Week 7 Weekly Uniform Rankings

Just going to work right here:

#13. Jets-Patriots: NYJ in all white and NE in throwback red-white. Except for the Patriots throwback red jerseys, this is a total white matchup; helmets, pants, socks and one set of white jerseys. I just don't get it with all of this white. Even green socks from the Jets would have saved this one. Sorry to say peers, but I DO prefer the Flying Elvis helmet to Pat the Patriot. Pat is way too detailed of a helmet logo from afar.

#12. Jaguars-Raiders: JAX in all white, OAK in black/silver. Not even the Raider silver and black can save this one from the black overload. Really miss the teal in this matchup. No where near the top of this week's charts.

#11. Titans-Bills: TEN in white/columbia blue, BUF in blue/white. Boy oh boy, a lot of blue here. And a lot of white for that matter. But at least we have three distinct shades of blue, if that helps. I do like those Bills home blues, but I'm just ho humming this encounter.

#10. Cardinals-Vikings: ARZ in all white and MIN in purple/white. Two teams that made mid-00's overhauls to their looks. Cardinals in '05 and the Vikings a year later. Also made slight tweaks to their iconic helmet logos. And they did this swirly thing with their pant stripes. They semi-mirror each other with their revisions. But I happen to like the colors at play here, so I give this one a little nod of approval.

#9. Browns-Colts: CLE in all white, IND in blue/white. Very traditional and quite plain. Orange helmets, white jerseys with brown and orange trim against white helmets, blue jerseys and blue trim. Sorta dull, but at the same time, sorta nice.

#8. Ravens-Texans: BAL in all white and HOU in "battle" red/white. The Ravens go conservative here by going back to white pants and the Texans do the annual battle red gear. I think the Ravens might have looked a little better with the black pants, while the Texans wisely stayed away from the red pants. Still, I strongly think the reds should be a permanent move by the Texans. It does add brownie points for this teacher.

#7. Seahawks-49ers: SEA in white/gray, SF in red/gold. Real nice looking one here. Seahawks looking nice in their white and gray, with the Niners always sparkling in their bright reds and golds. I look favorably upon this matchup.

#6. Steelers-Bengals: PIT in white/yellow, CIN in alternate orange/white. Bengals rip out the orange jerseys, which frankly, should be the main dark jersey. I kinda would have like the Bengals in black pants with the oranges, but still, a good plus for this matchup with the Steelers in the dependable road white with the bright yellow trousers.

#5. Packers-Rams: GB in green/yellow, STL in all white. This was surprising! Rams so seldom in white at home. Only the second time in 18 years, in fact! Why? Well, supposedly, the Rams stated that they wore white because all of the blue jerseys and pants are already packed for next week's London game and the equipment guys wouldn't have enough time to wash and repair the blues for the transatlantic trip. So they say. In any event, this gives us an excuse to see the Packers in the sweet green/yellow combo. I could have stood to see blue pants on the Rams, but this was a jolt, in a very good way.

#4. Lions-Bears: DET in white/silver, CHI in navy/white, and with the Tigers in the World Series, this makes this, in the words of Dorothy and Dick Enberg, an "OH MY!" type of traditional matchup! These old timers make these colors work well, the navys, honolulus, oranges and silvers are a good blend of colors. I think this one of the better one for this week.

#3. Redskins-Giants: WSH in white/yellow, NYG in blue/gray. Another traditional looking affair with lots of good color. burgundy, yellow, blue, gray and a little red thrown in. Very good, fellas.

#2. Saints-Buccaneers: NO in white/black, TB in throwback orange/white, aka the "creamsicles." As creamsicle is my favorite ice cream flavor (in fact, there's some sitting in my freezer as I type), the Bucs make their now annual homage to the 1977-96 beauties1. And with the Saints helping with their best uni combo, it's a win-win. Ummm, creamsicle...

#1. Cowboys-Panthers: DAL in dark blue/silver, CAR in all white. Panthers in early season white at home (WAH) mode force the Pokes into the rare dark blue jersey mode. Anytime that happens, that's a great thing. The Cowboys darks, so rarely worn, have some nice touches not seen on the white tops. Such as a wordmark, a nice sleeve stripe pattern bolstered by the ubiquitous star, double outlined numbers and then complimented by the silver pants. The Panthers did well by going WAH for this game. Thanks, Panthers.

More throwbacks (and black alts) coming atcha next week. Stay tuned!

1- Technically it was a throwback to the 1976 orange jersey, which they didn't actually wear in the regular season, wearing white for all fourteen games.  The 1977-1996 Buccaneers had a solid orange sock, it was only the 1976 model that had the striped socks.  So the four times they have worn this throwback since 2009, is four more times than they ever actually wore it on the field.

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