The Final Four (...or Six)

With the NFL down to the final four teams, we can preview what Super Bowl matchups we may see. This year the AFC Champion will be the road team, and the NFC Champion will be the home team.  This season the Falcons and 49ers are pretty standard with what they wear at home, and the Patriots have a single road look.  The Ravens are the only team of the final four with some room for mystery, sometimes going mono-white on the road, and sometimes going with white-over-black.

Therefore that leaves us (barring some unexplained circumstances, like the Falcons wearing their throwbacks or bringing back black pants they haven't worn since 2008, or the NFC Champion choosing to go 'white at home') only six possible combinations to expect to see in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on February 3.

Basing this more on which combos you find most aesthetically pleasing, rather than solely on which teams you think will win Sunday (although that can play a part too), which uniform matchup do you expect or hope to see in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans?

This is a nice look -- contrasting pants, I could see this matchup, Brady going for his fifth ring vs. Tony Gonzalez looking to go out on top.

This is also a nice classic look (even though the Patriots have only looked like this for a dozen or so years)  -- this matchup screams Super Bowl.  Brady going for his fourth ring vs SF trying to tie Pittsburgh with six rings and cap a remarkable rise for Kaepernick going from backup QB to the sport's newest biggest star.

This is a matchup that screams indoor contest, and with the game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, it'll look right at home.  It'll be all white-pants as Ray Lewis and Tony Gonzalez battle to see who will end their career with a Lombardi.

The Ravens also went mono-white in Super Bowl XXXV, but that seems like a generation ago.  The Niners wearing their red home jerseys in New Orleans would be the opposite of 23 years ago when Montana and company wore road whites for Super Bowl XXIV against Denver.

If CBS' dreams come true and they do get the fantastic story lines of dueling warriors going out on top (the man who some still think got away with murder in the city the other team is from versus the wholesome vegan all-time best TE who up until a week ago had never won a playoff game) -- it'll look better in this uni matchup.  The black Ravens pants make this a contrasting pants matchup, and much better than both teams wearing white "britches".  (That's for you, Jedi Knight)

And finally, this may be the best combo of all.  The Ravens in their white-over-black versus the classic Niners home look.  I could see Ray Lewis going for his second ring head to head with phenom QB Colin Kaepernick.  What a great matchup that would be!

Again, all bets are off if either team decides to go 'White At Home' like the Cowboys or the 2005 Steelers.  But considering that Seattle lost, and they would have been the only team of the final eight that could've won three road playoff games, that's probably unlikely.

So which matchup do you like?  Let's vote!

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