Week10 Uniform Matchup Rankings

Just a reminder to visit our newest addition to the GUD, the uniform history of the dearly departed College All-Star Game, which you can find here: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/CASGs.html and also the uniform history of the deceased United States Football League: http://usfl.uniformdatabases.com/. Enjoy.

Onto the countdown.

14) Texans-Cardinals:  HOU in white/navy, ARZ in alternate black/white.  As good as the Texans look is here in this game, it is more than canceled by what may be my least favorite uni of all, the Cardinals in black.  The team once known as "Big Red" is reduced to micro red trim and the head of the cardinal on the helmet.  Bottom feeder, this.

13) Rams-Colts:  STL in white/white, IND in blue/white.  Plenty o'white since the Rams chose to go vanilla below the waist.  Plenty o'blue, too, and a touch of gold.  But, really, it isn't that bad.  There was a time when these two played twice annually and all they had was blue and white between the two of them.

12) Dolphins-Buccaneers:  MIA in white/white, TB in red/pewter.  Well, it looks like another year of very drab all white for the 'Fins, which is so very disappointing.  At least the Bucs cover this mess with the unique and strong look of the red jerseys and pewter pants.  Saved from disaster, but not from the bottom half of the rankings.

11) Broncos-Chargers:  DEN in white/white, SD in navy/white.  Seems like lots of navy at the expense of good trim colors that take a deep back seat (orange, yellow and a pinch of powder blue).  So, I guess it's just a rather ho-hummer from me this week.

10) Bengals-Ravens:  CIN in white/black, BAL in purple/black.  Waaay back when, there was a tune called "Black Slacks" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQKxketbUDg and that suits this game. Black pants, black socks and one black helmet.  Too much black?  You betcha!  Ravens shoulda wore white pants and the Bengals coulda worn orange socks.  Woulda been loads better.

9) Eagles-Packers:  PHI in white/white, GB in green/yellow.  Well, here's the dilemma...was very disappointed that the green birds went with an all white look as I so like the white/green Eagles combo, but when paired against the Packers' fab green/yellow, it's probably better because that keeps this from being all greeny.  OK, I'll reluctantly push this up the scale a notch or two.

8) Lions-Bears:  DET in white/silver, CHI in navy/white.  Ancient rivals in ancient tones.  It's a good one, not a great one.  Not as good as when the Bears visit Ford Field.  But this still has navy, silver, and honolulu blue is reduced to a trim color and the orange trim still brighten things up.

7) Jaguars-Titans:  JAX in white/white, TEN in navy/navy.  Titans, after a couple of years of drabbish combos, have let loose once again and rock the all navys for the first time in five years.  Yay!  Off-sets that goofy Jags look.

6) Panthers-49ers:  CAR in white/white, SF in red/gold.  No surprises, and it's just the right touch of metals (gold lids and pants, silver helmets), black letters and numbers trimmed in carolina blue, and those smackin' good Niner red jerseys.  Smart matchup.

5) Raiders-Giants:  OAK in white/silver, NYG in blue/white.  For the first time since 1999, the Giants rock white pants in a game.  The twist is that the stripe combo on the pants keep the gray elements. Strange, but it kinda works.  The choice to go with white trou is solid as it more than off-sets the Raiders normal silver.  Pleasing matchup.

4) Seahawks-Falcons:  SEA in white/navy, ATL in red/white.  I like this one.  Red, white, some black, navy, neon green, make for a wide variety of color, and well versed.  Have always enjoyed the Falcons red jerseys and going against the Seahawks modern whites, this smells like goodness.

3) Redskins-Vikings:  WAS in white/yellow, MIN in purple/white.  Good mix and match colors at play here. No grape juice, just some grapes for the Vikings and the Redskins continue with their burgundy/white/yellow and striped burgundy socks. This be a goody.

2) Cowboys-Saints:  DAL in white/mint, NO in black/black.  Saints always take the time to treat us to an all black look a couple of times a season, something that annoys the heck out of many, but not me.  They know how to make it work.  Paired against the Cowboys white and mint, this fits perfectly.

1) Bills-Steelers:  BUF in white/blue, PIT in black/yellow.  Boy, do I like this color-cade.  Bills in the swe-e-e-t blue pants with bright red trim and the Steelers in the always boffo black/yellow combo.  The best for Week 10.

More to come next week.  Be there!!

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