Week 6 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

Sorry for the delay, folks.

14) Broncos-Browns: DEN in white/white, CLE in brown/white. I do like the Browns new unis, BUT the numbers must change on the brown shirts! Heck, even if the Browns tried just making only the back numbers white, I would approve, but these are simply illegible from a distance. Is the NFL thought police that rigid with uni changes these days??

13) Dolphins-Titans: MIA in white/white, TEN in navy/navy. A double dose of bad choices here. Dolphins absolutely look better in white over aqua and the Titans absolutely look better in navy over white (or even the forgotten columbia blue pants). But one team is too white and the other is too dark.

12) Giants-Eagles: NYG in white/gray, PHI in alternate black/black. I just don't understand the Eagles in all black. Had the Eagles gone for the all green look, I would have heartily approved and this matchup would have soared in the rankings. But this just doesn't work in my humble take. Sorry, Giants. You deserved better from your opponent.

11) Texans-Jaguars: HOU in navy/white, JAX in white/black. While not anywhere near my favorite, I do think this is a bit eye-pleasing. The Texans' red stands out in a good way while only a trim color. As for the Jags, a little more teal would go a long way to pump this one a bit higher.

10) Ravens-49ers: BAL in white/white, SF in red/gold. The Niners carry this matchup. Sparkling scarlet and lush 49er gold against a rather drab all white Ravens garb. But it's not enough to keep this from being in the upper ladder.

9) Panthers-Seahawks: CAR in white/white, SEA in navy/navy. The beat goes on. Some good colors at play, silver, black, pale blue, navy blue, gray and neon green. I think this is a middle of the pack matchup.

8) Patriots-Colts: NE in white/navy, IND in blue/white. I way prefer the NE@IND matchup to the IND@NE uni matchups. Here, we see the better Patriots uni combo and the much better Colts uni combo at work. More color, more vibrancy, better presentation. And as a result, higher in the food chain.

7) Cardinals-Steelers: ARI in white/white, PIT in black/yellow. Normally I would have pleaded with the Cardinals to go with the red pants. But with the healthy red yoke on the Cardinals white jerseys, it is just enough to keep this one from dullsville. Paired up with the Steelers classic black over yellow. it's just enough to make this matchup pleasing.

6) Falcons-Saints: ATL in red/white, NO in white/gold. Traditional rivals and this is good one. Falcons in the black lids with red over white is a plus and I think the Saints called it right with the gold pants. I do like the black pants, mind you, but the vegas gold pants just seemed right for this matchup.

5) Chargers-Packers: SD in white/navy, GB in throwback navy/khaki. The Packers have switched throwbacks this season, from the circle number front of 1929-31 vintage to the Don Hutson era navy jersey from the 1937-48 years. I happen to be a sucker for NOBs that are the opposite of jersey's base color, thus the high ranking. The Chargers compliment the Packs' throwback well with their standard white over navy with the yellow and powder blue trim.

4) Bears-Lions: CHI in white/navy, DET in honolulu blue/silver. The NFC North as a whole has the best unis in the NFL. This clash is a great example why. Ancient rivals in very familiar yet unique color schemes carried out very, very well. pale blue, navy blue, trimmed in orange and silver with a touch of black. Snazzy.

3) Redskins-Jets: WSH in burgundy/yellow, NYJ in white/green. It's something when one uni element - in this case, the Jets pants - can make such a world of difference. Had the Jets gone with their lackluster all white look, this game would have been a major meh. Or maybe a colonel meh. But the Jets in green pants add a spark and verve to compliment the already neat 'Skins burgundy over yellow.

2) Chiefs-Vikings: KC in white/red, MIN in purple/white. Love this one! Purple and red in full flower with yellow standing out in trim fashion from both squads.

1) Bengals-Bills: CIN in white/black, BUF in blue/blue. If the Bengals had gone with orange socks, this would have easily been my #1 choice. Still, when we get a double dose of blue from the Bills, it excites me a great deal. A lovely matchup.

Again, my apologies for the delay in getting this on the blog. I promise to be more timely next week. See ya then!


  1. Hope everything is going well for you, Tim. Now, my weekly version.

    Dollops of Daisy:

    WAS-NYJ: did Todd Bowles and his players decide to go exclusively WAH this year? Let's hope not.

    NYG-PHI: the 2nd straight year these two meet in Week 6 in prime time, thus we get subjected to the Eagles' ninja look.

    SD-GB: sorry, Packers. Football players should never go onto the field looking like Jake from State Farm.

    ATL-NO: these two teams haven't done it right in the Big Easy since 2007. This time, they play early enough to have the Saints still do WAH.

    MIA-TEN: had the Titans just decided to go with white pants, this would have been a rankable game. Oh well.

    CIN-BUF: had both teams wore their white pants, I may have given it the top ranking.

    HOU-JAX: the first time these two play in the River City before Daylight Savings Time ends since 2007, thus the Jags go WAH. Since it doesn't involve the Cowboys - sour cream.

    Half of Week 6 games were eligible for ranking.

    7. DEN-CLE: since the Bronws wore brown jerseys and white pants, that's acceptable to me. But like Tim, I also think the Brownies need to ditch the numbers they use.

    6. NE-IND: hints of red in NE's road uniform make this passable. But they meet every single season - this year because the AFC East draws the AFC South. Games like this are one of many that make me long for the Pats to return to red as their primary dark color.

    5. CAR-SEA: these two looked better together at night in their Divisional Playoff battle last year, but there's enough contrast in the two teams' unis to make this decent.

    4. CHI-DET: like I've said before, I prefer the Bears in white-on-white on the road, like they did during the 60s through the early 80s, and again in the early oughts, and again in '08 and the '09 opener. But this game had good color contrasts. Lions games will always be ranked highly, unless their opponent ruins the uni matchup.

    3. BAL-SF: unlike SB XLVII, the Ravens wore the road unis I prefer. The purple stripe on their white pants make their road unis contrast decently enough against some teams, particularly the Niners in their classic red and gold.

    2. KC-MIN: the Chiefs' first visit to the Land of A Thousand Lakes since December of '03 produced a colorful delight: KC in their road red and white with hints of gold and the Vikings in their purple and white with hints of gold - and in outdoors.

    1. ARI-PIT: another "first since 2003" occurrence. This time it's the Cardinals on the road against the Steelers. Thankfully Pittsburgh didn't break out their Hamburglar look, and thankfully the Cards didn't go with red pants. Those shades looked awesome together. As is often the case, an interconference clash gets top nod.

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