Week 12 Weekly Uniform Rankings

So the end of pro football's longest weekend has come. Here then, are the rankings:

#16. Bills-Colts: BUF in all white, IND in blue/white. The Bills blue pants would have been a big plus for this matchup. Would have given a near perfect balance of blues and whites. But the Bills go all white against the Colts standard blue jersey and white pants. No. Darn. Downgrade.

#15. Titans-Jaguars: TEN in white/columbia blue, JAX in all black. Well, here come the Jags, all dressed in black. The Titans respond in white and light blue. Not one of the better ones. Not much else to say here.

#14. Broncos-Chiefs: DEN in all white, KC in red/white. No surprises whatsoever here. That doesn't make this a bad matchup, it's not exceptional either. But, that brilliant Chief red jerseys and the Broncos blue trimmed whites is good standard fare.

#13. Panthers-Eagles: CAR in all white, PHI in green/white. This could have been a wild one had the Panthers gone with black pants and/or the Eagles rocked some green trousers. But the two play it close to the vest for a Monday night. While the white pants worn by both sides don't hurt this matchup, it doesn't necessarily help, either.

#12. Vikings-Bears: MIN in all white, CHI in navy/white. Another predictable set-up. Traditional. While white dominates here, the navy, purple, yellow and orange gives a colorful trim to the scene.

#11. Raiders-Bengals: OAK in white/silver, CIN in black/white. I must give the Bengals credit. Could have gone all black and that - I believe - would have been a bad move here. This makes the Raiders silver helmet and pants shine a bit more. Better than I would have expected.

#10. Falcons-Buccaneers: ATL in all white, TB in red/pewter. The Bucs' red jerseys really pumps this one up against the rather blah all whites of the Falcons. I have always liked the Bucs red jerseys, which have basically been unchanged since the Bucs 1997 overhaul. This matchup is where it saves the day.

#9. Seahawks-Dolphins: SEA in navy/gray, MIA in all white. Good on ya, Seahawks! Going with the gray pants actually adds a little spark to this one that not even the sprinklers could dampen. The Seahawks gray pants do appear to be following a pattern of being worn for all the Seahawks road games, while the navy pants are saved for the home games. The Dolphins stay in their all white homes.

#8. 49ers-Saints: SF in white/gold, NO in black/black. Eight games in a row for the Saints in black pants. And this is a good thing. Offsets a gold rush with just that right amount of auric. The Niners red trim adds just the right touch. Nice one.

#7. Texans-Lions: HOU in white/navy, DET in honolulu blue/silver. No Lions throwbacks, and that's probably just as well as the Texans really don't have any. While this was a rather blue encounter, it was a very good blue one. Nice tints of the blue coupled with silver and red accoutrements made this a good prelude to a Thanksgiving feast.

#6. Patriots-Jets: NE in white/navy. NYJ in green/green. While this game turned into a farce, the uni matchup was anything but. For the first (and I hope, not the last) time, the Jets bust out the green pants. This gives this game a much needed boost of color. Looked really sweet from these eyes, and that's all that matters!

#5. Packers-Giants: GB in white/yellow, NYG in blue/gray. The two rivals matchup well with varying colors. Gray, blue, red, green, yellow. One of the better ones for Week 12.

#4. Ravens-Chargers: BAL in white/black, SD in alternate powder blue/white. The Chargers wearin' of the powders always rachets up their game in the rankings. It's just such a good looking outfit in my eyes. Ravens in white jerseys and black pants do add a tad to the proceedings, but it's the Chargers who take center stage here.

#3. Steelers-Browns: PIT in white/yellow, CLE in brown/white. For many years, these rivals played with the Browns normally in all white with the Steelers in black jerseys and yellow pants. But when the role reverses and the Steelers wear white and the Browns wear brown, to me it is very eye appealing. It just opens up an autumnal array of color; black, orange, yellow, brown. Pumpkin pie goes well with this matchup!

#2. Redskins-Cowboys: WSH in white/yellow, DAL in throwback dark blue/white. This is a bit on the splendid side. Redskins whip out the yellow pants and the Cowboys rock their annual ode to the team's origins in blue and white. Because of this, of course, the Cowboys wear dark at home. Always a plus. One of the better matchups for the week.

#1. Rams-Cardinals: STL in white/dark blue, ARZ in red/white. As long as one team went with dark pants, it would be a plus for me. And the Rams obliged. Come to think of it, they were the right team. I have been moaning about the Cardinals not breaking out red pants all season long. Not this time. This is a plus matchup. A perfect blend.

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