Week 12 Uniform Rankings

Week 12 Uniform Rankings
by Tim Brulia
Couple of notes:

1) I guess the word that there would be no alternates or throwbacks after week 10 proved to be bogus. There were three such games this weekend.

2) As we get late into the season, there will be some matchups that were seen earlier in the season. What may have been eye candy for me earlier may now be a serious eye sore today. So, if you say to me, "Gosh, you had this (uni) matchup at #2 in Week 3, and this week you have the same exact uni at #14 this week???," I do say that these are decisions made on the cuff. It's all in fun and it's just my opinion. No more, no less.

3) For the second time this season, it's all dark at home. And considering at least one of the teams involved, that's a bit of big news.

So let's not waste any more of your time.

Packers-Lions: Ahh, yes. The traditional Thanksgiving Day lid lifter. Normally the time (in recent years, anyway) when the Lions show off the plain, vintage and popular throwbacks from the early 50's. But today, the Lions and their opponents keep the 2011 look. Packers in white/yellow and Lions in honolulu blue/silver. And while the current look may have sent a few groans out to the turkey-fed masses, it really wasn't a bad thing.

Dolphins-Cowboys: Well, for the second game of the Turkey Day tripleheader, the Cowboys went to their once or twice annual homage to the 1960-1963 Cowboys, the dark blue/white throwback combo. A nice little break from the constant white at home. Which means the visiting Dolphins sported white/aqua, which as you may know, is a look that suits the Fish better than the all white they wear at home. Winning!

49ers-Ravens: The third of three on T-Day. The Harbaugh Bowl to most, but to me, a Uni matchup. Niners in white/gold and the Ravens in the alternate black jersey, with white pants this time. The black works here and the Niners red trim on the jersey and pants provides a subtle, but pleasant contrast. Not bad.

Texans-Jaguars: White/navy for the Tex and teal/white for the Jags. I'm glad the teal is showing in its glory here. This is nice, but I'll say it again, wish the Texans would bring back the red socks for this combo. OK, but could be better.

Bills-Jets: A few weeks ago, the Bills wore white at home against the Jets and started to wear the blue socks with the white. They continue that trend here. And the Jets wore all green for that game. Here, they are in green/white at home. Looks like something from the 1963-1972 years, sorta. Lots of AFL white to go around.

Browns-Bengals: The battle of Ohio is loaded with orange and white and black/brown. The trend continues. Browns in the ever present white/white and the Bengals in the black/white. It's good that the Bengals didn't break out the orange jerseys, would've been too much. But it would have been neat if Cincy tore out the black pants and/or the orange socks. But it is what it is (Haven't heard that 2006 mantra in awhile!).

Vikings-Falcons: Vikes in white/white and the Falcons in red/white. Man, if - just if - the Vikes would have resurrected the grape pants, this would've skyrocketed into an awesome uni matchup. But still, it's a good contrast of red, black, purple, yellow. I like it.

Cardinals-Rams: Big Red continue to go white/white and the Rams revert to blue/gold. In this case, probably the best look for Saint Lou against an all white squad. The Rams combo helps what could have been big Meh into hmm, not bad.

Panthers-Colts: Panthers in white/white with the Colts in blue/white. This one doesn't work for me much. I know it can't be helped, but maybe the Panthers calling out the silver pants would have sent a slight jolt to the system.

Buccaneers-Titans: Bucs go for white/pewter and the Titans in the two-tone blue (light/dark). And this one is very nice. Contrasting jersey and pants from both teams will please these coke-bottle enhanced eyes every time.

Bears-Raiders: Two of the more traditional look teams in the NFL. Bears in white/navy and the Raiders in black/silver. Boy for some reason, even though this is a familiar look for both clubs, I think when paired together, it's a dandy sight.

Redskins-Seahawks: Skins again leave the yellow trousers behind nad that actually helped this matchup with the Seahawks in their perpetual all quasi-blue, which they have worn 7 out of 11 games so far this season. I do think it's time to trot out the white pants with these jerseys.

Broncos-Chargers: Broncos in the white/white and the Chargers, at last, rock the powder blues! The jerseys that virtually the whole world wants, but will probably never get. So, I guess that makes their rarity all the more special. So, on that alone, in spite of the rather yawn inducing Bronco togs, this matchup gets style points aplenty.

Patriots-Eagles: Reminding one of their Super Bowl XXXIX encounter, this is a very nice looking matchup. Pats in the white/navy and Birds in the green/white. It's a fine game of contrasts.

Steelers-Chiefs: Very much the traditional look. Steelers in white/yellow, Chiefs in the red/white. No surprises whatsoever here and truthfully, none needed. Black, red, yellow and white working well together.

Giants-Saints: Giants in the white/road gray and the Saints, for the first time in '11, rock the New Zealand rugby look (all blacks). Hated by some, the all-black look of the Saints is simply, a heckuva lotta fun for this observer. It just delivers. And the G-Men in the white/gray offsets the sleekness of NO's combo nicely.

So then, the lineup from top to bottom for Week 12:

1) Dolphins-Cowboys
2) Broncos-Chargers
3) Buccaneers-Titans
4) Giants-Saints
5) Bears-Raiders
6) Packers-Lions
7) Patriots-Eagles
8) Steelers-Chiefs
9) Vikings-Falcons
10) Cardinals-Rams
11) Redskins-Seahawks
12) 49ers-Ravens
13) Bills-Jets
14) Texans-Jaguars
15) Browns-Bengals
16) Panthers-Colts

See ya next week!

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