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     With all of the traffic we have received in the last few days, we had numerous updates and changes submitted by many visitors to the site, however, due to some technical difficulties, we have been unable to update them in the last day or two, so today we will devote the entire column to these changes. I've gotten some comments and e-mails that you all seemed to like the 'Mr. Wizard' theme video embed with Bill's column Monday, so I'm going to make embedding a youtube video a regular feature here at the website.  I'm not a big David Bowie fan, but I do have this song running through my head right now, and since we have so many "ch-ch-changes" to update, it seems apropos.

     With all of these changes today, we'll dispense with showing both 'before' and 'after' images, however we are working on a way of displaying the progression of previous database images which will give credit to the submitter for the change.      We'll start off with the 1948 New York Giants, thanks to bigbluelarry, who alerted us to some Charles Connerly pictures that showed a different helmet pattern than what we had.
     Another change that we made came to us from Dante X, who informed us that the 1993 New England Patriots -- the first year of the blue uniforms, when they wore numbers like this -- actually had gray facemasks.  I wonder if Dante is this guy, who was a coach on that team?  Probably not.

     After much debate we have decided to change the brown of the supposedly brown horse on the controversial early-season 1962 Broncos helmet.  This is not to say we endorse or don't endorse any particular theories about the said color of the horse, however, at this time, we have agreed it is probably more purplish-brown than just straight brown. Also a slight change in the angle of orientation of the horse from the previous image.  I'm sure this debate will continue.

     Speaking of the Broncos, we have a slew of changes thanks to anyonebutdetroit.  After looking at his submissions, the 1989-93 Broncos now have three stripes instead of five stripes on the sleeves, the nameplate has been changed for the 1994 to 96 uniforms, and we have added the monochrome blue look the Broncos wore in the 1997 preseason.  An additional change will be coming tomorrow as we have confirmed a mistake we had with their 1994 road throwback uniforms.
     We have changed the stripe pattern on the Philadelphia Eagles 1974 to 1984 uniform pants, it's wasn't much of a difference, but a small detail change none-the-less.  The image to the right is the new stripe pattern, there is now more silver showing between the green stripes and the white stripe in the middle.

     The Miami Dolphins franchise has had a few changes, for the 1973 image we have eliminated some of the combinations of the helmet and sock variations.  Compare this with the updated image to the right, and for the 1969 season, we also have some changes with the sock patterns.  As many of you know, the Dolphins in their early years have been very inconsistent with the uniforms.  They had two different helmets, one with the dolphin all the way across the sun, and another with the head of the dolphin inside the sun.  At times players have even worn different versions in the same game!

All these Dolphins changes come with thanks to dirwulf.

     Finally, a picture (right) surfacing from a 1969 preseason game between the Saints and the Lions has yielded a few changes.  This picture was seen at Chris Creamer's forum, and in it we can see that the Lions wore stripe-less jerseys, and the Saints debuted their 1970 nameplate-less jerseys.  Previously, we did not have the Saints' combo of wearing the white jerseys either with the black numbers in 1969, or with the preseason black helmet.  Isn't that Saints' black helmet cool?

1948 New York Giants
1993 New England Patriots
1962 Denver Broncos
1992 Denver Broncos
1997 Denver Broncos
1974-84 Philadelphia Eagles
1973 Miami Dolphins
1969 Miami Dolphins
1969 New Orleans Saints
1969 Detroit Lions
~ ~ ~

     Well, there you have it. Thanks to all those who have helped make this database that much better by offering corrections.  Keep them coming!  Tommorow we'll bring you that Broncos throwback change we mentioned, plus updates to the New York Giants and to a stripe pattern of the Minnesota Vikings for a year in the mid-1960's. Join our forum and you too can be part of the debate.


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  2. great database!

    are you guys planning to go deeper into history, beyond 1933?

  3. We've already gotten a few requests in this direction by people who've said they are already doing some digging. Our intention is to get the post-33 era nailed as close to 100% first, but as you can see on the left side of the home blog here, Rob has us set up for whenever we get to the REALLY-early years!

  4. Re: Dante -- someday I'm going get around to watching those movies

  5. This is an awesome database, I'm glad I have found you!

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  7. This is a really cool database. I am a huge nostalgia geek when it comes to old NFL stuff, especially the uniforms.

    Regarding the Dolphins of the early '70s, one thing I have always noticed was the fact that the players would often wear two different jerseys during the same game. Some would wear white jerseys with no sleeve stripes, while others would wear white jerseys with the sleeve stripes. The numbers were also slightly different between the two. So not all of the players' uniforms matched each other.

    I'm glad to have a forum such as this. Great idea!



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