Happy Independence Day

     Today as we all enjoy the fourth of July festivities, we at The Gridiron Uniform Database want to wish you a happy and joyful holiday, and we'll now bring you a short, patriotic themed database update.

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     Brought to our attention by frequent contributor Mako Mameli, the New England Patriots, during the years 1984 to 1987 and 1990 through 1992, they had a blue middle vertical pant stripe that was much wider than what we had in the database.  So we will be widening it accordingly.  During the 1988 and 1989 seasons the Patriots only wore white pants.

     Other than that, we are on vacation for the rest of the day, and we will be back tomorrow with hopefully a bunch of database updates, including a wrap-up of that discussion of the Eagles' wordmark from last week.

     Also Tuesday we will unveil the second group of first-round match-ups in our Best NFL Uniform Of All Time tournament contest.

1986 Patriots Old
1986 Patriots New

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  1. Going on the patriotic theme, while I'm too young to remember the games themselves, I liked how the Cowboys sported the red, white, and blue stripes on their helmets in 1976.



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