Only One Thing Is Constant - Change

     I am having problems with Blogger's new dashboard interface.  I am unable to post other than simple text like this.  My blog posts here at The Gridiron Uniform Database tend to get a little complicated when we do database changes, and I need to be able to format images and customize things the way I see fit, for example "1999 Eagles New" and "1999 Eagles Old" images in the previous post, the YouTube embeds, etc.  It isn't possible to do it the way I used to with the new interface, at least not to my liking.  Every time I try to customize HTML the way I want, when I go into "compose" from "Edit HTML" it strips out any changes I make.  What's up with that?!  I hate change -- it seems like there always has to be someone who comes along and has nothing better to do than to mess up a good thing.  It's why I quit using Facebook, and why I quit a job once.

     So, for the time being, the blog is somewhat on hold until I can figure out a workable solution.  Hopefully there is a way to get the old dashboard interface back, and I just haven't found it yet.

     Blogger is apparently much more concerned with making their interface usable by traditional bloggers who write about their cats or how they make pretzels than for a website like ours that uses a blog as a "front-end" for a useful website, i.e. formatted the way we want, with the links set up the way we want with the years on the left and teams on the right.  Bottom line is they want to control how people do stuff.  They want people to be able to "browse a blog like a flipboard" -- something that is totally useless for a site like ours.  They like to do things like re-format my HTML when I'm not looking.  Don't mess with my HTML code!  Maybe housewives with blogs about fondue recipes like you to manipulate the design of their blogs, but some of us who know what we're doing don't.

     In the meantime I am going to try to tackle all the database updates that still need to be put in.  On a related note, Bill Schaefer was having a discussion in the forum about changes and the weekly images.  I have pretty much put on hold updating the weeklies.  I am hoping in the near future we will reach a "critical mass" of corrections all put in where we are pretty much happy with all the yearly images, and then we will re-visit putting in the weekly images.  It just doesn't make sense to keep putting them in, and then having to keep changing them, I know it's a lot of work for Bill to re-do all those changes.

     Oh, and yes I did mess up the other day -- The Steelers did, of course, wear their white uniforms in Super Bowl XLV.  I (along with about a billion other people) watched that game, and for some reason I was thinking they wore their black uniforms.  At any rate, I was wrong.   But go ahead and vote on this week's matchups in the Best NFL Uniform Of All Time here anyway.

     One way or another, we'll be back tomorrow, or sometime soon at least.  Tim Brulia is scheduled to have his weekly column and we'll get to the bottom of this whole "no black outline on the Eagles' 1973 helmet" for once and for all.

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  1. my 2 cents...

    since photos presented with roman gabriel in solid green wings are week 4 at buffalo, weeks 7 or 10 v dallas (week 7 if philly wore white at home to make the boys wear blue) and week 14 at washington, is it possible that philly wore the black outline at the start of the season and changed back to solid green wings sometime during the first 4 weeks...?

    had this been something i had never heard, i would dismiss it as optical illusion, but i was a uni geek, even as a kid, and i do seem to recall those black outline on green wings as a change they had's not a foreign notion to me...

    while not a 100% accurate site, the page link below seems to indicate both helmets for 1973...

    both that site and this one mention helmethut's opinion that they did have black outline, for at least part of the season, which i would say from my recollection is true...i always loved when teams changed helmets, and i recall the black outlined green wings being a change for them at one point...



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