Buccaneers Reveal New Helmet

Well, here it is.  The new Buccaneers helmet:

The Bucs also revealed a new wordmark.

A couple of things stand out.

1) The chrome facemask
2) The helmet remains the color of pewter (though a darker shade).
3) The immense size of the logo.

In the past, we have seen teams increase the size of the helmet logo (Bills, Patriots).  In some cases, we have seen teams DEcrease logo size (Chiefs).  But we have never seen a helmet logo take on the size of the Bucs new logo.

The Bucs announcement of the new helmet logo on the website says, among other things, that the team was looking to "(take) the existing logo and update it with a new, refreshed, modernized approach, taking the toughness in the existing mark and making it much louder.  Every detail of the skull was looked at...to determine how far it could be taken to make it tougher but still be true to the Buccaneers' original approach."

So it looks like the Bucs wanted to have a helmet that stands out, and they've certainly achieved that goal, with the chrome mask and the ginormous logo.

There was talk on some of the uni forums out there that the helmet color would change to white, just so the team could break out the "Bucco Bruce" throwbacks for one or two times a season.  This redesign would appear to squash those rumors.

The team release also stated that the "full uniform ensemble" will be revealed at a press conference scheduled for March 5th at 2:00 PM.


  1. When it was first displayed on NFL Network last night it looked more silvery than pewter under the lights at the studio. There was only a very small difference between the chrome facemask and the helmet shell. I'm anxious to see the helmet as part of the 'full ensemble' so we can see just how pewter/silver the helmet shell really is.
    See a comparison to last year's model here in a photo on CC's site...

  2. I didn't see the helmet's debut last night (under the weather and watching Olympics). However, the pic does appear to be a darker pewter, BUT it is likely the lighting in the pic making the shell appear darker. We'll see soon enough!



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