Wild Card Weekend 2015 uniform rankings

by Tim Brulia

4) Chiefs-Texans: KC in white/white, HOU in navy/navy. Not my choice for the colors chosen by either team, but something we have to deal with. Chiefs apparently going with good mojo by sticking to the all white look. Again, not my favorite look with the white jerseys, but at least KC is staying away from the white socks with this set. As for the Texans, I do like the all navy look, and with the Chiefs staying all white, maybe it swayed the Texans way of thinking from wearing white pants. All in all, a so-so pairing, not as good as its potential.

3) Seahawks-Vikings: SEA in white/navy, MIN in purple/white. Quite a frigid game in the Twin Cities. And this match was cool, too. Seahawks with a variety of pant colors to accompany the white jerseys made the second best choice by going with the navy pants. I don't think the navy bottoms are quite as good as the gray ones, but the navys expose the neon green trim moreso than either the gray or white trunks. The Vikings in purple over white is the safe choice over all purple, and also the wise pick. All purple would have jarring for a playoff game. As such, this pairing is really good. Good colors!

2) Packers-Redskins: GB in white/yellow, WSH in burgundy/yellow. These are good unis, but the pairing of them just gives off a little too much yellow. Packer helmets and pants, Redskin pants and a good dollop of yellow trim on the helmets, jerseys (though kept to a minimum) and on the burgundy based socks. On their own, these unis are natty. The Packers carry off the yellow in a good way. It overrides the green as the dominant color when wearing white tops. The Redskins burgundy is sleek both on the helmets and jerseys. Though the striping patterns on all four quadrants of the uni is haphazard to a fault, the colors override the flaws. But merged into combat, the yellows just are a bit much.

1) Steelers-Bengals: PIT in white/black, CIN in black/white. While the game was mean and nasty, the unis were not. Both sides in triple color, the Steelers in black/white/yellow, the Bengals in orange/black/white. The Steelers in white somehow to me makes the yellow striping and nameplates really bright. Black is just the numbers and feather striping on the yellow based sleeve stripes. put on the familiar yellow pants with the thick black side stripes and it's a sharp set. The Bengals match up quite well with the black and orange tiger striping. Going all black would have slogged this matchup a bit, so staying white trousered was a common sense move. A good pairing,

Four more games to check out next week. See ya then!


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