Gridiron Uniform Database Goes HD

As the 'art' man for the site, I would like all of you to know the plans for the coming season.

I've already been hard at work for the last month working on the new NIKE uniforms. I've been doing what I can with the little information I have. Paul Lukas' notes from NIKE's unveiling were immensely helpful.  I'm still not sure why we didn't get an invite! However, through no fault of Paul's, little information has been provided on each team's 'other jersey(s).' I've had to reference NFL Shop to try and grab some peeks at the white-jerseys for each team to confirm or refute whether changes exist or not.

With the exception of a few alternate/throwback jerseys that I'm pretty sure we'll get to see, and others that I'm even more sure about (like the Bears moth-balling the orange jerseys in favor of using the 1940 throwbacks again - right), there are some that I'd just rather wait for firm confirmation of before I try to put each into graphic form only when it becomes apparent that I really need to.

The other issue that I am unclear about and am still awaiting confirmation on is whether or not the NFL is doing away with the whole 'base white/base black' footwear requirements in light of the very flashy cleats that were showcased with the rest of the uniforms last month.

Despite that, I have been working hard with our webmaster Rob Holecko to fine tune our game plan for this coming season. While we don't foresee wholesale changes, changes will be made - hopefully you will see them as a good thing.

Rumors abounds on the interwebs
that this is Carolina's new helmet.
(But it's not)
If you've stopped by the site recently, you may have noticed that Rob has put up a blank/generic template for the Opening Game of the 2012 Regular Season.  The thumbnail image includes the new Nike template for both teams. We decided that, despite teams like Green Bay and Philadelphia opting not to partake in the technology advances of the Nike Elite, we will keep things simple by using only one version of the blank template for all teams. The template also shows a new, modified helmet. We at the Gridiron Uniform Database decided that this change from Reebok to Nike was a perfect opportunity to change away from a moderately outdated helmet model to something more current.

If you click on the blank thumbnail an image will appear that is the same size as what you've come to expect from Gridiron Uniform Database. However, due to the detail of the work involved with new cuts, collars, and (Lord, help me) new numbers with ingrained patterns (Thanks, Seattle and Nike - grrr!), we wanted to try to present the uniforms from this year additionally in a much crisper fashion.

Clicking on the normal-sized versions will take you to a larger version that will enable you to see the intricacies of the uniform in much greater detail.

More: from Seattle Post-Intelligencier: Seahawks unveil new helmet
Additionally, on the 'normal-sized' matchup pages, you will be spotting new navigational tabs for "Opening Games," "Monday Night Football," "Thanksgiving Day games," "Super Bowls" and more

It is our hope that you will find this year's graphics even more vibrant and realistic than ever before. Enjoy.

The Gridiron Uniform Database mourns the passing of Junior Seau and extends condolences to the entire NFL family.

Junior Seau


  1. Are you going tio debut the uniform matchups for older seasons soon?

  2. Those are an on-going project which will continue to be added as we are able to. But if you have any specific games or teams or years you want to see, you are welcome to request we add them sooner.



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