Week 11 2014 Weekly Uniform Rankings and some social media news

by Tim Brulia

We'll get to this week's uni ranking in a moment, but first, this important message.

Those of you who are familiar with the GUD's social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter probably know that our activity, particularly on Facebook, has been a little slow.

When we posted the Thursday Night Football clash between the Bills and Dolphins, using the GUD's uni matchup template for the game, it gave us the inspiration to do this: A daily semi-random uni matchup from days past.

This means that, each and every day, the GUD will post one uniform game matchup. While it won't be totally and 100% random, we hope to have a matchup from a corresponding week from previous seasons for every day, except for Thursday. As with the trendy "Throwback Thursdays," the GUD will dig even deeper for a matchup for that day, using a game from between 1940 and 1954 for TBT day.

As we get to the playoffs, our options will be a bit more limited, but we will likely use playoff matchups from the past during the postseason, including some Pro Bowl goodies.

Once we reach the off-season, then the matchups used will be 100% purely random, and there will be no real rhyme or reason to what we show. Every season, week and game will be fair pickin's.

To see what we've done so far, please check out our Facebook and/or our Twitter pages. Feedback is appreciated. We hope you like it!

Now, onto the Uni Rankings for Week 11.

14) Falcons-Panthers: ATL in white/white, CAR in black/silver. A mostly meh matchup, a lot of black, some silver and a flash of red and carolina blue. Certainly not a total bummer, but there is better.

13) Raiders-Chargers: OAK in white/silver, SD in navy/white. Some get excited over this one because of the traditional nature of this matchup. I do not, unless the Chargers are rocking powder blue. They are not. Thus, this drops down a ladder a ways. Not really a supporter of the Raiders in white, a quite generic look in my book. As is this matchup in general.

12) Broncos-Rams: DEN in white/white, STL in navy/white. While the white overwhelms in this matchup, we get to see the Rams in a positive navy over white light. Make their gold numbers pop a little. Just wish we had more of that Bronco orange to really spruce this up.

11) Buccaneers-Redskins: TB in white/white, WSH in burgundy/yellow. OK, I can take the Bucs in all white. But the red socks need to accompany. They do not. And that hurts a bit. Redskins burgundy over yellow is always pleasing, but it takes two combos to make a matchup work, and this one falls a little short.

10) Patriots-Colts: NE in white/navy, IND in blue/white. One of the NFL's better rivalries over the past decade or so doesn't always translate to the best uni matchup. This really isn't all that bad as the Colts blue jerseys is their better combo, and the Pats in white over navy is a good look, But I just can't catch the buzz-feel for it.

9) 49ers-Giants: SF in white/gold, NYG in blue/white. As stated before, the white pants need to be the go to pair for when the Giants rock blue jerseys. Proof is here. It's a great look and the blue jerseys seem more vibrant with the white bottoms. Add the Niners white over gold with juicy red trim, it's a swell eye treat.

8) Steelers-Titans: PIT in black/yellow, TEN in white/navy. Apparently this game confirms the uni rumor mill, that the Titans new owner is not thrilled with columbia blue as a dominant color. The pale blues (jersey OR pants) haven't been seen since the preseason. And except for the Week 8 game against the Texans, it's been WAH all year long for the Titans. Not a bad thing here, as the white over navy brings the Steelers to LP Field in the dynamo black over yellow combo.

7) Texans-Browns: HOU in white/navy, CLE in brown/white. Nothing earth shattering here, but this is a fine get together. Navy, brown, orange and a glint of red is enough of a color variety to overcome any other shortfalls here.

6) Seahawks-Chiefs: SEA in white/navy, KC in red/white. No doubt, of the Seahawks three pants, navy is the best. The grays and white do not incorporate the neon green aspect, but the navy trousers do. And that little detail gives this matchup sweet spark. With the Chiefs vivid red and yellow trim, it's a dilly matchup.

5) Vikings-Bears: MIN in white/purple, CHI in navy/white. Those purple pants add style points to any encounter. Plug in a traditional NFC North rival and the pluses mount. Purple, navy, yellow and orange is a great mixture.

4) Lions-Cardinals: DET in white/silver, ARZ in red/red. For sometime now, the Cardinals keep the red pants in wraps until the second half of the season. And 2014 is no exception. The red britches make their 2014 debut with this game with the Lions. It's a good choice as the Lions offer sparkling contrast with the silver helmet and pants, as well as the honolulu blue trim accompanied by a shimmer of black. A really sharp matchup,

3) Eagles-Packers: PHI in white/green, GB in throwback navy/khaki. Ahh, this one is cool. Eagles debuted the long awaited white over midnight green look, while the Pack rocked the dynastic 1929-31 era unis. Of course, to meet today's standards, the tiny number inside a yellow circle is enlarged and a nameplate is added to the back. But, these touches make for a great uni matchup!

2) Bengals-Saints: CIN in white/white, NO in black/gold. A rare occasion for me to say it's a good thing that even with both teams having black pants in the wardrobe, neither team makes that choice. This allows the trim colors to shine, and they do. Orange socks for the Bengals, gold pants for the Saints. No black overkill, just let the black flow with gold and orange.

1) Bills-Dolphins: BUF in white/blue, MIA in aqua/aqua. OK, you've heard me moan high and low about the Dolphins going with a very drab all white look for most of the season. Well, for this Thursday Night Football encounter, the Fins crack open both sets of aqua, and boy, do I like it. Not to stand idly by, the Bills rock the blue pants with their white tops. The result, is fabulous!

So there it is. Another week for safe keeping. Till next time, take care and keep an eye out for our daily uni matchup from the past on Facebook and Twitter. Invite your friends to "like" us (Facebook) or "follow" us (Twitter)!


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