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     The San Diego Chargers' team page is live on the website, making it the thirty-second and final team to be added and Sunday was also a busy day around here as far as entering team pages went, with 1936 through 1960 all being completed. Hopefully the rest of those will be done in the next day or two.   As soon as the rest of the year pages are in, we will begin to add the 2010 Team Pages with the weekly head-to-head matchups.

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     There were a couple corrections to the website, first of all with the 1963 Jets, the first year after they changed their name from the Titans, the team that had the green airplane on the side of their helmet, it was determined that they only had one stripe on their helmet, so we made that change to the database.  But the real story Sunday was the discovery by Tim about the 1942 Redskins.  He came across the New York Times from October 19, 1942, where it was reported by Arthur Daley that:

      If it seems odd that the maroon Redskins would have to don blue to avoid clashing with the Dodgers, it's because unlike the baseball Brooklyn Dodgers, the football Dodgers wore both blue and red.  The Redskins and Dodgers must have found themselves in a clashing situation, forcing one of the teams to wear a different color.  Or perhaps with the transportation difficulties mentioned in the article that prevented the band from arriving (I didn't know the Redskins band ordinarily traveled to road games back in the day...♫ "Hail to the Redskins...hail victory...hail to the Redskins....fight for old D.C." ♫) ...perhaps with the traveling issues, the team's gear didn't arrive either and so maybe they had to borrow the Dodgers' secondary unis.  Or all they had was their maroon outfit, which clashed with the Dodgers' red, and as the home team the Dodgers insisted on wearing red...  Anyway, you can see the whole article about the game with a picture here.
     We wonder if this was the only time the Skins ever wound up wearing this color?  With the Dodgers and Cardinals both wearing red at times, could it be possible that blue was worn by the D.C. boys other than just this once in this era?  And was it actually their own jerseys they wore or did they have to borrow from the Dodgers?  If this was the only time that they ever wore blue, it lends credence to the possibility that it was the Dodgers' unis they were wearing. It would be interesting to see if the players wore their usual numbers, and if the numbers looked like the font the Redskins used at the time, or if they do in fact look like the Dodgers' blue uniforms. It is hard to make out any Redskins numbers in the photo in the newspaper article.  Anyway the blue uniform is now in the database.

Is this what Slingin' Sammy looked like on a day in 1942 against the Dodgers?
Note: This amateur-ly colorized picture is not from that game, but a different game against the Bears.

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     P.S. I sorry if there are typos, but I am writing this post for the second time because this happened the first time and I am not a happy camper about it.

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