Week 13 Uniform Rankings

Week 13 Uniform Rankings
by Tim Brulia
Week 13 brings a bit of a monochrome outbreak and a throwback. So, let's get to it.

Eagles-Seahawks: Eagles bring us the white/green combo and the Seahawks in standard monochrome quasi-blue. It seems to bring out the green tincture in the Seahawks combo. Seasick, perhaps?

Panthers-Buccaneers: Panthers in white/white and the Bucs in their homage to the creamsicles, the orange-peach/white throwback combo, including white cleats. This is the third year in a row the Bucs have rocked their pre-1997 look. And that's just about right. It was a rather unique - and fun - look for its day, but they sport red and pewter now. Nicely done, but the hint of peach in the throwbacks is a little odd.

Bengals-Steelers: Bengals in white/white against the Steelers in standard black/yellow. Good that the Bengals didn't choose to rock their black slacks with the white jersey. Nice look.

Falcons-Texans: Falcons in mono-white and the Texans in mono dark blue. Nice for the change of pace Texans, but just a little touch of red (socks) would have really brightened the occasion.

Jets-Redskins: Jets go white/green and the Skins look like they've put the yellow pants back in the trunk as they rock the burgundy/white look. This is a nice batch of colors, though.

Titans-Bills: Titans in white/columbia blue and the Bills go with blue/white. Lotta blue at play here. But since there are the three shades (light, royal, navy) working, it does blend rather well.

Colts-Patriots: Colts in mono-white with the Pats in navy/silver. A rather common sight in recent years, so I'm not that worked up about this uni-matchup.

Raiders-Dolphins: Raiders in black/silver and if the Dolphins are going mono-white instead of white/aqua, it must mean Miami is at home this week. Correct. And alas, this one slips down the pole.

Broncos-Vikings: Another mono-white team (Denver) going against a purple/white side. The slivers of orange (Broncs) trim and yellow (Vikes) trim help some, but not enough to keep this uni matchup from the lower rung.

Chiefs-Bears: Took awhile, but the Chiefs rocked mono-white for the first time this season. Blah. The Bears in their conventional navy-white home duds help, but not enough.

Ravens-Browns: Ravens take charge in purple/white against the Browns in white/white, which they will likely wear all season long, unless - out of the...um...brown they shock us all with brown pants.

Rams-49ers: Somehow, I find this matchup as nice as any this week. Rams go white/blue while the Niners wear red/gold. For the Rams, who have a choice of three pairs of pants at all times in 2011, they made the right choice this week. Bleds well with the Niner red and gold. I actually think it makes the red much brighter.

Cowboys-Cardinals: Cowboys in standard white/quasi-silver and yes, friends, Big Red goes all red! First time for the red pants this season and I guess it's better late than never. I like this one.

Packers-Giants: Classic look for classic teams. Pack in white/yellow and G-Men in blue/home gray. A lot of colors here and I always love me some colors; green, yellow, white, red, blue, gray. Sweet.

Lions-Saints: Lions in white/silver and the Saints go marching in mono black. And that makes more of a contrast than had NO gone black/gold on us. This matchup isn't for the faint of heart, but I dig it, mama.

Chargers-Jaguars: Chargers in white/navy and the Jags in teal/white. Somehow, this one works for me. Nothing splashy, but enough variance to be enjoyable.

So then, I rank them from bottom to the top this week like so:

16) Colts-Patriots
15) Broncos-Vikings
14) Raiders-Dolphins
13) Eagles-Seahawks
12) Chiefs-Bears
11) Ravens-Browns
10) Titans-Bills
9) Bengals-Steelers
8) Chargers-Jaguars
7) Falcons-Texans
6) Jets-Redskins
5) Panthers-Buccaneers
4) Lions-Saints
3) Cardinals-Cowboys
2) Rams-49ers
1) Packers-Giants

Before I close, just thing to keep in mind. Teams MUST submit jersey color to the Commissioner's Office by July 1 each year for all preseason and regular season games. There are no rules regarding pant colors, so while we may know what team will wear what color jersey ahead of time, we don't necessarily know about the pants.

Take care and see you next time.

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