The "Super Sundays" That Could Have Been...31-35

Did we get the best-looking match-up or was that pairing kept from us? 

We continue this journey down memory lane and see.

1996 (XXXI) - New England (AFC) vs Green Bay (NFC)
ACTUAL: Not bad, but this version of the Patriots' jersey with "Flying Elvis" on the shoulders - instead of the sleeves, is REALLY bad.
ALTERNATE: Having the Patriots in blue jerseys makes "Elvis" stand out less. That would have been a good thing.

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1997 (XXXII) - Green Bay (NFC) vs. Denver (AFC)
ACTUAL: I've never had a problem with this redesign of the Broncos' uniform. I just wish they'd have kept the old logo or at least something else.
ALTERNATE: I like it but having a chance to go without monowhite, I'm going to go with it.

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1998 (XXXIII) - Denver (AFC) vs Atlanta (NFC)
ACTUAL: Well, Denver at the Raiders...oops...I mean Falcons. The Black and Silver do little to help Denver's monowhite.
ALTERNATE: The blue. The red. Oh, so much  better.

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1999 (XXXIV) - St. Louis (NFC) vs. Tennessee (AFC)
ACTUAL: Either way, we were going to get a lot of blue in this game.
ALTERNATE: However, given a chance to get Tennessee in navy pants (which I really miss) AND get St. Louis in the blue jerseys, I'd have jumped at the chance.

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2000 (XXXV) - Baltimore (AFC) vs. N.Y. Giants (NFC)
ACTUAL: With Baltimore advancing to this game wearing monowhite in both the Divisional and championship rounds, wearing all white here makes sense.
ALTERNATE: But throwing in some red and a little more purple makes this the option to go with.

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Well, well, well. With a 4-1 triumph this week, is ALTERNATE beginning a comeback or are they simply making it interesting? The gap has closed to a 22-13 lead for the ACTUALs. Will this trend continue next week? Be here next Tuesday to find out!
Bill Schaefer 

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