New for 2015

The 2015 Season is HERE!!

With that in mind, as always, there are some changes in the mix for the coming season. We will review them as best we can.

The Falcons are celebrating their 50th season While they have created a logo to celebrate, we did not see this as a patch in the preseason. If this does not see action in the regular season, consider this moot.

The Ravens in celebration of their 20th season in Baltimore will wear this patch.

Of course the Browns unveiled a near total overhaul of their uniforms back in April. Rumor has it the coaches are not pleased with the orange numbers on the brown jerseys because of the difficulty in picking up numbers on game film. Duh. Could we see a mid-season switcheroo to white numbers on the brown tops? Stay tuned.

Are the Lions going to make the WCF memorial patch a permanent thing? They wore the William Clay Ford patch in the preseason. Keep an eye out for this.

The Pack ditched the 1929-31 "fauxback" for this ode to 1937-48 influenced navy gem.

The 'Fins are breaking out this 1966 throwback homage for a Monday nighter later in the season. Like the Falcons, Miami is also offering a 50th season celebration patch, that is color coordinated with the jersey being worn.

A memorial helmet decal for Frank Gifford and a memorial patch for Ann Mara (unavailable as of this blog) is in the offing.

A memorial helmet decal for Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik is being worn.

As noted early in the offseason, the Niners are going to breakout a black alternate jersey with red trimmings. As well, a helmet decal to honor Bob St. Clair's passing is being worn.

The Bucs are saluting their 40th season as a franchise with this patch.

And on a league-wide basis, the NFL featured a "Heads Up" decal worn on all helmets in the preseason and will feature the now standard Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon decal for Weeks 4, 5 and 6 and display the Salute to Service camouflage stickers to be worn for Weeks 9, 10 and 11.

We will continue to post the weekly matchups and perform the GUD's unofficial weekly uniform rankings as the season progresses.

Keep it here and be sure to check out updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages as always.

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