A GUD Blog Extra: Another look at a Super Sunday That Could Have Been

About a month or two ago, as our Bill Schaefer was wrapping up his wonderful blog series, "If Then Was Now" (or "If Now Was Then" or whatever it was about the 1940s concepts)... I suggested we continue it through the rest of the season by having people vote for which concepts they liked best in a series of head-to-head matchups, with the concepts competing with each other for Divisional Titles and Wild Cards and eventually concluding with a "Super Bowl" of the best 1940s-ish concepts meeting right around time of the actual Super Bowl in February.  However Bill and Tim overrulled me on that and suggested we go with a new blog series that Bill had been planning, "Super Sundays That Could Have Been", which you all have been enjoying for the past five weeks.

Although I hated to abandon my 1940s concepts tournament idea (perhaps we'll revisit that another time), I looked forward to this new blog series.  For me one of the greatest disappointments of Super Bowl history, as far as uniforms go, (besides that Super Bowls X and XIII looked identical -- same cities, same teams -- although X was daytime on astroturf on CBS and XIII was nighttime on grass on NBC -- one game should have seen Dallas wear blue, just so it would have been opposite of the other, IMO.) was that in Super Bowl XXIX, the NFL's 75th Anniversary season, when every team wore a throwback uniform of some sort, the Chargers did not wear their iconic powder blue throwbacks, or at least the white road version of it.  San Francisco was so successful that season that they even adopted their throwback full time and wore it in the Super Bowl, and continued to wear it in the following seasons.

The Chargers powder blue throwback, in fact, is one iconic throwback jersey that people love to see and the team has even adopted a powder blue alternate in recent years.  When Bill started this series, the Super Bowl wrong that I was most excited to see rectified was that the Chargers didn't wear their throwback.  Imagine my dismay when the blog came out this week without it as one of the choices.  Bill chose to just stick with the worn combo and the opposite home-and-away versions of those combos, eschewing any other additional choices and/or color-vs-color opportunities, etc.

So to rectify that here is a "bonus" poll for you.... eight additional combo choices for Super Bowl XXIX, (including a color-vs-color all-throwback matchup) so we can truly see which matchup would have been most preferred.  Now we can truly see which Super Bowl XXIX combo might have looked the best.

Which Super Bowl XXIX combo do you prefer?
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(Boy that, powder blue vs. throwback red is just screaming "Pick Me!", isn't it?)

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