Week 13 2015 Weekly Uniform Rankings

by Tim Brulia

16) Ravens-Dolphins: BAL in purple/white, MIA in white/white. While the blah Dolphins all white get up scores zero points with me, it does brighten up the Ravens in purple over white.

15) Bengals-Browns: CIN in white/black, CLE in brown/white. Possibly the best combo we could have for this encounter. Good to see the Bengals in white over black, Except for the Browns nasty orange numbers on the brown jersey. That alone lowers the boom on this one.

14) Eagles-Patriots: PHI in white/white, NE in navy/silver. Not a good choice by the Eagles to go all white. Not at all. The green pants would have made this matchup a ton better. So, the Pats navy over silver has to carry the day, and unfortunately, I don't think it can.

13) Broncos-Chargers: DEN in white/white, SD in navy/white. There are teams who look so dynamic in one combo and yet so yawn-inducing in another. Hello, Broncos. Just not excited in this garb. Chargers look pretty fair in the navy over white, but can't pull up the Broncos from the heap on their own.

12) Jaguars-Titans: JAX in white/black, TEN in navy/navy. The all navy look of the Titans seems to be winning the day in Nashville this season. OK, but then the Jags carry it jut a little too far with the black pants.

11) Colts-Steelers: IND in white/white, PIT in black/yellow. The Colts rather plain, generic all white duds somehow, just somehow, bounce surprisingly well off the bright yellow and stark blackness of the Steelers' gear. Not sure how, but this get together pleases me.

10) Chiefs-Raiders: KC in white/white, OAK in black/silver. OK, KC. It was a nice change to see you in the all white look with the red socks, but it's time to go back to what you do best, and that's wear the red pants with your white shirts. Raiders, I know you'll never change the black over silver, and you shouldn't.

9) Panthers-Saints: CAR in white/white, NO in black/black. Sorta fence-sitting on this one. I, for one (maybe the only one?), like the Saints in all black. And I think the matchup overall looks good with the Panthers in their all whites. Maybe the light blue socks on the Panthers salvage this. I'll keep it here.

8) 49ers-Bears: SF in white/gold, CHI in throwback navy/orange. Conservative, yet tasteful. The Bears, in the throwbacks, should teach the Niners a lesson on how to carry out triple sleeve stripes without having to cut off the striping due to the sleeve length, or lack thereof. While I complain about number legibility on the Browns brown jerseys and the Niners horrid all black alternates, it doesn't seem to be a factor on the Bears alternates, at least to me.

7) Seahawks-Vikings: SEA in white/gray, MIN in purple/white. Nice and yet, disappointing. Not from the standard Viking gear at all, but the Seahawks attire. It is welcome to see the Seahawks rock the gray pants for a change, but the gray is really light. Lighter than normal. Here's hoping next season the gray get a little more gray for the Seahawks.

6) Falcons-Buccaneers: ATL in white/white, TB in red/pewter. The Bucs red jerseys are growing on me. Sure, there's a lot of unnecessary baggage on the jerseys, but the brilliant red hue more than makes up for that rot. It even makes the Falcons bland all white set not so bad.

5) Cardinals-Rams: ARI in white/white, STL in throwback blue/yellow. As always the Rams look tough in the bright blue over yellow set. The Cardinals, though, seem to be keeping the red pants in the closet this season. Which is a shame, because if the Cards had busted out the red trousers, this game would likely have been in the medal round.

4) Packers-Lions: GB in white/yellow, DET in honolulu blue/silver. Color rush takes a break after a three week flourish. Instead we see two teams in uniforms that span decades - more or less. And as with most NFC North matchups, they deliver. The Packers bright yellows and the Lions sharp honolulus look good against other.

3) Texans-Bills: HOU in white/navy, BUF in blue/white. Red is just a trim color on both squads, yet it highlights the shades of blue very well. The game carries a rather muted color palette with great execution in terms of logos, striping and pattern.

2) Cowboys-Redskins: DAL in white/mint, WSH in burgundy/yellow. There are long standing games, where, even one as predictable as this one, it still is a reassuring blessing. The Cowboys in standard white over mint looks mighty fine against the Redskins unique burgundy over yellow. Yeah, both uniforms are a cacophony of mixed up hues and striping and piping, but the color schemes are a sweet blend.

1) Jets-Giants: NYJ in white/green, NYG in blue/gray. Oh, yeah. This is the way the intra-New York matchup should look. When the Jets go white over green, it's a snazzy set. Paired up with their Giants brethren in blue over gray and you have yourself a dandy looking game!

Bye for now!


  1. White stuff is good when it falls on the ground in December. It's not good as a food substance (talking about SC). Seven games last week fit that bill.

    NYJ-NYG: all the Jets had to do was wear white pants and it would have been all good.

    SF-CHI: the 49ers first visit to Chicago in nine years, and the Bears ruin it. There's a decent chance these two will meet in the Windy City next year. Hopefully, if they do, they'll get it right.

    CAR-NO: it's been four years since these two have gotten it right.

    BAL-MIA: please make one of these game in prime time so we can see the Dolphins in aqua. Unfortunately, that can't happen now until 2019.

    CIN-CLE: both times the Bengals ruined their uni matchup with the Browns with black pants.

    JAX-TEN: both teams wore dark pants. Gross.

    KC-OAK: when done right, KC @ OAK is one of the best uni matchups you will ever see. Not this last weekend. I want them in red pants with white tops.

    Nine games made the cut. How did they fare?

    9. DEN-SD: they both wear what I want. Just not very inspiring. Sometimes for breakfast you get eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy. Sometimes it's a bowl of Cheerios.

    8. ATL-TB: they both wore what I want, but these two in Tampa is like if Pearl Jam performed a show and only played their pulse-pounding tracks like "Evenfow", "Corduroy" and "Why Go?" but gave us nothing on the mellow side like "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter In A Small Town" or "Indifference". The Bucs home unis contrast better with somethings a little more understated.

    7. HOU-BUF: another game where both teams wear what I prefer. But the end result doesn't have the wow factor.

    6. ARI-STL: part of me wishes the Rams reserved their biennial throwbacks for today's game vs DET. But this was pretty good. Now they'll go back to their regularly scheduled uniform suckiness.

    5. DAL-WAS: these two have done it right in the Beltway the last 4 years. I just liked 4 better.

    4. GB-DET: these two nearly always do it right, in either place. And their uniforms clash beautifully each time. I just liked 3 games better this week.

    3. SEA-MIN: the Seahawks finally went white over wolf gray and it was nice against Minnesota purple and white with hints of gold.

    2. IND-PIT: last year the Steelers went with their Escape from Alcatraz look against the Colts . These two when they play together wearing their regular stuff, look awesome.

    1. PHI-NE: Tim hated it. I loved it. I've seen these two with that look in preseason. This time it's in a game that counts. I like how it looked after sundown too. Thanks Eagles for both helping out my Broncos and helping giving me the #1 uni matchup for the week.

  2. Dallas maintains their foothold on the top spot and increases their lead by 2.5 points over the Giants, while the Steelers catch the G-Men. Philly, with their gold medal, moves into the top 5. And wouldn't you know it, the Pats are tied for the 10th spot.

    Cowboys: 16
    Giants: 13.5
    Steelers: 13.5
    Cardinals: 12
    Eagles: 10
    49ers: 10
    Lions: 10
    Saints: 10
    Chiefs: 8.5
    Broncos: 8
    Patriots: 8
    Colts: 7.5
    Buccaneers: 7
    Falcons: 7
    Packers: 7
    Redskins: 6
    Seahawks: 6
    Dolphins: 5.5
    Bills: 5
    Vikings: 5
    Chargers: 4.5
    Bears: 4
    Bengals: 4
    Panthers: 4
    Raiders: 3.5
    Ravens: 3.5
    Rams: 2.5
    Texans: 2
    Titans: 1
    Browns: .5
    Jaguars: .5
    Jets: .5

  3. Bronze) Jets-Giants
    This is the best possible uni matchup for the battle of New York (er, New Jersey). Once again, the Jets save the day with the green pants.

    Silver) Cardinals-Rams
    Gotta give the Rams some love for that great throwback uni. And while I wouldn't mind the Red Birds breaking out the red pants, I think the all white works better in that it puts all the attention on the Rams uni, which is where is belongs. If the Rams would just get rid of the neck roll, it'd be even better.

    Gold) Packers-Lions
    Another NFC North classic matchup, the always solid Lions home duds versus the way above average road garb of the Packers. We get to see this once a year, and in my mind, it always looks great.



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