If Now Was Then...(Part 8)

Here we are.

It's been 8 weeks since we began this journey and now we've made it to the last division in our odyssey.  

I now present to you...

The AFC South
HOUSTON – I went with opposite versions of the navy and red jerseys. The white helmet with opposing blue and red stripes works equally well with either combination.

INDIANAPOLIS – Why couldn’t Nike have fixed the Colts?  I mean how hard can it be to construct the over-the-shoulder loop stripes? Well, we’ve got them here.  I almost went with a straight white helmet but sanity took over and I added some blue to it.  Going back to a blog I wrote a year ago about my personal feelings towards mono-white uniforms, I said there is no way to mess up a 2 color uniform when one of the two colors is white. I stand by my comment here.

JACKSONVILLE – Again, black? In Florida? It needed to go so I ditched it. This left me with teal (Ick.) and gold from their current logo. I actually think if these were their jerseys, the Jags would eventually switch to the gold as their primary. The teal tends to look like the poor man's Dolphins.

TENNESSEE –  Ah. The team that started it all. When I first did a Titans jersey here, it ended up looking like the New York Bulldogs. Nobody wants that. Instead, I opted for the 2-tone blue design with navy as the primary. Those were the original Titans jerseys and I still prefer them to the current primary with the reverse pattern. I kept the reverse pattern, however, as the secondary jersey. I adjusted the futuristic number font to something similar but a better fit for the times.
And so, my friends, we come to the end. Without a doubt, if you’d have turned on your HD plasma screen TV back in the 1940s, you’d have seen these combinations every Sunday from September through January.

I'll be debuting a new series of "what if's" next week so tune in!
Bill Schaefer

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  1. Actually back then it would have been September through December... (although if there were 32 teams back then, they may have played into January anyway)



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