Best NFL Uniform Tournament, Week 2

     Today we are opening up the second group of first round matchups in the Best NFL Uniform Of All Time tournament contest.

     First, here are the results from last week:  The 1998 Vikings defeated the 1995 Colts 113 to 82 (58%); The 1983 Browns narrowly defeated the 1972 Dolphins, by one vote, 91 to 90 (50.3%); The 1971 Eagles defeated the 2003 Jaguars, 138 to 31 (82%); The 1938 Bears defeated the 2001 Patriots, 107 to 70 (60%).

     So those four teams will go into the second round and await 60 more teams that will join them in the coming weeks.

Week One Winners
     Now here are the match-ups to vote on in Week 2:

     Matchup #5: 2002 Pittsburgh Steelers home (black/gold yellow) vs 1969 Houston Oilers (white/silver). This Steelers have worn this style predominately at home since their 1997 re-design, however they are 0-1 in the Super Bowl wearing this after losing this year to the Packers.  Their two championships (XL and XLIII) during this period have come in their away whites, even in 2005 as the home team they chose to wear white after going 3-0 in the playoffs on the road.  This Oilers uniform was worn from 1966 through 1971, the silver helmet years, and was worn by the likes of George Blanda, Roy Gerela, Elvin Bethea and a young Charlie Joiner under head coach Wally Lemm, in their first years in the Astrodome.

Matchup #5
2002 Steelers
1969 Oilers


     Matchup #6: 1981 Atlanta Falcons (red) vs 1933 Portsmouth Spartans.  After wearing a black home uniform their first few years, this was the color uniform the Falcons wore from 1971 through 1989.  The famed Gritz' Blitz defense of 1978, the 12-4 1981 season with Steve Bartkowski and Leeman Bennett -- and also a lot of losing seasons during this time.  After 1989, the Falcons changed back to black in the Jerry Glanville era.  The Portsmouth Spartans were founded in 1929 and played a handful of years before being moved to Detroit in 1934 where they became the Lions.
Matchup #6
1981 Falcons
1933 Spartans


     Matchup #7: 1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (creamsicle orange) vs 1997 San Francisco 49ers (all white)   The expansion Buccaneers wore this orange uniform to two NFC Central titles and a Wild Card playoff appearance in four years from 1979-82, but this both loved and hated uniform is mostly remember for fourteen straight losing season from 1983 through 1996.  They ditched the orange and went 10-6 in 1997.  The 49ers adopted this throwback inspired uniform set for 1996 through 1998 seasons after riding it all the way to the Super Bowl in 1994.

Matchup #7
1979 Buccaneers
1997 49ers


     Matchup #8: 1975 St. Louis Cardinals (all white) vs 1983 Los Angeles Raiders (black/silver).  This Cardinals set was worn for three decades from the team's move from Chicago to St. Louis in 1960 until they adopted red pants in Phoenix in 1990.  This uniform makes one think of the great 70's teams of Conrad Dobler and Dan Dierdorf that won back-to-back NFC East titles but could never get over the hump and win a championship.  A team that did get over the hump was the Oakland-L.A. Raiders.  This classic black home uniform of the Raiders, which has remained pretty much unchanged since 1963, won an AFL Championship in 1967 and Super Bowl XVIII in 1983, while the franchise also won two other Super Bowls in the road whites.
Matchup #8
1975 Cardinals
1983 Raiders


     Well, there you have it...  Voting will be open on these match-ups all week long and next week we'll have four more match-ups to vote on.


  1. Actually, that was the 1968 Houston Oilers road uniform shown in the illiustration. The 1969 Oilers jerseys had numbers on the shoulders and the lettering for players' names did not have red outlines.

  2. I know, I just picked one, and for the purposes of the contest, this entry covers the whole 1966-71 Oilers' era. As far as whether it is specifically the 68 or the 69 uniform, the database has the actual uniforms from each particular year.

  3. Um, the Steelers wore their visiting white in their loss to the Packers this year.

  4. whoops.. I smell a retraction coming tomorrow...

  5. No 1963 Chargers? Are you serious? Wow.

  6. This isn't the final eight, this is only the second eight of 128 first-round entries. All 32 franchises (and then some) will be well-represented, I guarantee.



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