Week 7 Uniform Rankings

Week 7 Uniform Rankings
by Tim Brulia
Chargers-Jets: Lots of good ol' AFC white. But I happen to think this isn't too bad. Chargers white/navy going against the Jets green/white. Not that bad a matchup, really.
Bears-Buccaneers: This game was played at Wembley Stadium in London and to celebrate, both teams wore the very generic "International Series" patch on the left collarbone. Fortunately, the unis had more spark than the patch. Bears in the white/navy combo, which I have also been fond of, and the Bucs in the red/pewter combo. It's a nice mix of colors and not over the top. Cheers, blokes!
Redskins-Panthers: Skins rocking the white/burgundy combo and the Panthers wearing what most people think should be their main combo, carolina blue and silver. The Panthers alternate are just about my favorite uniform. Couple with the Redskins colors and this is winning.
Falcons-Lions: Falcons in white/white and the Lions in the honolulu blue/silver combo. Falcons with a bit too much white for me, but a nice palette of blue, black, red, silver and white. Not bad.
Seahawks-Browns: Seahawks in the full seahawk blue effect and the Browns continue the all white all the time set. I;m glad the Browns wear orange helmets or else this would have taken monochrome to new heights in 2011.
Broncos-Dolphins: The Broncs in the dark blue/white combo and the Dolphins, when they play day games at home, ditch the aqua pants for the all white effect. Sorta sad because either the aqua/white combo or the road outfit of white/aqua would have worked so much better here.
Texans-Titans: In the not too distant past, the texans would have worn red socks with the white/navy combo. But alas, somewhere along the way, Tex decided to go with the blue socks with the blue pants. Meanwhile, the Titans wore what has become the standard for home with the columbia blue top and the navy pants. It does create a triple layer effect (white helmet/columbia jersey/navy pants) that I like, but there's just a little too much blue at work here for me.
Chiefs-Raiders: Classic rivalry with a classic uni matchup (Chiefs white/red, Raiders black/silver). Except for the occasional Chiefs white/white, this is one uniform game that has stood the test of time. It looks just like the days of Dawson, Taylor, Buchanan, Lamonica, Biletnikoff, Connors days. Sweet.
Steelers-Cardinals: Teams reprising their Super Bowl XLIII matchup. And it still looks nice. Steelers in the black and yellow and the Big Red in the red/white combo. Not flashy, but certainly not a boring uni matchup.
Packers-Vikings: Packers in standard road attire, white and yellow with the Vikes busting out the throwbacks, classic purple jersey with white normal striped pants. I may be strange, but I actually would have preferred the Vikes in the modern kit. But Minny has a tendency to wear the throwbacks against their fellow NFC North bretheren. Still, this one loked real nice.
Rams-Cowboys: Rams wearing blue/white at Dallas with the as always white/silvery greenish blue pants. Rams in gold pants would have worked better here, but the pants have enough of a decent stripe combo to off-set that a little bit.
Colts-Saints: Forget about the slaughter, this wasn't a bad look. Saints still sticking to white at home in the - er - Mercedes-Benz Superdome in black pants to boot. Colts then adjusting to the blue/white combo. I think the black pants add a bit of spark to the matchup.
Ravens-Jaguars: Ravens in white black (a good look for them) with the Jags rocking teal/white. The teal under the lights does add a bit of brightness to an otherwise black and white affair. Nice touch, Jags...and Ravens.
So here we go with the ranking from 1 to 13 in order this week for week 7:
1) Redskins-Panthers 
2) Bears-Buccaneers
3) Chiefs-Raiders
4) Packers-Vikings
5) Steelers-Cardinals
6) Colts-Saints
7) Ravens-Jaguars
8) Seahawks-Browns
9) Jets-Chargers
10) Texans-Titans
11) Rams-Cowboys
12) Falcons-Lions
13) Broncos-Dolphins


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