Why Does This Bother Me So Much?

Howdy, y'all.

So I'm reading through UW's Ticker this morning and I come to a mention about the Broncos advertising online for the new "Vapor Untouchable" version of their jerseys.

I'm in the middle of fine tuning several teams that we have seen are switching to the new collar template. No big deal. Business as usual here at GUD.

So I continue scrolling through the Denver page for their Shop and I come across the entry for this jersey...

It took me a few seconds to figure out why it was bothering me. And then it hit me.

The Broncos wore white jerseys in Super Bowl 50, not orange.

A quick check showed that several other recent teams were similarly selling these commemorative jerseys from Super Bowls but slapping a patch on a jersey other than what they actually wore for that game and still call it an authentic Super Bowl 50 jersey.

After thinking about it, I've come to this conclusion...

These jerseys go against everything the GUD stands for. Since the beginning our motto has been 'Just get it right.' With very few exceptions, we've done that. When we haven't, we've fixed it.

I'm sure that an in-depth check of jersey sales would likely show that, for most teams, colored jerseys far outsell white jerseys. So a team winning the Super Bowl while wearing a white jersey, faces a likelihood that these commemorative jerseys would not be sold in numbers as high as they'd hope if they were to only sell the actual white jerseys worn for the game.

I get that. Money drives all.

Still, I have this nagging bug in my ear telling me it's 'just not right.'

- Bill Schaefer


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