Just about that time!

by Tim Brulia

It's been awhile since we did a blog. But as we gear up for a new season, the NFL's 100th, we thought we'd alert you to a virtually completed project that has been about five years in the making.

Preseason uniforms and their matchups.

The GUD uses 1940 as a starting point for the preseasons as prior to 1940, exhibition games were a rather scattershot set up that occasionally took place during the season or even the postseason. Still, even in the early years of this endeavor, there are plenty of games against non-league teams, minor league teams, glorified sandlot squads and even Canadian Football League teams, among others.

As the years go by, the preseason schedule gets a little more structured, eventually settling on a rather lengthy six game schedule and finally, in 1978, settling on a four game slate that we are very familiar with today.

Over the years, the preseason games have had some really quirky uniform designs. In particular, when a team was headed for a new look for the coming season, their preseason attire would feature a mish-mash of old designs from the previous season and the upcoming season. In some cases, a team would trot out a new design (notably the 1969 black helmeted Saints and the 1984 orange numbered brown jerseys of the Browns) that would be scrapped for whatever reason before the start of the season.

Our normal yearly team pages highlight uniform combinations that were worn only in the preseason. To view specific preseason matchups, please click on the desired season from the decades buttons on our homepage (please note that 1920s and 1930s are not available)

then click on the specific year, .

the click on the PRE button

From here you will see a weekly listing of games on the page.

Click on the game you wish to see in detail

and there it will be!

As always, if you see any errors, please contact us with documentation to verify your finding and we will certainly make the proper adjustment.

Special thanks to Bill Schaefer and Larry Schmitt for their extremely hard work in this project.



I have received a slew of emails over the past several months regarding 'broken' and/or incorrect images showing on various pages of GUD.

Over the past several months, our site has been undergoing some changes involved with the technical coding and layout. Basically, we been modernizing GUD. As the improvements continue to roll out, there will be some older pages still containing these 'broken' or incorrect images. Rather than make the corrections on the old pages that are going to become obsolete as the changes occur, we are waiting to make the corrections on the new, permanent versions of the pages.

We understand that our viewers expect the best from GUD in terms of accuracy, and we will continue to provide that moving forward as soon as possible.

Your continued patience is appreciated during this time.

Thank you.

Bill Schaefer

Time Keeps On Tickin' Tickin' Tickin,' Into the Past

This is not going to be an extensive blog entry, folks...more of an FYI.

Over the past few weeks, Larry Schmitt and I have researched and entered the game times for 1932-69 games. 1970 and forward had already been included on the weekly match-up page. 

This, in turn, has re-sequenced the games on each week's page in much the same way that recent season pages do, as well.

Hope you all enjoy the added information.

Bill Schaefer


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