The "Super Sundays" That Could Have Been...11-15

Here I am again, back for the third installment that will determine whether or not we got the 'best looking' game to end the season (because we all know the Pro Bowl doesn't really count for that!)

Today we'll be looking at the next five games starting with...

1976 (XI) - Oakland (AFC) vs. Minnesota (NFC)
ACTUAL: Very good combo. The look is bolstered by the fact that Oakland won without being in their intimidating black jerseys.
ALTERNATE: To be honest, if this was the match-up we saw, I think the game would have been even more lopsided than it was.

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1977 (XII) - Dallas (NFC) vs. Denver (AFC)
ACTUAL: No matter who the home team was, this was the game we were going to see.

ALTERNATE: I like the Dallas blues more than the whites...but not here. The Denver orange drives the Actual's look over this almost total blue vision.

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1978 (XIII) - Pittsburgh (AFC) vs. Dallas (NFC)
ACTUAL: As with the game three years earlier, no matter who the home team was, we'd see this match-up.

ALTERNATE: Again, this would have made an interesting look in a Preseason affair, but not in a game of this magnitude.

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1979 (XIV) - Los Angeles (NFC) vs. Pittsburgh (AFC)
ACTUAL: This is really going to be a tough call. This was actually the first one that I truly remember watching (I was turning 7 two months later) on TV since my Dad was at the game. The way the Steelers played when the sun went down and darkness took over the Rose Bowl just wouldn't have been the same in the Alternate apparel.
ALTERNATE: I'm having a hard time here because I think the Rams in blue would have added more to this game visually than the Steelers in black. The alternating pattern said Pittsburgh was the home team but come on! The game was in Los Angeles for crying out loud! Since we are just going on 'looks,' I have to lean towards this version.

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1980 (XV) - Oakland (AFC) vs. Philadelphia (NFC)
ACTUAL: My parents went to a party the night of this game given by fans of the Eagles and left me home with the babysitter - Keri Ketchell, where are you now? I clearly remember this was the match-up I had wanted to see and I got my wish.
ALTERNATE: There's just too much silver and black and not enough of anything else.

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With a second consecutive cluster of games going 4-1 in favor of ACTUAL on my scorecard, the total is now ACTUAL - 10, ALTERNATE - 5. Can ALTERNATE begin to mount a comeback? Or does the GUD community see things differently than I do?

Make sure you cast your votes and tune in next week for the next offering of games.
Bill Schaefer

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  1. I would've like to have voted for color-vs-color in some of these games! Like maybe IV, VII, XV, XIX, XXm, to name a few.



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