An Exciting Ending

Well, school has started back up so I missed a day or two of our "On This Day..." but we are back today with an exciting playoff game from nine years ago.  The 49ers came back from a 24-point deficit and took a 39-38 lead, but the Giants had a last second field goal attempt to win the game.  Watch the end of the video to see how it turned out.  It was a bad call by a referee (who happened to be wearing glasses, by the way) that prevented the Giants from getting another shot -- the pass interference call should have stood, the ineligible man downfield shouldn't have ended the game, because the lineman who was interfered with was eligible, and the pass interference call on him should have been offsetting penalties, and the down should have been replayed.  The NFL later admitted the call was wrong.

Read a further write-up about the game here.

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