Week 6 Uniform Rankings

Week 6 Uniform Rankings
by Tim Brullia
Here's my take and rankings of the week 6 uniform matchups, in the order you see them on the site:
49ers-Lions: Forgetting about how well Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz get along, This is a fairly traditional matchup that just doesn't get me excited. Gold and silver, white, red, honolulu blue with a touch of black. I am still a fan of the Lions look, but it's just not sparking it for me.
Rams-Packers: Rams breakout their fifth different combo in five games, the most of any team so far. This week it's the white/blue. It's a look I like. Packers bust out their 1929 throwbacks. And this TB is a meh in my book. The lack of sanitary socks is a look I'm not too thrilled with either. If the Pack really want to do throwbacks right, oh please bring us the 1937-1948 yellow shouldered navy jerseys. That is a look I love and it has glory behind it, too (1939 and 1944 championships).
Panthers-Falcons: Pathers in their only combo worn this season so far, while the Falcons churn out their popular 1966 thowbacks. This is a beauty because of all the color involved, But I actually prefer the 1967 Falcons jersey for a throwback, as the falcons on the sleeves were white instead of black. It definitely spices up this matchup.
Colts-Bengals: Colts in the all whites while the Bengals tote the orange alternates. This should be the Bengals' main dark jersey. Brighter and gets out of the black rut, althought the Bengals have worn black jerseys as their main dark jersey since they started in 1968. But I like the blue and the orange and the black. It's a nice look.
Bills-Giants: A (too?) stark contrast between the all white Bills and the steady as she goes Giants blue-gray mix. The Bills old red helmet would have really perked up this match.  
Jaguars-Steelers: The Jags seem to be using the Dolphins M.O. of white/dark away and white/white so far this season. And so it is with this matchup with the Steelers. Steelers - almost as always - in their normal black/yellow home combo. That hint of teal in the Jags' black helmets offset all the black a bit.
Eagles-Redskins: There's lots of color to be had here. Both teams could have sprung dull white pants on us here, but instead the Eagles show off their green trousers and the Redskins return the bright yellow pants to go along with the burgundy jerseys. Excellent move, boys!
Texans-Ravens: Nicely played here as well. Texans in the white/dark blues, with the Ravens nicely offsetting that with the purple/white look. I am a fan.
Browns-Raiders: Both squads wearing no nonsense time tested unis that go back forever. Surprised that the Raiders are using the "AL" memorial as a helmet sticker instead of a jersey patch. Then again, even with Davis gone, the Raiders do it their own way.
Cowboys-Patriots: This came as a surprise as the Pats decided to go white at home, forcing the 'Boys to wear their "normal" blues for the first time in 2 years. It is a very nice jersey that simply doesn't get used as often as it should. With it, the 'Boys also wear the silver pants as opposed to the greenish silver pants worn with the standard whites. Pats with the whites. Different. Better? Not necessarily.
Saints-Buccaneers: Saints again go black on the road with the Bucs staying white at home with white pants to boot and the white/white for once, works. Had the Bucs gone to the pewter pants, which I normally prefer, it would have been too much metal for me. So this one goes in the "W" column.
Vikings-Bears: Vikings in all white with the Bears in standard navy blue jersey form. Not a bad matchup, but the Vikes purple pants, especially under the Solider Field lights would made this one awesome.
Dolphins-Jets: Dolphins, when away and wearing white jerseys, go with the aqua pants. I dig it. Jets with the grenn jersey/white pants combo, decided to sit out the green pants. Still a nice matchup, even if both like the white helmets.
So ranking the week 6 games as I see them:
13) Rams-Packers
12) Browns-Raiders
11) Bills-Giants
10) 49ers-Lions
9) Vikings-Bears
8) Jaguars-Steelers
7) Dolphins-Jets
6) Saints-Buccaneers
5) Cowboys-Patriots
4) Colts-Bengals
3) Texans-Ravens
2) Panthers-Falcons
1) Eagles-Redskins
Check with ya next week, till then take care!!

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