Offseason Update #1 - From the Office of Bill Schaefer

Hello, sportsfans.

I just wanted to take a few moments out of your day to let you know what is going on here at the GUD.

If you've been following our 'Updates' page, you'll already know that, in addition to a few old-timey tweaks and additions, we've totally refurbished and improved the NFC North teams (Chicago, Green Bay, Detroit, and Minnesota) for the NOB (Name-On-Back) Era beginning in 1970. We felt it was important to show a more accurate placement - higher on the shoulders - for the NOBs because that would allow us to better show the back numbers in a much more appropriate and realistic size.

As these changes to number size and positioning are being made, other characteristics are being fine-tuned as well.  These additional features include the resizing and repositioning of some TV numbers, slight changes to colors where needed, alteration of sleeve lengths, more accurate repositioning some jersey patches,  and adjustments to the width of sleeve, pants, and sock stripes.

On the weekly match-up pages, beginning in 1970, you will notice the difference in number sizes for those four teams compared to all other teams.

The next group on our list will be the AFC East beginning with Buffalo. Improvements will also be made for original AFL teams as nearly every AFL team began wearing NOBs in the League's inaugural season, 1960.

Stay Tuned.
Our season never ends!

Bill Schaefer

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