Week 11 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

14) Colts-Falcons: IND in white/white, ATL in red/white. The Falcons nice triple color play (black, red, white) can usually fend off some not so good opponents. Not so much here. The Colts blue trim salvages some pride, but the heavy white dose seems to overwhelm the Falcons look.

13) Bills-Patriots: BUF in white/white, NE in navy/silver. The Bills go with the all white for Monday night and that's a blow for the colorways. What saves this from the bottom? The Bills have some red with the blue and the Colts do not. Pats with the usual navy over silver, and that suffers a bit with the Bills decision to go all snow.

12) Raiders-Lions: OAK in white/silver, DET in honolulu blue/silver. Not sure what could have been done here. Just way too much silver for my taste. The Lions nifty jerseys help a lot or this one would have been shoddy.

11) Bengals-Cardinals: CIN in white/white, ARI in red/white. Hmph. In recent memory, when team that have dark pants in the closet, they usually burst forth for primetime. This time, we could have had at least the Bengals in black pants or the Cardinals in all red, or both. Alas, both chose to go with their (by comparison) white trousers. It's usually right about now that the Cardinals go red below the waist. A great big missed opportunity.

10) Broncos-Bears: DEN in white/white, CHI in navy/white. The Broncos' navy is slightly brighter than the Bears' navy. Orange could have and should have (somehow) been more exposed here. I don't know how, unless the Bears would have gone WAH and then the Broncs could have sported their orange shirts. Never mind.

9) Buccaneers-Eagles: TB in white/white, PHI in green/white. More white than I'd like to see here. Could have had the Bucs in pewter pants and/or the Eagles in green pants. It could have been and yes, should have been better than this.

8) Cowboys-Dolphins: DAL in navy/silver, MIA in white/white. The Bad: The Dolphins in the dreaded all whites that look more and more yawnish with each passing week. The Good: The Cowboys are again forced to wear their so much better than white combo. The snappiness and consistently colored color set of the Cowboys saves this matchup from the bottom drawers.

7) Titans-Jaguars: TEN in color rush columbia blue/columbia blue, JAX in color rush gold/gold. The second installment of the NFL's (and Nike's) color rush campaign features one team in a combo we've mostly seen before (the Titans) and one which we haven't seen before (the Jaguars). Perhaps because the Titans have been down this road before, the focus to me was on the Jaguars' mustard colors. I enjoyed them, and the split black/gold helmet actually worked in this instance. I thought it looked sharp, but the thing that saddened me is that the Jags' once distinctive teal has now been reduced to an afterthought. The Titans all pale blue bounced off nicely. So, not too bad a matchup to these eyes.

6) Redskins-Panthers: WSH in white/yellow, CAR in black/silver. With so much love for the Panthers in all-black, they continue to force feed us with the black over silver. All black would have been splendid against the trusty white over yellow Redskins threads.

5) Jets-Texans: NYJ in white/green, HOU in navy/white. Traditionalists will squawk, but the Jets in green pants salvages a ton of good. It's just the spark needed to offset the Texans in a smart, but rather non-offensive navy over white.

4) 49ers-Seahawks: SF in white/gold, SEA in navy/navy. For this moment in time, I actually like this matchup. Gold and navy dominate, but somehow in my peepers, this make the Niners' red trim pop, in a good way.

3) Rams-Ravens: STL in white/white, BAL in purple/black. With the Ravens busting out a rather spiffy set (purple over black), the Rams play it safe with the all white look. And it does the job. Spotlighting a dark non-monochrome uni while featuring an opponent with a good all white combo.

2) Packers-Vikings: GB in white/yellow, MIN in purple/white. Another great NFC North matchup. Not enough yellow on the Vikes? The Packers yellows will make up for that! Too much green, the Pack will tone it down! The right dollop of purple? The Vikes will oblige!

1) Chiefs-Chargers: KC in white/white, SD in alternate powder blue/white. Had the Chiefs gone with red pants, I would have loved it. Had the Chiefs gone with white pants AND whit socks, I would have heated it. But for the second week running, the Chiefs trot out the old white over white with red socks, and I like it. Paired up with the Chargers in the yummy powder blue tops, it hearkens back to some good old AFL days. Nice work, guys!

That's it for Week 11.

 The Gridiron Uniform Database would like to extend heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes to all of our friends and their families! Safe travels!

Week 10 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

14) Dolphins-Eagles: MIA in white/white, PHI in green/white. OK, who is responsible for the DULLphins trotting out all white continuously week after week? The Eagles save this one from total wretchery with the appealing green over white, but not enough to spare the visual misery.

13) Panthers-Titans: CAR in white/white, TEN in navy/navy. Loads of blue here. The Titans again going full navy against the Panthers in full white. The Titans have a smart look in navy over white or even navy over columbia blue. Those chose the all navy set and well, it ain't bad, but it ain't the best, either.

12) Bears-Rams: CHI in white/navy, STL in navy/navy. I like the monochrome a lot, but maybe it's playing itself out a bit. Ulp! Did I really say that? In this case, I think it is. The Rams would have been much better off with the white pants in this game. As it is, with two teams in navy helmets, one in navy jerseys and two in navy pants, it's a Navy heavy matchup that only Annapolis could appreciate.

11) Jaguars-Ravens: JAX in white/black, BAL in purple/white. I'm good with this one. Half and half gold/black helmet with white jerseys with black and teal mixtures, Black lids with bright purple jerseys and black and gold blends. A modern pairing that worked better than expected.

10) Cardinals-Seahawks: ARZ in white/white, SEA in navy/navy. For those wishing for the Seahawks to try a different color pair of pants with the navy, forget it. Like the Dolphins in the all whites, the Seahawks in the all navys is starting to get a bit tired. While it is a great look, the 'Hawks have the ability to mix and match with the best of them, but sadly choose not to. Cardinals could also have helped some by switching to red britches, but chose not to. Sigh.

9) Texans-Bengals: HOU in white/navy, CIN in alternate orange/white, Again, a matchup which is good, but could be better. The Bengals would have looked ferocious with black pants, OK, then perhaps black socks would have been better with the white pants? Texans, really time to go back to the red socks with the navy pants? Oh well. Still better than a lot of other matchups this week.

8) Patriots-Giants: NE in white/navy, NYG in blue/white. The Giants pick the right time to wear the white pants. Take a rather routine matchup into something snazzy. Advice to Big Blue: Try the white pants with the blue jerseys on a full time basis next season.

7) Browns-Steelers: CLE in white/brown, PIT in black/yellow. The first time the storied PIT-CLE rivalry with the 2015 Browns' duds in action. It looks sharp, but points are subtracted because the browns chose brown socks to accessorize their brown pants. Takes away a bit from the matchup.

6) Lions-Packers: DET in white/silver, GB in green/yellow. No complaints by this reporter with this traditional color pairing. silver, honolulu blue with streaks of black against the lovely green and yellow Packer garb. A visual feast.

5) Bills-Jets: BUF in Color Rush red/red, NYJ in Color Rush green/green. In what was easily the most anticipated uniform matchup during the GUD's brief 4½ year history, both teams trotted out specially made unis for what the NFL called the "Color Rush." The Bills from the neck down clad entirely in red, the Jets likewise entirely in kelly green. The first game since the Cowboys and Chiefs met in 2009 in which both teams wore dark jerseys, the teams resembled Christmas decorations gone wild. The Bills, who have featured red as part of their color scheme since 1962, wore it a base color for the first time ever. The Jets, switched shades of green to kelly for the first time since 1997. Certainly a visual jolt unlike anything seen in the NFL in some time. Personally, I think it was worthwhile, but it sends a fear in me that the NFL and outfitter Nike may be headed in a direction that college football has been in for the last decade or so. Namely, a weekly set of different unis. Something we really don't need ever.

4) Chiefs-Broncos: KC in white/white, DEN in orange/white. Ugh, the Chiefs, whose normal white over red combo is so, so visually joyous, decided to go full white, which so, so visually disappointing...but wait. Hold your horses. The Chiefs decide to wear the red socks with this all white monotony? Brilliant! It's a look that KC hasn't worn on a regular basis since 1967?? Couple with the reliable Bronco orange over white and it rocks! Moral: Never overlook what a pair of socks can do to a football uniform!

3) Vikings-Raiders: MIN in white/purple, OAK in black/silver. A case of when one team looks so good they make the other look even better. The Vikings in the dynamic white over purple looks great and couple it with the Raiders mundane but acceptable black on top of silver, it makes for a bit of visual magic.

2) Saints-Redskins: NO in white/black, WSH in burgundy/yellow. When you get two teams with a quintuple of color (gold/white/black/burgundy/yellow), it scores way high in my laundry list. It's what I look for in a pro football game. That's all there is to it.

1) Cowboys-Buccaneers: DAL in blue/silver, TB in white/pewter. The Bucs with the WAH decision and it works nicely. Cowboys wear an outfit in which the colors match somewhat, sharp shiny silver pants, with a sweet deep blue top with a star on each sleeve paired up with the busy Bucs gear in pewter trousers with red socks. I'm pleased by all this.

More of the same next week. See you then!

Week 9 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

By Tim Brulia

13) Dolphins-Bills: MIA in white/white, BUF in blue/white. And I continue to wail over the loss of the Dolphins in aqua pants. Detracts from the very sharp Bills blue over white goodies.

12) Raiders-Steelers: OAK in white/silver, PIT in black/yellow. I know this is considered by many, if no most, of my peers as a classic uni matchup. But from a color aesthetic, it gives me not much joy. The Steelers iconic black tops and yellow bottoms, while beautiful in their own right, is brought down by the pallid white jersey and the sleek silver trousers of the Raiders.

11) Broncos-Colts: DEN in white/white, IND in blue/white. The battle of the horses is more of a trot than a full gallop. Unusual when I prefer the Colts uni to their opponent. But here, I do. Just enough Bronco orange trim to keep this one from being left in the stable.

10) Rams-Vikings: STL in white/white, MIN in purple/white. So the Rams decide to breakout the all white gear against the tried and true Viking purple over white. The result is disappointing. A little too much white for my might. Rams definitely should have suited up in the navy pants.

9) Falcons-49ers: ATL in white/white, SF in red/gold. Better than anticipated. While the Falcons all white look usually is a downer for me, paired with the neat-o Niner red on top of gold threads, it gives a nice coplimentary aura. Maybe it's the sharply contrasting Falcon black helmet that does the trick?

8) Browns-Bengals: CLE in white/white, CIN in black/black. First time for the Bengals in all black this season and the Browns go with the all white look. I think the time would have been right for the Browns to try an unused combo, white over orange. As such, it's OK, not offensive, but OK.

7) Jaguars-Jets: JAX in white/black, NYJ in green/white. Well, not as bad as I would have originally expected. The Jets resisted temptation and went with a more conservative approach against the Jags in the white over black. And for some reason, I am more drawn to the teal elements of Jax than normal.

6) Eagles-Cowboys: PHI in green/white, DAL in white/mint. One of the better NFC East matchups. The Eagles shade of green, which normally takes a hit, looks sweet against the Cowboys many hues of blue.

5) Redskins-Patriots: WSH in white/yellow, NE in navy/silver. Nice matchup. Enjoy the variety of colors on display. Burgundy, silver, yellow, navy is a nice enough palette to get through.

4) Bears-Chargers: CHI in white/navy, SD in navy/white. This one trips me up. At times, I think this is as good as it gets for the week. Then I take a second look and it seems to lack a lot and it feels like a bottom feeder. A lot of navy to be sure, a lot of opposites in terms of helmet, jersey and pant contrast. But at the end of the weekend, it's a little better than average. The trim colors (orange, powder blue, yellow) are the helpers here. They add a subtle, yet needed boost to this uni pairing.

3) Giants-Buccaneers: NYG in white/gray, TB in red/pewter. There's a certain zing to this matchup. The Giants tidy white over gray look, depending on the opponent, can look sharp as a tack or dull as a doorknob. The opponent's digs, the Bucs, wear the really nice red jersey with the pewter pants. The Bucs red jersey is sharp, despite being ridiculously busy. And with that, this one as I said, zings!

2) Packers-Panthers: GB in white/yellow, CAR in black/silver. A surprisingly good matchup. Not normally thrilled with the Panthers dark garb, but it pairs well with the Pack's white over yellow scheme.

1) Titans-Saints: TEN in white/navy, NO in black/gold. Somewhat surprised that the Saints haven't trotted out the all black ensemble yet. ANd that's a good thing here. It allows the Titans white over navy look to breathe a bit while the Saints gold pants shimmer nicely.

Reporting back for duty next week. See you then!

Week 8 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

14) Dolphins-Patriots: MIA in white/white, NE in navy/silver. (Sigh). Again the Dolphins in the all whites. Patriots in the standard navy over silver. This might have been a good one for the color vs color rumors that have been going around. But, we get this. And we're all the poorer because of it.

13) Colts-Panthers: IND in white/white, CAR in black/silver. Nope, this one doesn't work for me. Another opportunity for the Panthers to try the all-black with carolina blue socks in prime time is wasted. Again, the Colts in all whites just doesn't move me much. Sorry, folks. Let's move along.

12) Lions-Chiefs: DET in white/silver, KC in red/white. The third of the three London clashes this season. One this that we don't have to deal with this season is the tepid "International Series" patches that the NFL used to make these teams wear. Anyway this is not a half bad uni matchup, with red, yellow, silver and some honolulu blue thrown into the mix.

11) Buccaneers-Falcons: TB in white/white, ATL in red/white. The Falcons in the favorable red over white combo against the Bucs in the favorable all whites. Not a matchup with great gusto, but it is a pleasing one to the eyes, with the Bucs' dank pewter pants kept in the laundry room. Falcons' red tops making this a good look.

10) Cardinals-Browns: ARI in white/white, CLE in alternate orange/white. Well, the Browns waited till now to foist the third jersey in their collection, the orange. And this is how it should be done. Instead of garish brown numbers, we get legible white numbers with a slight brown drop shadow. Sorta disappointed that the Browns eschewed the orange pants with this, or the "deer hunter" look. Cardinals play it cool by staying all white.

9) Giants-Saints: NYG in white/gray, NO in black/gold. The Saints are back to wearing black at home, and it's the right choice for this one. I prefer this matchup to the Giants in blue and the Saints in white. It exposes the red trim of the Giants more than the blue outfit would have and the Saints in gold pants work better than an all black ensemble.

8) Titans-Texans: TEN in white/columbia blue, HOU in navy/navy. Just when we thought the columbia blue was being mothballed by the Titans, along comes the light blue pants! And paired up with the Texans in all navy, it's a welcome sight. All sorts of shades of blue and they blend well together. Bravo!

7) Seahawks-Cowboys: SEA in navy/navy, DAL in white/mint. Just close your eyes and imagine something amazing. The Seahawks in white playing the Cowboys in blue. But with Seattle never wearing white at home and Dallas virtually never wearing blue at home, the likelihood of this happening in our lifetimes, is virtually nil. But hey, I kinda like this anyway. the contrast is familiar, but actually appealing. So, keep dreaming.

6) 49ers-Rams: SF in white/gold, STL in throwback blue/yellow. This game somewhat reminds me of the clashes these two had for a number of years in the 70's, 80's and 90's. The bright Niner reds, golds and the royal blue and yellow of the classic Rams unis. Good to see this again!

5) Bengals-Steelers: CIN in white/white, PIT in throwback yellow-black/khaki. Yep, the Steelers have these more often than when they were originally worn over 80 years ago! I make no secret of the fact that I adore the "prison stripes," "bumblebees" or whatever you want to call them. And the striped socks that go with them! What brings this one down a peg or two was the Bengals going with white pants instead of black. Black slacks would have been the perfect antidote against the Steelers marvels. But not to be and the bland (for the) Bengals drops this down.

4) Jets-Raiders: NYJ in white/green, OAK in black/silver. Quite amazing what a pair of pants can do. If the Jets were in all white, I would have said, yucky. But, switch the pants to green and I say, brilliant!! If you just have one non-white color in your wardrobe like the Jets, you gotta make the most of it. And coupled with the standard Raider silver and black, it's great.

3) Packers-Broncos: GB in white/yellow, DEN in alternate navy/white. Wow, we haven't seen the Broncos in navy over white since the 2011 Wild Card game! And this is pretty much the same uni matchup of Super Bowl XXXII. And it's a nice clean look from both sides. And some good color works; navy, green, orange and yellow. While I prefer the Broncos in orange, a rain check here will suffice.

2) Vikings-Bears: MIN in white/purple, CHI in navy/white. Oh yeah, another NFC North uni class matchup. Purply goodness, navy niceness, and range and yellow trim terrificness. My goodness!

1) Chargers-Ravens: SD in white/navy, BAL in purple/white. I'm not sure why, but this is appealing to me. The Ravens purple seems to really blend well with the Chargers in the white over navy. Certainly better than all black or purple over black. This is one in the upper division of this week's food chain for sure.

Be back here for Week 9 as we hit the halfway mark (already??!) of the season!

An Update Update...and That's No Double-Talk!

by Bill Schaefer

Just wanted to let the viewership know...

This past weekend, with the exception of a little bit of housekeeping in the Pro Bowl section of GUD, everything from 1960 forward has been updated to sharper graphics, authentic patches, more consistent and accurate texts, and every possible 'preseason only' combo that we've been able to locate since 1951.

I couldn't be more proud of my teammates - Rob (getting everything installed), Tim (research), and Larry (research and proofing of updates).  Thanks for the help guys!

If you detect something that isn't working right or doesn't look right, let us know. We're probably talking about a million lines of code with all of these updates over the last few months.

But don't think that we are now going to be taking a break. With 'Color Rush' starting in a few weeks, we have new uniform combos to design and include. There are also a few other modifications and upgrades we've stumbled upon during this latest round of updates that we want to make happen.

Have fun exploring and if you'd like to peruse the list of updates, don't forget to check out the "Updates" tab on the Home page.  It's really quite a read.

Week 7 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

14) Bills-Jaguars: BUF in white/white, JAX in black/black. Played in London, the first fully webcasted NFL game (thanks, Yahoo!) ever features all white vs. all black. All not so right. Coulda looked a lot better with the Bills in blue pants and the Jags in either teal jerseys and/or white pants.

13) Falcons-Titans: ATL in white/white, TEN in navy/navy. Hmph. You know me, love the Falcons in red over white. All white? Naw. The Titans in navy over white? Count me in. TT in all navy? Naw. Thank goodness for the columbia blue sleeve panels on the Titans or I'd have a fit.

12) Texans-Dolphins: HOU in navy/white, MIA in white/white. A heckuva lotta white, mostly Dolphin white. I don't know, but this all white Dolphin scheme just continues to be a wasted opportunity. Falis against a rather sharp Texans navy over white garb.

11) Ravens-Cardinals: BAL in white/black, ARI in red/white. Hmm, I'm not sure what more could be done here. The Ravens did right by me with the black pants, and the Cardinals do look nice in their red over white. Good combos that when meshed don't quite work out? Maybe. Should the Big Red have gone with a red-red look? Not really. Certainly not the worst of the week, but not the best, either.

10) Eagles-Panthers: PHI in white/green, CAR in black/silver. I have no issues with the Eagles in the white over green combo, because it's good. It's the Panthers in the black over silver. It's too, um, Raiders-like? The dashes of Carolina blue help, maybe they should go with the pale blue socks? Or better yet, the all black with the blue hosiery? But this matchup could attain glory with a blue touch up by Carolina.

9) Jets-Patriots: NYJ in white/green, NE in navy/silver. Except for that silly "white-out" in Week 3, the Jets have done the right thing in wearing the green pants with the white shirts. It does a lot to help the cause against the Pats navy over silver standard. Sharp matchup.

8) Cowboys-Giants: DAL in white/mint, NYG in blue/gray. This seems to be the NFL's version of MLB's Yankees-Red Sox. Every time they play each other, it's a national telecast. It's time to throw some variety into this mix. In the 1980's, virtually every time the Cowboys visited the Meadowlands, NY would force the Dallas hand and go WAH so they Pokes had to wear blue. It's time for this to return. Or at least try wearing the white pants, Giants. Normally a decent matchup, but becoming too familiar lately.

7) Saints-Colts: NO in white/gold, IND in blue/white. This isn't that bad, but I think I would have preferred the Saints in black bottoms as opposed to the gold for just a little variety. But somehow to my peepers the gold makes the Colts blue jerseys look more inviting.

6) Buccaneers-Redskins: TB in white/white, WSH in throwback burgundy/khaki. The Bucs do good by going with white trousers in this matchup. The 'Skins? Well, the throwback jersey is indisputably sharp, but the helmet logos and the throwback sleeve logos is just too much to bear for me. They don't match up and the left sleeve logo faces backward not forward. Solution: simply peel off the helmet decals and go plain burgundy. Next time, please.

5) Seahawks-49ers: SEA in alternate gray/gray, SF in red/gold. I suppose this doesn't count as color vs. color in some people's eyes, but it does mine. The Seahawks break out all gray against the Niners again as they did last season. Really, the grays seem to make the neon green pop a little more than the whites do. Pared against the Niners in bright red and gold, it's a not a bad sight.

4) Steelers-Chiefs: PIT in white/yellow, KC in red/white. Nothing fancy here, but some solid looking football uniforms. Red and yellow dominate with the proper dosage of Steeler black. One thing Chiefs: don't ever lose the sock stripes. They still hold up very well.

3) Vikings-Lions: MIN in white/purple, DET in honolulu blue/silver. Another sparkling NFC North uni matchup. No white helmets, but purple and silver lids atop white and bright blue tops accessorized by purple and silver pants. A sweet pairing.

2) Raiders-Chargers: OAK in white-silver, SD in alternate powder blue/white. Whenever the Chargers do the powder blue thing, hearts all across uni-geekdom soar. And maybe it's good that the Bolts use the powders as an alternate. It makes us appreciate the powders even more. They are so cool that they make the usually drab Radiers white over silver combo shine!

1) Browns-Rams: CLE in white/brown, STL in navy/white. Now, Brownies, this is looking good! Pairing a white jersey/brown pants/orange sock combo is quite eye appealing. And together with the Rams in navy over white and this looks dynamic.

That's a wrap for Week 7. We'll be back next week. Till then...you know the drill!

Week 6 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

Sorry for the delay, folks.

14) Broncos-Browns: DEN in white/white, CLE in brown/white. I do like the Browns new unis, BUT the numbers must change on the brown shirts! Heck, even if the Browns tried just making only the back numbers white, I would approve, but these are simply illegible from a distance. Is the NFL thought police that rigid with uni changes these days??

13) Dolphins-Titans: MIA in white/white, TEN in navy/navy. A double dose of bad choices here. Dolphins absolutely look better in white over aqua and the Titans absolutely look better in navy over white (or even the forgotten columbia blue pants). But one team is too white and the other is too dark.

12) Giants-Eagles: NYG in white/gray, PHI in alternate black/black. I just don't understand the Eagles in all black. Had the Eagles gone for the all green look, I would have heartily approved and this matchup would have soared in the rankings. But this just doesn't work in my humble take. Sorry, Giants. You deserved better from your opponent.

11) Texans-Jaguars: HOU in navy/white, JAX in white/black. While not anywhere near my favorite, I do think this is a bit eye-pleasing. The Texans' red stands out in a good way while only a trim color. As for the Jags, a little more teal would go a long way to pump this one a bit higher.

10) Ravens-49ers: BAL in white/white, SF in red/gold. The Niners carry this matchup. Sparkling scarlet and lush 49er gold against a rather drab all white Ravens garb. But it's not enough to keep this from being in the upper ladder.

9) Panthers-Seahawks: CAR in white/white, SEA in navy/navy. The beat goes on. Some good colors at play, silver, black, pale blue, navy blue, gray and neon green. I think this is a middle of the pack matchup.

8) Patriots-Colts: NE in white/navy, IND in blue/white. I way prefer the NE@IND matchup to the IND@NE uni matchups. Here, we see the better Patriots uni combo and the much better Colts uni combo at work. More color, more vibrancy, better presentation. And as a result, higher in the food chain.

7) Cardinals-Steelers: ARI in white/white, PIT in black/yellow. Normally I would have pleaded with the Cardinals to go with the red pants. But with the healthy red yoke on the Cardinals white jerseys, it is just enough to keep this one from dullsville. Paired up with the Steelers classic black over yellow. it's just enough to make this matchup pleasing.

6) Falcons-Saints: ATL in red/white, NO in white/gold. Traditional rivals and this is good one. Falcons in the black lids with red over white is a plus and I think the Saints called it right with the gold pants. I do like the black pants, mind you, but the vegas gold pants just seemed right for this matchup.

5) Chargers-Packers: SD in white/navy, GB in throwback navy/khaki. The Packers have switched throwbacks this season, from the circle number front of 1929-31 vintage to the Don Hutson era navy jersey from the 1937-48 years. I happen to be a sucker for NOBs that are the opposite of jersey's base color, thus the high ranking. The Chargers compliment the Packs' throwback well with their standard white over navy with the yellow and powder blue trim.

4) Bears-Lions: CHI in white/navy, DET in honolulu blue/silver. The NFC North as a whole has the best unis in the NFL. This clash is a great example why. Ancient rivals in very familiar yet unique color schemes carried out very, very well. pale blue, navy blue, trimmed in orange and silver with a touch of black. Snazzy.

3) Redskins-Jets: WSH in burgundy/yellow, NYJ in white/green. It's something when one uni element - in this case, the Jets pants - can make such a world of difference. Had the Jets gone with their lackluster all white look, this game would have been a major meh. Or maybe a colonel meh. But the Jets in green pants add a spark and verve to compliment the already neat 'Skins burgundy over yellow.

2) Chiefs-Vikings: KC in white/red, MIN in purple/white. Love this one! Purple and red in full flower with yellow standing out in trim fashion from both squads.

1) Bengals-Bills: CIN in white/black, BUF in blue/blue. If the Bengals had gone with orange socks, this would have easily been my #1 choice. Still, when we get a double dose of blue from the Bills, it excites me a great deal. A lovely matchup.

Again, my apologies for the delay in getting this on the blog. I promise to be more timely next week. See ya then!

2015 Week 5 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

14) Colts-Texans: IND in white/white, HOU in navy/white. Sure, the Colts in all white is laden with tradition. But still, it is rather dull. The Texans do help pump this one up a bit with the navv and the bright red trim. Not enough though, to keep this one from the lower shelf.

13) Patriots-Cowboys: NE in navy/silver, DAL in white/mint. Two squads with big followings and rather good uniforms, but paired together, this becomes a rather pedestrian looking matchup. Dominated by silvers and various shades of blue, with a pinch of red on the Patriots and I just find it a little on the dull side, color-wise.

12) Jaguars-Buccaneers: JAX in black/white, TB in white/white. Long ago, there was a prog rock band called King Crimson who cut a tune called "21st Century Schizoid Man." That's what this matchup reminds me of. Schizoid. Bizarre designs, colors in a cubist fashion, unusual number fonts, two-toned helmets, outrageously large helmet decals. The prototype 2015 uniform matchup.

11) Broncos-Raiders: DEN in white/white, OAK in black/silver. We've seen this matchup in Oakland for the better part of 19 years now, and I'm just not caught up on it. Yeah, I'll say that the colors are a bit strong, navy, black, silver and a bit of orange, but I suppose it's the way it's executed that is what bothers me.

10) Bills-Titans: BUF in blue/white, TEN in white/navy. Apart from the white helmets, various shades of blue dominate here. The sweet Bills blue, the Titans navy and homage to their Houston days, columbia blue. Add a slight dash of red on both sides, and it just doesn't captivate me. May the Bills in blue pants might have given this duel a needed juice jolt.

9) Browns-Ravens: CLE in white/brown, BAL in alternate black/black. The Browns actually look sharp for once. The remodeled brown pants are so much better than the drab 100% brown trousers worn previously. But the Ravens decide to junk it up a bit with the all black ensemble. The only good thing about the black jerseys is that somehow, they give the purple a special oomph as a trim color.

8) Cardinals-Lions: ARI in white/white, DET in honolulu blue/silver. Nice colors at play here. Deep red, that magical honolulu shade of azure, and the dallop of silver. Good, not great. Personally I would have preferred the Cardinals in red pants.

7) Saints-Eagles: NO in white/black, PHI in green/white. There seemed to be a better than average lineup of pretty good uni matchups this week, and due to that, this one seems to get lost in the shuffle.The Saints in gold pants might have been a little wee bit better, but I kinda think that would have been a wash. The Eagles look smart in the green over white look..

6) Bears-Chiefs: CHI in white/navy, KC in red/white. This pits two rather conservative teams in rather good gear. Red, navy and white are dominant with some speckles of yellow and orange to compliment. Not  flashy matchup, but a good, clean one. And that's certainly not a bad thing.

5) 49ers-Giants: SF in white/gold, NYG in blue/gray. I like this one. I like the fact that though the Giants look great in a blue over white uni, I think against the Niners, the gray pants look a lot better. Not sure why I feel that way. It just fits more comfortably against SF in all that gold and bright red trim.

4) Seahawks-Bengals: SEA in white/navy, CIN in black/white. The Seahawks, I believe, do well with the navy pants in this one. Gray pants may have worked just as well, but the white pants definitely would not have. The Bengals also score some points by staying away from all black. The result is a pretty good look.

3) Steelers-Chargers: PIT in white/yellow, SD in navy/white. Seems like when the Steelers have been in San D in recent years, the Chargers have taken to wearing the lordly powder blues. This time, the Chargers stuck with the navys, and for whatever reason, they look better going against the white clad Steelers than the powders. I know that's heresy amongst the uni-geeks, but this one just has a better football feel than had the Bolts strayed to powder. Bounces better off the black and yellow? May bee.

2) Rams-Packers: STL in white/navy, GB in green/yellow. I think this was the best choice for the Rams, navy pants instead of all white and it blends quite well with the Packers in the always sweet green over yellow. I quite like this matchup.

1) Redskins-Falcons: WSH in white/yellow, ATL in red/white. Oh yes, BOTH teams in tri-colors! The Redskins in burgundy lids, white shirts and yellow pants. The Falcons in black headgear, red jerseys and white pants. A real festive cornucopia of autumn bliss.

Thanks for watching. Be back next week!

Week 4 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

15) Chargers-Browns: SD in white/navy, CLE in brown/white. Again with the nearly unreadable orange numbers on the brown jerseys! Chargers looking good in white over navy, but the Browns, maybe in orange socks, could have done this one a little justice.

14) Ravens-Steelers: BAL in white/white, PIT in black/yellow. The Ravens choose to go all white with the Steelers in customary black over yellow. Not very often do I like the Ravens in all white, but in this case, it's a good choice. Steers away from too much black here.

13) Chiefs-Bengals: KC in white/red, CIN in alternate orange/white. Not the best game for the Bengals to wear orange in. One simple change would have perked this one up a bit: black socks on the Bengals. Would have lessened the impact of too much of a warm color thing.

12) Raiders-Bears: This is good, but not thrilling. Silver, navy, black and orange are nice colors to play with, but at times, it can be a little dull. And that's what I feel here. I know, I know, traditional based unis that have lasted for decades, but my bones are stiff on this encounter.

11) Panthers-Buccaneers: CAR in alternate carolina blue/silver, TB in white/white. I think the Bucs could've better off with the pewter pants. As it is, the Panthers always look sharp in those pale blue tops.

10) Lions-Seahawks: DET in white/silver, SEA in navy/navy. This is a good matchup, Shades of blue work nicely together, along with silver and gray and touches of neon green and black. But something is missing for me and I can't put a finger on it.

9) Cowboys-Saints: DAL in blue/silver, NO in white/gold. Cowboys in the better but seldom worn combo in their arsenal. Playing off the white over gold look of the Saints and the Saints would have better here had they worn black pants to steer slightly clear of the metallic fringe. The Cowboys in dark does score a few rungs higher.

8) Rams-Cardinals: STL in white/navy, ARI in alternate black/white. This one - for some reason - resonates with me, and it really should do nothing of the sort. The Cardinals truly are dressed in BFBS (black for black's sake) tops, but somehow, I feel they really look good when paired with the Rams in white over dark blue. I'm not going to try and explain this one away, but I happen to like it!

7) Jaguars-Colts: JAX in white/black, IND in blue/white. A nice matchup with traditional and post-modern. Colts blue blends real well against the white over black with teal and gold highlights. Thumbs up,

6) Packers-49ers: GB in white/yellow, SF in red/gold. Very pleasant, the difference between yellow and gold is displayed here in perfect fashion. Add brilliant red jerseys and white jerseys with the perfect mix of green and yellow trim and you have yourself a football game dressed right.

5) Texans-Falcons: HOU in white/navy, ATL in red/white. Falcons in the always smart red over white and gets a little boost from the Texans in the white over navy with red numbers. Modern day apparel and colors done right.

4) Giants-Bills: NYG in white/gray, BUF in blue/white. When you have two teams wearing virtually identical colors, this is where design plays a vital role. And the Giants gray pants act as a vital buffer. Plus minimal blue trim on the white based get-up against the blue jerseyed Bills and this is a pleasant view for the eyes.

3) Vikings-Broncos: MIN in white/purple, DEN in orange/white. Purple pants vs. orange jerseys is the look for me. Not so trendy colors on a football uniform and done the right wa make for a smartly-dressed matchup. One of this week's better ones.

2) Jets-Dolphins: NYJ in white/green, MIA in aqua/white. The first London affair this season and the two white lidded squads do well with the color selection. Dolphins going with aqua as the home side with the Jets choosing green trousers. Brilliant!. One thing, though. The TV cameras give off the palest hue of aqua for the jerseys, at least it seems that way to me!

1) Eagles-Redskins: PHI in white/green, WSH in burgundy/yellow. Oh, so nice to see the Eagles break out the green pants for the first time in 2015. And against a perfect color foil in the burgundy clad Redskins! Just a beautiful sight, green, burgundy, black, yellow and silver combining for a perfect fall uni encounter.

That'll do er for Week 4. Be back next week. Ctach you then!


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