The "Super Sundays" That Could Have Been...36-40

We are now getting into the most recent decade of title games. Let's Go!

2001 (XXXVI) - St. Louis (NFC) vs. New England (AFC)
ACTUAL: This game had a nice balance of navy and silver paired with the gold of the Rams. It would have looked even better had the Rams not ditched the royal blue and yellow colors for the previous season.
ALTERNATE: OK but the doubling-up on the navy blue comes in second place to the ACTUAL combination.

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2002 (XXXVII) - Oakland (AFC) vs. Tampa Bay (NFC)
ACTUAL: If ever there was a game in which the outcome formulated my opinion of the uniform pairing, this may be it. Tampa Bay's red looked great. I can't imagine them winning and not wearing this combo.
ALTERNATE: Likewise, had Oakland won, I would have hoped they'd have been in black. Red wins out here.

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2003 (XXXVIII) - Carolina (NFC) vs. New England (AFC)
ACTUAL: I know some will question this but Carolina's mono-white combo may be the lamest uniform worn in a title game.
ALTERNATE: This pairing isn't much better but it is still better.

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2004 (XXXIX) - New England (AFC) vs. Philadelphia (NFC)
ACTUAL: Not bad. But not the winner for two reasons. One - just not a fan of the Patriots' white uniform.
ALTERNATE: And two - I REALLLLLY like the green pants for Philly.

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2005 (XL) - Seattle (NFC) vs. Pittsburgh (AFC)
ACTUAL: The Steelers embraced their inner superstitions and opted to wear their 'away' combo in which they had won all three of their road playoff games leading up to XL. Most people complained about Seattle's mono-grey/mono-blue/mono-whatever-it-is. Still, this combination was better than their alternate.
ALTERNATE: For whatever reason, the navy on the sleeves of Seattle's home jersey just isn't as disturbing as the grey/blue/whatever-it-is on the sleeves of the white jersey.

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The ACTUALs reclaim a bit of their lost mojo from last week's drubbing and eek out a 3-2 advantage that pushes their lead to 23-15. With only six games left, ACTUAL has gone past "dormie" and clinched the decision, but how close can ALTERNATE make the final tally?

Come back next week for the most recent six contests!
Bill Schaefer

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