No Helmet Logo For You

     About four years ago Uni Watch ran this photo from a 1963 Chargers-Patriots game that showed the Patriots player (#56 here, trying to tackle Lance Allworth) without a logo on his helmet.  Although the two teams met in San Diego two more times that year, once in the regular season and again in the AFL Championship game, we presume it's from the August 10, 1963 preseason game, because according to the Patriots had no #56 on their roster.
     While AFL teams going helmet logo-less is certainly not unprecendented, and it would also make more sense if it was the preseason... (These guys played games without logos) ...we cannot prove it simply based on this photo.  Did they go logo-less for the whole preseason, or just this game?
     Was is just this guy without a logo, or the whole team?  Did he have a logo on the other side, or were both sides blank?  For all we know, as unlikely as it is, this guy's logo may have simply come off of his helmet on the play before this one.  If you know anything further about the logo-less (or not) helmets of the 1963 Boston Patriots' preseason, please let us know in the forum.

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Jeff Hostetler in 1994;
bad throwback
   Speaking of changes to the database, since we launched on Sunday, the increased traffic has led to an expected surge in the amount of corrections to the database.  As we are currently in the middle of migrating our database to our servers, the old images may still be showing up on our pages for another day or two, but the changes will soon be reflected in the database.  The Jeff told us of a correction for the 2009 Throwback uniforms of the Oakland Raiders.  When the Oakland Raiders wore their original white road uniforms with the silver-with-black outlined numbers, they used a font with a squared top on the number - that was in 1963-64 and 1970.  (We have confirmed that in 1970, when they brought back the silver number, they did also bring back the squared-top font.)  In 1994, when they did the NFL 75th Anniversary throwbacks, they got a little lazy, and used the rounded font, something the Raiders apparently never wore.  We initially had the rounded font for the 2009 throwback, however, as The Jeff pointed out to us, they were more accurate the second time around when they did the AFL throwbacks in 2009.  We believe the Raiders iconic black home uniforms have never sported a "squared-off" one, not in throwbacks, and not originally, regardless of what this Mitchell & Ness 1980 throwback looks like.

The Raiders' white 63-64 uni
had the squared font
George Blanda, playing at an age
when even Brett Favre would
have been retired,
knew how to wear a "one"
Darius Heyward-Bey (upper-right)
sporting the correct "one",
seconds into Jamarcus
Russell's illustrious career
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     Another quick correction we want to make, the 2006 and 2007 Browns actually wore silver/gray facemasks, a correction pointed out to us by mark in the comments of the Uni Watch article about our website on Sunday.    We thank both The Jeff and mark for these contributions, and there will be many more tomorrow as hopefully by tonight we will have solved our hosting issues and have the database rebuilt and we will be ready to begin working again on the 2010 team pages.

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Coming up tomorrow:  Exciting changes regarding the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants as well as a picture from a 1969 Lions-Saints preseason game that has given us a new perspective, and a change to the 1948 New York Giants uniform.  Later in the week, a look at the 1941 Eagles -- Did they wear green or black?  Coming up next week, as the Buffalo Bills get set to unveil their new uniforms on the 24th, beginning June 20th, we'll have a look back at the previous uniforms of the franchise.

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