2014 Divisional Playoff uniform matchup rankings

by Tim Brulia

I'll be honest, I wasn't too thrilled with what the Divisional Round had to offer. But, here we go:

4) Ravens-Patriots: BAL in white/black, NE in navy/silver. A playoff matchup we've seen plenty of in recent years. No special thing these days. But the colors do vary, I have to say what with black, navy some silver and purple and hints of red and gold mixed in and they're not that bad. But repetition dulls the senses, I reckon. With the Patriots refusing to go all navy, the Ravens could have tried their hand at, oh, all white? Still say a pair of purple pants as an option would certainly be interesting for the Ravens.

3) Panthers-Seahawks: CAR in white/white, SEA in navy/navy. You know, I was ready to call this one a yawner. But the more I see photos from this game, the more I like it. Not enough to bump it from 3 to 2, but a much firmer #2. It hit me what would really make the Panthers white jerseys pop, change the numbers from black over carolina blue to carolina blue over black. The Seahawks in the bold all navy and their success in them is quickly becoming the signature uniform of this franchise, more than the blue/silver/green of the early days, more than the gunmetal blue of the 2002-2011 years. I'm not complaining. A nice blend of colors, unique colors,

2) Colts-Broncos: IND in white/white, DEN in orange/white. The Colts in blue jerseys can work well if complimented well. Last week against the Bengals was a great example. The Colts in white needs a TON of help to work right. And really, only a very small handful of teams can do that. Fortunately for them, the Broncos are one of them. The Broncos beautiful combo of navy helmet, orange jerseys and white pants brings the best of the rather mundane Colt whites. That's not easy. An all white ensemble (well, fortunately the socks are blue) with only blue to mark the stripes, helmet logo, numerals and NOB's makes for a uni that needs a better than average companion to make a matchup worthwhile. Thanks, Broncos.

1) Cowboys-Packers: DAL in white/mint, GB in green/yellow. Ice Bowl II? Sorry, Fox, No. But these unis aren't too far from what they looked like way back then. Same somewhat design principles, with a 21st century cut and helmet mode. The Cowboy whites are overused and tired but as always, the Packers green over yellow comes to the rescue. Paired against the Packer green, the Cowboys batch of blues burst forth with more vibrancy and spark. A good one!

Next up, the Conference Championships.

Take care!

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  1. Tim I actually rank these four matchups the same way you do, just with a little different focus.

    BAL-NE: this is my lone sour cream game for the weekend.

    3. CAR-SEA: the Panthers light blue socks and trim around the numbers make their unis stand out; as does Seattle's neon green in different parts of theirs. The Seahawks are the one team whose monochrome set I like. That stems from their 2005 season, when the old ones grew on me.

    2. IND-DEN: same as what we saw in Week 1. Still a good color contrast, even though the game result left me quite frustrated.

    1. DAL-GB: the colors just shined on the field last Sunday. These two sets always go well together, in any type of weather.



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