Presenting the 2015 Cleveland Browns

by Tim Brulia

Last night (April 14th), at about 7:45 ET, the Cleveland Browns, as promised, debuted their long awaited new uniforms. The unveiling was webcast on the Browns website and carried live locally in Cleveland on 5ABC (WEWS-TV).

Nine Browns players took the stage at the Cleveland Convention Center sporting all nine color combinations to cheers.

Courtesy of, rather than make a description of each combo, here are several of the combos.
Browns in all bronwn

Browns in all white
Browns in white/brown
Browns in brown/orange
Browns in all orange

Some highlights:
One that stands out as much as anything is the large "Cleveland" wordmark across the chest of the three jerseys.

Also, the Browns follow the path of the Carolina Panthers and added an inscription to the inside of the jersey collar,

following the lead of some college football teams and numerous soccer teams in Europe.

The three pants feature an unprecedented stripe and wordmark combination that appear to be more centered to the back of the pant leg
Browns orange pants.
Browns brown pants

The socks, you ask? Merely two pairs of hose; all orange and all brown. But we didn't see any players going with one orange and one brown at the unveiling.

All in all, a major change for sure. Surprising to this reporter is the use of orange numbers on the brown jerseys. Twice before in the Browns history have we seen this combination (1946 and 1984), and in each case, the team changed to white numbers as the orange numbers were considered difficult to see from afar.

But rumors abound that the orange jerseys will be the first choice of the Browns. If so, it would then appear that for the first time ever, the brown tops would be used as an alternate, meaning no more than three appearances a season, one in the preseason, and twice in the regular season.

As a reminder, if you want to see our blog on the history of the Browns prior to the coming see, here you go.

There they are, your 2015 Cleveland Browns!


  1. Nike has performed a miracle with their re-design of Cleveland's uniforms: they have managed to make the Brown's unpopular 1984 uniforms look great by comparison. These new Browns' uniforms look like high school uniforms now with the oversized "CLEVELAND" on front of the jerseys. And I never was a fan of their orange jerseys, brown pants, or stripeless socks.

    Last year, they had one of the NFL's best uniforms. All they needed to do were (1) GET RID OF THE BROWN PANTS and (2) put the white-orange-white-orange-white stripes back on the brown socks to match the sleeves of their brown jerseys and they would have been PERFECT. Now they look like an embarrassment.

    I can't stand Nike anymore, for their production of uglier and uglier NFL and college football uniforms or for their continues use of overseas sweatshops to produce their overpriced merchandise.

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