Seattle's white over navy gets lost when it really shouldn't have.

14) Ravens-Dolphins: BAL in purple/white, MIA in white/white. Loads of white, but I'm not expecting the Ravens to don black pants in the tropics of South Florida. It would be nice for the Fins to sport the aqua pants, though. When your end zones look better that your unis, time to do something about it.

13) Jets-Vikings: NYJ in white/white, MIN in purple/white. Jets, why? Either green pants or green socks would have been a big help. No. Well Vikings you could have brought the grapey pants, too, you know? No. Too much white for me. Purple and more green would have been a bizarre but interesting look.

12) Bills-Broncos: BUF in white/white, DEN in orange/white. The Bills shade of blue - to me - is the best blue in the NFL, yes, even better than Charger powder blue. So when the Bills elect to go all white, I'm quite disgruntled. Not even the sweet orange of the Broncos is enough to get me out of the dumps.

11) 49ers-Raiders: SF in white/gold, OAK in black/silver. The metalheads from the Bay. Or, as Burl Ives has sung so many times, "Silver and Gold." plus a dash of red and a heaping dose of black, and it's a predictable but good looking matchup, keeping bells and whistles to a minimum.

10) Panthers-Saints: CAR in white/white, NO in black/black. All white and all black is not the cool. Saints should have rocked their gold bottoms for this. Saving grace for this encounter is the carolina blue socks of the Panthers.

9) Buccaneers-Lions: TB in white/pewter, DET in honolulu blue/silver. I can't help it. The Bucs hot mess of a uni is growing on me. While the deep pewter dulls one's senses here, that in turn makes their goofy numbers pop! Couple with the always classy honolulu blues, and those red numbers stand out like a sore thumb. Good stuff.

8) Colts-Browns: IND in white/white, CLE in brown/white. Had this matchup happened in the 1980's, we would have been treated to the Colts in silver trimmed striping and the Browns in orange trousers. But times have changed, in this case, backwards. A load of blue trimmed white against brown, orange and white. It's OK.

7) Texans-Jaguars: HOU in white/navy, JAX in black/white. Could have been better, but the Jags trotted out their white pants and that move boosts this game up several notches. Little bits of teal, red and gold is a good compliment.

6) Falcons-Packers: ATL in white/white, GB in green/yellow. While the Falcons all whites are a very bland combo as a standalone, when worn with the Packers green over yellow, it looks so much better. Not near enough for a finish in the medal standings, but certainly the red and black trim on the Falcons attire gets a needed lift.

5) Giants-Titans: NYG in blue/gray, TEN in white/navy. It's nice to see somebody other than Dallas and Miami going WAH for most of their home games. The Giants gray pants looks better than a blue over white look would have been. The Titans white over navy is the better choice here as well. This one pleases my eyes.

4) Cowboys-Bears: DAL in white/mint, CHI in navy/white. Normalcy is the standard operating procedure here with this matchup. Silvery shades of greenish blue mixed with a few shades of deeper and a dollop of orange.

3) Steelers-Bengals: PIT in white/yellow, CIN in black/white. Two triple decker sandwiches of differing color schemes is a plussity-plus for me. black over white over yellow and orange over black over white. Not a tremendous wealth of colors, but how they're expressed is what makes this matchup work.

2) Patriots-Chargers: NE in white/navy, SD in alternate powder blue/white. The Patriots get lucky. Last week, the white over navy gets a big boost from the Packers and this week, with the Chargers all spruced up in the lovely powder blue, the Pats look is complemented tenfold at least. Dandy game!

1) Rams-Redskins: STL in white/navy, WSH in burgundy/yellow. Nice one, guys. Navy, gold, burgundy, yellow. Real sweet looking matchup. White is kept only for the Rams jerseys and this makes all the colors stand out. Wunderbar!

Return with us next week. We'll be here, hope you will, too. Bye!

Week 13 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

We hope you enjoyed pro football's longest weekend. And all that went with it.

Time for another installment of the GUD's rankings.

16) Dolphins-Jets: MIA in white/white, NYJ in green/white. Gack! If I were a cat, I think I'd hurl a hairball. Just a weak looking game. Normally for a prime time matchup, at least one side will crack open the dark pants, if available. Here, both squads had that option and both decided to go...white?? So, instead of giving green, aqua and orange the chance to shine, never mind. Gack!

15) Raiders-Rams: OAK in white/silver, STL in navy/white. Not sure what you could do with this one. I'm not feeling any sort of way about this one at all. The dour white-jerseyed Raider look paired with the gold trimmed Rams navys in white pants. This is where bright yellow from the Rams would have given this matchup a much needed kick in the butt.

14) Titans-Texans: TEN in white/navy, HOU in navy/navy. When three of the four major components in a matchup are the same color, be it white, black, red, navy, it's a major drop down. Such is the case here. Too bad the Titans have sworn off columbia blue for the season, as it would have given this game a desparate push upwards. Too bad the Texans chose this game to go all navy, against a navy clad team. Bad choices on both sides. Shame.

13) Cardinals-Falcons: ARZ in white/white, ATL in red/white. See #16 and #14. Three of four components in white. With a limited amount of color options, you go with your game hand, Namely, the Cardinals could have pulled the red pants. Would have a big difference. Alas...

12) Panthers-Vikings: CAR in white/white. MIN in purple/white. A heckuva lot of white here and thus, a bit of a tumble in the rankings. Not sure about all purple, but with the black pants available for the Panthers, why not give it a try? As we've seen before, black makes the light blue on the Panthers explode with vibrancy. Still, a good array of purples, yellow, carolina blues, blacks and silver.

11) Seahawks-49ers: SEA in gray/gray, SF in red/gold. Normally I'd have this one up several notches, but one thing was quite troubling to me. Whether it was my failing eyesight, the flaws of HD television, the lighting at Levi's Stadium or whatever, it looked to me that the Seahawks were wearing all white for the longest time! It wasn't until I looked at photos on the gettyimages.com website that I could fully confirm the Seahawks were indeed in "wolf" gray! Paired with the always dependable Niners red over gold, the matchup stays above water, but gets docked at a few notches for the Seahawks gray not being gray enough for a night game.

10) Chargers-Ravens: SD in white/navy, BAL in purple/white. Another one of those "the best we have to offer" games that still just can't get up the charts. It's really not that bad, no eyesore. Good deeply dark colors of black, purple and navy, blended with a touch of powder blue, yellow and gold.

9) Bears-Lions: CHI in white/navy, DET in honolulu blue/silver. Traditional matchup on a traditional football day. And it looks grand. The blue mixture of navy and honolulu blended with silver, orange and a breath of black is always a pleasure to the eyes.

8) Bengals-Buccaneers: CIN in white/white, TB in red/pewter. A couple of really busy uniforms here. Bucs do right in rocking pewter pants, but the Bengals could have either: a) wore the Black pants to make the orange socks pop a bit, or b) wore black socks to temper the orange/red overload.

7) Saints-Steelers: NO in white/black, PIT in black/yellow. This game featured a special one-off patch worn by the Steelers to commemorate the team's first championship, their Super Bowl IX victory some 40 years ago. Otherwise, this was a good matchup, nothing spectacular. Both teams in black, yellow and gold. So, though not much variety, they brought their best for this one.
Steelers 40th Anniversary Super Bowl IX patch
6) Eagles-Cowboys: PHI in white/green, DAL in navy/silver. It is very good that the Cowboys have decided to wear normal blue at home for at least one game a year. This is a real eye pleaser as the Eagles wore their green pants. The Cowboys dark jersey combo is really too good to be seen so rarely. Maybe more of this at AT&T Stadium next year, guys?? Pretty please?

5) Broncos-Chiefs: DEN in white/white, KC in red/red. The Chiefs honor a stricken player by wearing his favorite combo, the lovely all reds. But up against the dour broncos all whites, and a rather strong uni matchup week, it just can't scale the heights.

4) Redskins-Colts: WSH in white/yellow, IND in blue/white. The Redskins white combo may be the best white uniform there is right now, because it's a rare case where this combo is the one that actually makes the opponents' dark colors work, rather than the other way around. And with the stark Colts look, the Skins really makes the Colts blues stand out way more than normal.

3) Browns-Bills: CLE in white/brown, BUF in blue/white. The Bills were able to play a home game at home for a change and the home fans were treated to a very nice uni matchup. Quite colorful with brown, perfect blue, red, orange and white in a beautiful blend of color. Well played.

2) Patriots-Packers: NE in white/navy, GB in green/yellow. Power packed matchup both on the field and on the uniforms. The Patriots have a fair/middlin' uni here, but paired up with the very strong Packers green over yellow get-up and it comes to life as a strong bold uniform. Everything bounces off really well.

1) Giants-Jaguars: NYG in white/gray, JAX in black/black. This is wild. The matchup almost makes no sense at all. A team with a look stuck in early 1960's America against a team maybe too futuristic for its own good. Put 'em together and it's magic! Stodgy red, blue, gray meets gold, matte black and teal trim. Sweet and sour, salt and sugar, or as the Brits say, chalk and cheese. Yep, I like it!

That's it for this week. Again, a kindly reminder to check our Facebook and Twitter pages daily to see our random uniform matchup from the past, with little trivia items sprinkled in.

Take care and see you next week!

Week 12 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

By Tim Brulia

Here's your latest installment, with the first tie ever in the rankings.

14 (tie)) Saints-Ravens: BAL in white/black, NO in black/black. Love me some black, hate me too much black. Welp, just a case of black overkill here. Ravens did right with black pants. That's the better look for them here. Saints, though, not the right choice with their black trousers. Gold would have been much the better choice here.

14 (tie)) Jets-Bills: NYJ in white/white, BUF in blue/white. AN "ode to snow" here? This game was moved from suburban Buffalo to Detroit with Western New York buried under feet of snow. So while this matchup of two sets of white helmets, a set of white jerseys and two sets of white pants may seem appropriate, as the normal MNF game is a case of black overkill, so this game is a case of white overkill.

13) Lions-Patriots: DET in white/silver, NE in navy/silver. Just a bit more silver than I can handle here. And a healthy chunk of blue, too. A time when a rare matchup is best let that way, rare.

12) Cowboys-Giants: DAL in white/mint, NYG in blue/gray. The greatest catch in NFL history? If we're taking game action, Odell Beckham Jr's snag just may be it. But this blog is about uniform matchups and sorry, this is not the greatest anything in that regard. Lots of blue, blue-gray and gray, with only a taste of red to keep things from total mediocrity.

11) Jaguars-Colts: JAX in white/white, IND in blue/white. Becoming common while being quite uncommon. These AFC South foes with unis that - using a music analogy - is like Iggy Azalea meets Patti Page. Yep, a classic look from long ago meeting a decidedly 2014 style uni. True blue up against gold, black, and a whiff of teal.

10) Buccaneers-Bears: TB in white/white, CHI in throwback navy/white. I'm scratching my head on the Bears deciding to wear the "Monsters of the Midway" TB (throwback) classic against TB (Tampa Bay) Modern. Sorta reminds me of the aforementioned Jags-Colts tilt, except even more extreme! Still, a good stew of colors, with red, orange, pewter and navy.

9) Bengals-Texans: CIN in white/black, HOU in navy/white. This is OK. Could be A-OK if the Bengals had simply worn orange socks to go with the black pants. Texans in navy over white does compliment well, but another matchup with potential, slips up a bit.

8) Dolphins-Broncos: MIA in white/white, DEN in orange/white. Last week, I was positively giddy bo biddy over the Fins awash in aqua. This week, a cold whack of reality sets in as the Fins return to the land of all white. However, for them, this matchup is saved by the raw sweetness of Bronco orange. Actually, the aqua trim does bounce well off the Bronco orange with a dollop of navy,

7) Titans-Eagles: TEN in white/navy, PHI in green/white. While this is really not a bad matchup, I just can't get a proper dose of wow for this one. Good colors (navy, green, silver, a touch of columbia blue), but maybe lackluster execution? Certainly not the worst pairing for the week, but far from the bes

6) Rams-Chargers: STL in white/navy, SD in navy/white. This is nice. Navy/white/navy versus white/navy/white. Normally such oppositry (yeah, I made that word up) is a delight. One problem, all navy and all white and to an extent, all gold. A bit more color flow would have pushed this one even higher. Nonetheless, I like that visual flow.

5) Cardinals-Seahawks: ARZ in white/white, SEA in navy/navy. Excluding socks, a triple dose of white meets a triple dose of navy. Truly, had the Cardinals rocked their red bottoms, this likely sends this matchup to the top. Still, this is a visual treat. Maybe the red yoke on the Cardinals is just enough to make this one yet a successful pairing. Seahawks sleek in the all navy,

4) Chiefs-Raiders: KC in white/red, OAK in black/silver. A matchup that has changed little since 1968, when the Chiefs started to wear red pants with their white jerseys. Not much more can be said. The red and yellow paired against silver and black. Looked good then, looks good today.

3) Packers-Vikings: GB in white/yellow, MIN in purple/white. Again, a common get together that seldom bores. One time when yellow, in the forefront for one, is kept quiet for the other. Add the green and purple and this one screams, "NFC North, heck yeah!"

2) Redskins-49ers: WSH in white/yellow, SF in red/gold. Aw yea. Maybe a slight tilt of shades of red and um "gold", but this pairing is a delight. Red in scarlet and burgundy mixed with gold in shades of yellow and um, y'know, gold, and the way they're carried out by these two make for a goody.

1) Browns-Falcons: CLE in white/brown, ATL in red/white. Perhaps its the rarity when these two meet up, but I think this one is dandy. Two sides in triple color; red, black, white, brown and orange are at the fore and no overuse of any of those hues. Upper level of the food chain!

That is it for this week.

On behalf of my partners Rob and Bill, we would like to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving with loads of football and turkey to keep you and yours comfortable!

Week 11 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings and some social media news

by Tim Brulia

We'll get to this week's uni ranking in a moment, but first, this important message.

Those of you who are familiar with the GUD's social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter probably know that our activity, particularly on Facebook, has been a little slow.

When we posted the Thursday Night Football clash between the Bills and Dolphins, using the GUD's uni matchup template for the game, it gave us the inspiration to do this: A daily semi-random uni matchup from days past.

This means that, each and every day, the GUD will post one uniform game matchup. While it won't be totally and 100% random, we hope to have a matchup from a corresponding week from previous seasons for every day, except for Thursday. As with the trendy "Throwback Thursdays," the GUD will dig even deeper for a matchup for that day, using a game from between 1940 and 1954 for TBT day.

As we get to the playoffs, our options will be a bit more limited, but we will likely use playoff matchups from the past during the postseason, including some Pro Bowl goodies.

Once we reach the off-season, then the matchups used will be 100% purely random, and there will be no real rhyme or reason to what we show. Every season, week and game will be fair pickin's.

To see what we've done so far, please check out our Facebook and/or our Twitter pages. Feedback is appreciated. We hope you like it!

Now, onto the Uni Rankings for Week 11.

14) Falcons-Panthers: ATL in white/white, CAR in black/silver. A mostly meh matchup, a lot of black, some silver and a flash of red and carolina blue. Certainly not a total bummer, but there is better.

13) Raiders-Chargers: OAK in white/silver, SD in navy/white. Some get excited over this one because of the traditional nature of this matchup. I do not, unless the Chargers are rocking powder blue. They are not. Thus, this drops down a ladder a ways. Not really a supporter of the Raiders in white, a quite generic look in my book. As is this matchup in general.

12) Broncos-Rams: DEN in white/white, STL in navy/white. While the white overwhelms in this matchup, we get to see the Rams in a positive navy over white light. Make their gold numbers pop a little. Just wish we had more of that Bronco orange to really spruce this up.

11) Buccaneers-Redskins: TB in white/white, WSH in burgundy/yellow. OK, I can take the Bucs in all white. But the red socks need to accompany. They do not. And that hurts a bit. Redskins burgundy over yellow is always pleasing, but it takes two combos to make a matchup work, and this one falls a little short.

10) Patriots-Colts: NE in white/navy, IND in blue/white. One of the NFL's better rivalries over the past decade or so doesn't always translate to the best uni matchup. This really isn't all that bad as the Colts blue jerseys is their better combo, and the Pats in white over navy is a good look, But I just can't catch the buzz-feel for it.

9) 49ers-Giants: SF in white/gold, NYG in blue/white. As stated before, the white pants need to be the go to pair for when the Giants rock blue jerseys. Proof is here. It's a great look and the blue jerseys seem more vibrant with the white bottoms. Add the Niners white over gold with juicy red trim, it's a swell eye treat.

8) Steelers-Titans: PIT in black/yellow, TEN in white/navy. Apparently this game confirms the uni rumor mill, that the Titans new owner is not thrilled with columbia blue as a dominant color. The pale blues (jersey OR pants) haven't been seen since the preseason. And except for the Week 8 game against the Texans, it's been WAH all year long for the Titans. Not a bad thing here, as the white over navy brings the Steelers to LP Field in the dynamo black over yellow combo.

7) Texans-Browns: HOU in white/navy, CLE in brown/white. Nothing earth shattering here, but this is a fine get together. Navy, brown, orange and a glint of red is enough of a color variety to overcome any other shortfalls here.

6) Seahawks-Chiefs: SEA in white/navy, KC in red/white. No doubt, of the Seahawks three pants, navy is the best. The grays and white do not incorporate the neon green aspect, but the navy trousers do. And that little detail gives this matchup sweet spark. With the Chiefs vivid red and yellow trim, it's a dilly matchup.

5) Vikings-Bears: MIN in white/purple, CHI in navy/white. Those purple pants add style points to any encounter. Plug in a traditional NFC North rival and the pluses mount. Purple, navy, yellow and orange is a great mixture.

4) Lions-Cardinals: DET in white/silver, ARZ in red/red. For sometime now, the Cardinals keep the red pants in wraps until the second half of the season. And 2014 is no exception. The red britches make their 2014 debut with this game with the Lions. It's a good choice as the Lions offer sparkling contrast with the silver helmet and pants, as well as the honolulu blue trim accompanied by a shimmer of black. A really sharp matchup,

3) Eagles-Packers: PHI in white/green, GB in throwback navy/khaki. Ahh, this one is cool. Eagles debuted the long awaited white over midnight green look, while the Pack rocked the dynastic 1929-31 era unis. Of course, to meet today's standards, the tiny number inside a yellow circle is enlarged and a nameplate is added to the back. But, these touches make for a great uni matchup!

2) Bengals-Saints: CIN in white/white, NO in black/gold. A rare occasion for me to say it's a good thing that even with both teams having black pants in the wardrobe, neither team makes that choice. This allows the trim colors to shine, and they do. Orange socks for the Bengals, gold pants for the Saints. No black overkill, just let the black flow with gold and orange.

1) Bills-Dolphins: BUF in white/blue, MIA in aqua/aqua. OK, you've heard me moan high and low about the Dolphins going with a very drab all white look for most of the season. Well, for this Thursday Night Football encounter, the Fins crack open both sets of aqua, and boy, do I like it. Not to stand idly by, the Bills rock the blue pants with their white tops. The result, is fabulous!

So there it is. Another week for safe keeping. Till next time, take care and keep an eye out for our daily uni matchup from the past on Facebook and Twitter. Invite your friends to "like" us (Facebook) or "follow" us (Twitter)!

Week 10 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

As the weather gets colder, the home teams, that early in the season frequent the white jerseys, now have by and large changed to the dark jerseys at home. Leaving just the usual suspects, the Cowboys and Dolphins as the least teams standing wearing the paleness for home games. For the most part...

Anyway, here's this past week's rankings.

13) Cowboys-Jaguars: DAL in white/mint, JAX in black/black. Nope. Jaguars in black over black is not a good combo (and this comes from someone who likes monochrome!) and especially against the Cowboys in white. The teal jerseys (which have yet to be worn at all this season) would have been ideal. Nope. Sorry, Brits.

12) Broncos-Raiders: DEN in white/white, OAK in black/silver. Predictable matchup. Predictable reaction. Yawn. Really, I have seen worse, much worse, but maybe this one needs to be goosed in some fashion. When the Broncos whites are paired up against the Raiders standard, it just doesn't perk me up any.

11) Browns-Bengals: CLE in white/brown, CIN in black/black. Wow. Lots of darkness for the TNF affair. A little too much for my tastes. One of these teams should have rocked their white trousers. Preferably the Bengals, so we could a little touch of brightness.

10) Giants-Seahawks: NYG in white/gray, SEA in navy/navy. While I claim some boredom with this one, I must say the Giants red trim on their white jerseys hits the spot in a good way. It gives us some air from the blues and grays that otherwise prevail here. The dash of neon green trim from the Seahawks is a pleasurable boost.

9) Dolphins-Lions: MIA in white/white, DET in honolulu blue/silver. Hmm. I'm torn on this one. No problem with the Lions gear. But, should the Fins have gone white over aqua or not? I'm not fond of the all white Dolphins, but maybe the aqua pants would have detracted from the Lions sharp homes? When I'm in dispute with myself, I search for the middle of the pack placement.

8) 49ers-Saints: SF in white/gold, NO in black/black. This is the right uni matchup combo. Had the Saints rocked their gold pants here, it would have been gold overload. Still, that decision won't rocket this game to the top, but it certainly keeps it from the lower tier.

7) Titans-Ravens: TEN in white/navy, BAL in purple/black. Much darkness in this clash, but the colors vary, so it's no biggie from here. The Ravens bring out the purple over black combo for the first time this season. I really like the look, two shades of darkness. Maybe the Titans could have rocked their light blue pants...hm...maybe they should have, after all.

6) Falcons-Buccaneers: ATL in white/white, TB in red/pewter. The Bucs go back to the darks at home and it really looks good for this one. Not usually a fan of the Falcons white over white, but in partnership with the Bucs in bright red over dank pewter, This matchup works just fine.

5) Steelers-Jets: PIT in white/yellow, NYJ in green/white. Mildly surprised that the Jets didn't go green-green here, but in any event, this is a solid matchup. The green gives a nice contrast to the black and yellow and road whites of the Steelers.

4) Panthers-Eagles: CAR in white/white, PHI in green/white. Finally. The Eagles in green. And it looks great. The jersey seems to have lost a little of its sheen, and actually that's a good thing. Paired up with the Panthers whites, where the best thing about that uni is the electric blue socks, and it is a good night in Philly. Welcome back, green. We missed ya.

3) Rams-Cardinals: STL in white/navy, ARZ in red/white. Again, the Rams choice of navy pants is a major boost. Navy helmet/white helmet, white jersey (with an abundance of trim)/red jersey, navy pants/white pants. And while the socks don't offer as stark a contrast as the other features, it does work nicely. Good one!

2) Chiefs-Bills: KC in white/red, BUF in blue/white. Not quite perfect. Total contrast from head to toe. Helmets: red-white. Jerseys: white-blue. Pants: red-white. Socks: white-blue. Very very nice. What an NFL uniform matchup should look like.

1) Bears-Packers: CHI in white/navy, GB in green/yellow. My favorite uni matchup in the NFL. Yes, predictable, yes standard, yes to all of that. But this has everything I want and need. Dark pants, yellow helmets, lush green, trim colors that are done right and add perfectly to the basics. Nothing flashy, just good, honest, basic uniforms. Just wish the game was as close as the uniforms. INXS once said it best, "Don't Change a Thing!"

Sorry to the fans of the KC-BUF game. Were it not for my CHI-GB uni-crush, you'd be #1. That's a wrap for Week 10. Be back next week!

Week 9 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

By Tim Brulia

Hi, sports fans.

Well, Week 9 marks the middle week of the regular season. Yep, here already. Are so are the rankings.

13) Broncos-Patriots: DEN in white/white, NE in navy/silver. Yes, this one may bring in two of the dominant teams and quarterbacks of our time together, but it also combines to bring a dullish uni matchup to us. A little orange and a little silver and a hint of red, then dominated by a wash of navy. At lest the grass was green, kinda.

12) Saints-Panthers: NO in white/black, CAR in black/silver. Bit of a dilemma here. With the Panthers now in black at home mode from hereon, what do the Saints do? Black pants and have a bit of black overload, or gold pants and have metal overload? They go the black bottoms and thus, black overload. Can't win, really.

11) Colts-Giants: IND in white/white, NYG in blue/white. OK. The G-men finally break out the white pants. Against who? The starkly white Colts?? Ugh. On its own, the Giants in blue over white is sharp. But when couple with the Colts all in white, it's a bit of a waste. BTW, the Giants need to adopt what they did with throwbacks in 1994. white over gray, blue over white. THAT would be ideal.

10) Raiders-Seahawks: OAK in white/silver, SEA in navy/navy. No, no surprises here. While the Seahawks in all navy is the right combo for this affair, it's not enough to overcome the Raiders in a drabbish white over silver. It's an interesting matchup, but not enough to overcome the bore I feel here.

9) Chargers-Dolphins: SD in navy/white, MIA in white/white. This may be the ONLY time when I prefer the Chargers in navy jerseys instead of powder. The navy shade does off-set the aqua trim on the Dolphins all whites. Thanks, Chargers. You saved this one from the cellar.

8) Buccaneers-Browns: TB in white/pewter, CLE in brown/white. Again, a case of 1 + 1 = meh. Maybe this might be the first ever case of brown overkill? The shade of pewter the Bucs have gone with this season in most peoples' eyes - and mine - is that the tint of Bucs' pewter is brown. Couple that with a genuinely brown Browns teams, and it may be too much of that earthy tone.

7) Cardinals-Cowboys: ARZ in red/white, DAL in white/mint. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder. What once was an annual matchup doesn't happen very often these days. And it looks quite nice now. The bright red jerseys mixing it up with the standard white Cowboys fare. I like it. Not a lot, but enough.

6) Eagles-Texans: PHI in white/white, HOU in red/white. Boy, this one could have been a color mini-explosion. We could've had the Eagles in green pants and the Texans in a red over red combo. Alas, we get hammered with more white than we need. But the Texans fire red jerseys save this one some.

5) Ravens-Steelers: BAL in white/white, PIT in black/yellow. The best rivalry in the NFL can't and doesn't always translate into the best uni matchup in the NFL. But since black is boring to me this week, this matchup gets bumped up the chain. A little.

4) Jaguars-Bengals: JAX in white/white, CIN in (alternare) orange/white. Think the Jags did it right by staying all white for this one with the Bengals going orange on us. And actually, the Bengals did it right by using the orange tops. Maybe it's a subliminal anti-black week for me, but this one is very good.

3) Rams-49ers: STL in white/navy, SF in red/gold. Rams, just when I had given up on you, I thank you. You do the best with the blue pants. White and it would have been blah. If you still had gold, it would have too much gold, color that is. So you go with the navy trunks and score. It brings more color to the game and makes the Niners already great red over gold combo shimmer. Bingo!

2) Jets-Chiefs: NYJ in white/green, KC in red/white. Seems like these days, November 1 is when the Christmas ads start to pummel our eyes on TV. So, to get into the "spirit," the Jets and Chiefs sport the Christmas colors, The Jets in green pants with the Chiefs in red jerseys. Quite fond of this matchup!

1) Redskins-Vikings: WSH in white/burgundy, MIN in purple/white. The 'Skins in white over yellow, topped off with the burgundy lid, are going to score big points. Add the very purple Vikes jersey with the white pants, and it's a game rich in color variance. A very sweet blend.

The second half of the season awaits, Find us here.again next week. Take care.

Week 8 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

Getting right to it!

15) Dolphins-Jaguars: MIA in white/white, JAX in black/white. If ever we needed an overload for teal and aqua that would scream Florida, this would have been the one. Instead, no teal/aqua jerseys, no teal/aqua pants. Just the dreaded all white of Miami and the black/gold/white ensemble of the Jags. A real matchup bummer,

14) Seahawks-Panthers: SEA in gray/gray, CAR in black/silver. No No no no ni ni. Not the game for the Seahawks to rock the gray jerseys. Not at all. Not against a team that decides to do the black over silver starting this week instead of the all whites for home games.

13) Eagles-Cardinals: PHI in white/white, ARZ in red/white. OK, we know about the Eagles issues with green this season. So we are faced with the drab as a slab all white look. We get that. BUT Cardinals, you could have helped the cause by going all red for this encounter. What you see may be what you get, but it isn't what you want.

12) Texans-Titans: HOU in white/navy, TEN in navy/white. It was rare for the Titans to go this deep into the season in white at home, I was thinking maybe the Titans would do it for the season. Not to be. And I do like this combo, but I think the columbia blue tops would have worked better against a white over navy squad.

11) Rams-Chiefs: STL in white/white, KC in red/white. Just a bit much on the white end of things for me here. No, not saying the Chiefs should have rocked all red. But the Rams certainly could have slapped the navy pants on this one. I think it would added some sense of additional color without overwhelming the matchup.

10) Ravens-Bengals: BAL in white/black, CIN in black/white. The buzz was that the Bengals had planned on an all black ensemble, but decided to switch to white pants. That helped, because that would have been just too much black for this matchup. It helps this one some, but not drastically.

9) Packers-Saints: GB in white/yellow, NO in black/black. Not sure about this one. Not a dull uninspired matchup and yet, not one to write home (email home??) about, either. Maybe jaded by the all blacks? Maybe?

8) Bears-Patriots: CHI in white/navy, NE in navy/silver. Both teams could have done something wild, but being conservative organizations, of course not. And really, this matchup does offer some variance, orange, navy, red, silver. But not quite enough to spark some flames.

7) Chargers-Broncos: SD in white/navy, DEN in orange/white. After the all navy alternate, the Broncos revert back to that pumpkiny sweet orange. The Chargers reply with the white over navy look. Lots of navy, to be sure, but punctuated by good orange, yellow and a flash of powder blue.

6) Redskins-Cowboys: WSH in burgundy/yellow, DAL in white/mint. With the Redskins fully in yellow pants again, these games between these bitter rivals evoke images of the 1970's when Dallas-Washington was white hot. And the colors are distinct. Burgundy, yellow, metallic blue, blue, mint and of course, Cowboy white.

5) Vikings-Buccaneers: MIN in purple/white, TB in white/pewter. Socks. Overlooked yet, vital. For the Bucs, such s simple maneuver of changing from dull pewter socks to vibrant red socks with this uni combo makes not just a difference in their look, but in a uni matchup against a team whose primed in purple, it just adds mega bonus points overall.

4) Lions-Falcons: DET in white/silver, ATL in red/white. "Wake up with Wembley" is how Fox described this game. This one - color wise (and that's what I like most) - is eye appealing. It brings the Falcons in the favorable red over white combo along with the Lions in silver with honolulu blue and a breath of black to trim. Good one, Lads.

3) Raiders-Browns: OAK in white/silver, CLE in brown/white. I, for one, am not a fan of the Raiders rather dull white over silver uni. I find it generic and somewhat lifeless, The Browns? I like the brown over white combo, because they are accessorized by the magic orange helmet. But the Browns unis are nowhere near my favorite. So why does this matchup rank so high? Because, that's the beauty of the matchup. Put these two combos together, and I am enthralled. All of it falls into place so well.

2) Colts-Steelers: IND in white./white, PIT in throwback yellow-black/khaki. If the away team in this matchup was almost any other team but the Colts, this would easily be the week's #1. The Colts rather yawny all whites perhaps are a good contrast to the outrageous and highly polarizing Steelers bumblebee jersey and socks. I happen to be in the LOVE camp for these wonders and I know that puts me in the minority, but you gotta hand it to the Steelers for staying with the stingers.

1) Bills-Jets: BUF in white/blue, NYJ in green/green. When white helmeted teams meet, the unis better salvage the matchup. And this one does. Both rocking dark pants for this one, Bills in blue and Jets in green for the mono green effect. The dark pants are a pleasant contrast and make this one work. A lot.

Till next time, Happy Halloween, everyone!!

Week 7 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

By Tim Brulia

Week 7's rankings comin' atcha.

15) Vikings-Bills: MIN in purple/white, BUF in white/white. In recent seasons, especially since the uni re-do of 2011, the Bills have taken to going WAH twice a season; once with normal unis and once with throwbacks. But, in my opinion, the Bills are blooooowing it by not trucking out their sweet blue britches. They go all soulless white. And it hurts because their blue pants contrasting with the Vikings tasty purple jerseys would have sent this matchup near - if not to THE - top. Tsk, so disappointing,

14) Giants-Cowboys: NYG in blue/gray, DAL in white/mint. Maybe there's too much blue and stuff. Maybe I've seen this matchup so often that my senses are dulled. Apart from a touch of red on the Giants helmet and pants that...well, I dunno. I'm bored. This might have been a good time for the ny's to rock those white pants that we have yet to see in 2014.

13) Falcons-Ravens: ATL in white/white, BAL in black/black. One of those stark contrasts games. Ravens again surprise with all black for a day matchup. Too much black for these eyes. Only a sparkle of red ATL trim and only the essence of purple for the Ravens.

12) Dolphins-Bears: MIA in white/white, CHI in navy/white. Oh, these Dolphins. Thinking the "Fins would rock some nifty aqua pants for this one against the strandard navy and white of the Bears, and no MIA stays with the desperately drab all white. Orange, a great color, is inappropriately subdued here.

11) Browns-Jaguars: CLE in white/white, JAX in black/white. Can you say awkward? That's the feeling I get with this matchup. Browns in classic if a bit dated all white, with the brown and orange trim mixing it up with the Jags' somewhat weird looking mixture of black, gold, black, teal and white. Normally I like the old blending with the new, but I am not getting this matchup.

10) Texans-Steelers: HOU in white/navy, PIT in black/yellow. Strong identities when paired doesn't offer much. I know I can't harp forever about the Texans forsaking their red socks for the navy hose, but doggoneit, it is sorely missed. The Steelers may never be at the bottom when wearing black over yellow, though, because it look so darned great!

9) Jets-Patriots: NYJ in white/white, NE in navy/silver. A matchup seen annually might deaden the nerves a bit. Jets in all white couple with the Pats in the usual navy over silver could use a little peppering up, especially for a prime time setting. Say, Jets in green pants or the Pats rocking all navy?

8) 49ers-Broncos: SF in white/gold, DEN in (alternate) navy/navy. With the Broncos in the alternate all navy look, a rare time that I'm not fond of an alternate uniform. But actually, when pitted against the white clad 49ers, I prefer this look. The Niners in white with the red trim, does offer nice contrast to the Broncs in all that navy with orange to accent rather than to dominate.

7) Cardinals-Raiders: ARZ in white/white, OAK in black/silver. The Cardinals may have a lot of unnecessary curvy black stripes meandering on this outfit, but the red yoke is a great touch and really mixes very well with the Raiders black over silver. Eye appealing.

6) Saints-Lions: NO in white/gold, DET in honolulu blue/silver. There are those who say a really good matchup is when teams square off with matching helmet and pant colors, Well, it really doesn't get much better than this encounter. One in gold, one in silver. Metallurgists, rejoice!

5) Panthers-Packers: CAR in white/white, GB in green/yellow. Something about the Pack in the green over yellow brings out the best in what their opponents wear. The green (which seemed bright to me this Sunday) and yellow coupled with the black, silver and carolina blue accessorized Panthers was nice and appealing.

4) Seahawks-Rams: SEA in white/gray, STL in navy/navy. Leave it to the defending NFL Champions to select the perfect uni combo going against the 2014 Rams standard of all navy at home. All white would have been to contrasty. white over navy would have been too navyish. But the neutral tone of gray on the bottoms makes this quite palatable.

3) Titans-Redskins: TEN in white/navy, WSH in throwback burgundy/khaki. This works because of the color contrasts. White, navy, light blue, a touch of red, burgundy, gold, beautiful. I am just a little troubled by a left view of the 'Skins in this get up, because the native American on the helmet faces forward, while the sleeve logo faces backward. Plus, I think the Skins should have an unadorned plain helmet to be just a little more authentic. Still, this happens to be a very good pairing.

2) Bengals-Colts: CIN in white/black, IND in blue/white. For me, the Bengals in white over black with luscious orange trim brought out the best in the Colts rather sublime blue over white. This combo meshes almost perfectly together. Kudos!

1) Chiefs-Chargers: KC in white/red, SD in (alternate) powder blue/white. Perfection, this. The look the Chargers deserve on a permanent basis against the Chiefs in the classic white over red. No need to elaborate. Let the visual speak for itself.

That does it for Week 7. We are amazingly, nearing the halfway point of the 2014 season. We'll see you next week. Take care,

Week 6 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

And as we continue to delve deeper into the season, we have 15 more matchups to review.

15) Jaguars-Titans: JAX in black/black, TEN in white/navy. Overdose of darkness here. Had either team gone with their version of light blue, either not both, like the Jags in teal tops or the Titans in columbia bottoms, I could send this matchup soaring.

14) Broncos-Jets: DEN in white/white, NYJ in green/white. I like the helmets in this matchup. Not so much the rest. Broncos with navy dominant, with the Jets in green and white. Orange is a mere bystander here.

13) Colts-Texans: IND in white/white, HOU in navy/white. This could have been made a little more palatable with the Texans going whole navy, especially for a prime time game, but they stayed straight with the white pants. It cost this matchup a few notches.

12) Packers-Dolphins: GB in green/yellow, MIA in white/white. Green and aqua are a little close on the color scale. But boy, there's all that Miami white again to kinda put the kibosh on this one. Yes, I do thirst for the aqua pants. Aqua and orange as trim just doesn't cut it. A heavier injection of aqua would have sent this matchup up the charts,

11) Chargers-Raiders: SD in white/navy, OAK in black/silver. Traditional AFC West matchup. The colors are not a really great mix, but they do work here when they are blended. Black, navy. silver, yellow and a breath of powder blue is a comforting selection.

10) Giants-Eagles: NYG in white/gray, PHI in black/black. Strange one, this. For the first time in 73 years, the Eagles rock black pants. Back then, the Eagles were having a bit of an identity crisis. Tonight, it's because, well, they are still waiting for proper green jerseys and pants. The Giants, at least, go normal with white over gray and the mainly red trim. I put this one in the middle of the pack, because, well...anyway, here's the Eagles 1941 threads that I'm talking about:
1941 Eagles in navy over black.

9) Ravens-Buccaneers: BAL in purple/white, TB in white/white. The Ravens did the right thing here, and even better, so did the Bucs. Yeah, white at home (WAH) and all that, but the Bucs rocked a paor of orange socks for this one, instead of pewter. A little sparkle for the masses. Socks. So overlooked by many, but not us do-GUD'ers!

8) Bears-Falcons: CHI in white/navy, ATL in red/white. Another case of two good uniforms separately that don't mesh well together. I like these unis on their own, but for whatever reason, it's not coming to me here. Still, the colors are good, navy, black, red and orange.

7) Patriots-Bills: NE in white/navy, BUF in blue/white. Red, white and blue and silver. Pretty standard fare for American sports. The trick is to pull off a good look with these colors. This game does that. Pats in the time tested silver/white/navy/silver and the Bills in white/blue/white/blue. Colors done well. Well done.

6) Cowboys-Seahawks: DAL in white/mint, SEA in navy/navy. Just thinkin'. Of all the possible normal uni matchups in the NFL, Cowboys in blue against Seahawks in white is the least likely to ever happen. The Cowboys nearly always wear white at home and the Seahawks have never worn white at home. Having said that, this is a pretty good matchup. I like how these two work together. The various shades of blue and the touch of gray and neon green  are a good blend.

5) Lions-Vikings: DET in white/silver, MIN in purple/white. Of the NFL's eight divisions, I must admit that the NFC North is my favorite when it comes to the unis. Case in point: silver, yellow, a hint of black, some magical honolulu blue and a dollop of purple. Add it up and it's a colorful display without garishness.

4) 49ers-Rams: SF in white/gold, STL in blue/yellow (throwback). The Rams go back to their early days in the Gateway city, with the dark blue lids with yellow horns, straight blue jerseys, yellow pants and blue socks. Doing this against the Niners is a good thing. A nice mix of yellow and gold, and blue and red. Better than the modern approach, for sure.

3) Redskins-Cardinals: WSH in white/yellow, ARZ in red/white. Why so high? I'll tell you why. The Redskins yellow pants just make this work. The reds and burgundys, the touch of black, are good enough, but those yellow pants! I guess it's a yearning for those old 1970's 'Skins-Big Red matchups from St. Louis that sends a jolt of nostalgia through my creaky bones. Way to go!

2) Panthers-Bengals: CAR in white/white, CIN in (alternate) orange/white. Tieing this one down, Panthers with the established all white look with carolina blue hose, and the Bengals strutting in orange jerseys and socks. Black is rightly reduced to a trim role for both sides in this matchup and let the colorways show the way.

1) Steelers-Browns: PIT in white/yellow, CLE in brown/white. I have a fancy for team whose helmet, jersey and pant color all vary. When two teams do it in the same game? Bliss. You have black, brown, orange, yellow and white. Autumnal colors for the autumn game. How can you not go wrong here?

Before I close, don't forget to check out Bill's insightful blog, "The Butterfly Effect: How Things Transpire on the GUD." You can find it here. A really GUD read!

Take care, all, and we'll see you here next week.


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