Fly Like An Eagle II

     Discussion today at The Gridiron Uniform Database has focused once again on the Philadelphia Eagles.
     A couple weeks ago we brought you Tim Brulia's column on the 1941 Eagles' uniforms and today we'll be discussing some newer Eagles developments.

1977 Philadelphia at New England
1979 Philadelphia at Tampa Bay
(NFC Divisional Playoff)
1982 Washington at Philadelphia
     First of all, we discovered some discrepancies with the shoulder stripes in the 1974 through 1984 era uniforms.  During this period, the Eagles' uniforms were very intricate and tricky.  We already made one change to the pants' stripes on these uniforms two weeks ago, and now we've made another adjustment.

     It seems the 1979 stripe pattern in the database was incorrect, and after looking at each year, we think we've got the pattern down now.

1979 Updated
1979 Old
     The images to the left show the 1979 season specifically, but adjustments have been made to the whole era.

     Some more Eagles questions were brought to our attention by reader Pat Henderson, who contacted us through Paul Lukas of Uni Watch

     He alerted us to the differing logos the Eagles have used on the word mark on the front of the current jersey set which the Eagles debuted in 1996.  After some research we have determined that the Eagles word mark from 1996 through 2002 was a slanted 'Eagles' logo, while since 2003 they have used the newer Eagles logo.

1998 Eagles
      To be sure, this is an important detail that we want to get right, however at the size of our graphics (right), it really is going to be hard to discern much of a difference.  Like the change in the detail of the Denver Broncos helmet from 1992 to 1993, some changes are so small that they are really hard to denote in a project with the size of the images that we are using.  We are currently undergoing further discussions on this matter, and any further database changes will be unveiled here at the blog.

San Francisco at Philadelphia
(MNF, 11/10/1997)
'96 - Ricky Watters
sporting the Eagle
logo on his pants
that they only
had one year
     Pat also inquired about the logo that appeared on the side stripe on the green pants from 1996, as to whether or not it appeared on the 1997 and 1998 green pants.  As far as we can tell, the Eagles only wore the green pants a few times during these two years, on a Monday Night against San Francisco in 1997, and against the Packers and Giants in November 1998.  On these occasions, we have not seen the logo that they had in 1996.

What year exactly is
this a "throwback" to?
     If you have any further input on these or other uniform discrepancies you find in our database, be sure to join in on the fun in our forum.  Tomorrow, we will be looking at some sock stripe anomalies of the early 1980's Houston Oilers, and also some New York Jets throwback stuff that was possibly one of the least accurate "throwback" attempts ever.
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     Thanks to all of you who have voted so far in our first-ever "Best NFL Uniform of all-time" contest.  If you haven't voted yet, you can do so here.

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