Week 4 Uniform Matchup Rankings

Here we go:

15)  Jets-Titans:  NYJ in white/white, TEN in columbia blue/navy blue.  Rams, THIS (Jets) is "white everything!"  Titans, with their third home game in four weeks, already sport dark at home.  While the all white of the Jets is almost blinding, the Titans come to the rescue with the two-tone blues.  Still, not quite enough to save this game from the Meh stage.

14)  Redskins-Raiders:  WSH in white/yellow, OAK in black/silver.  Thinking the Skins in burgundy pants would have increased the sharpness factor a number of notches, but I understand those have been put to pasture.  Still, this is OK, paired up against the standard black and silver of the Raiders.  Just OK, though.

13)  49ers-Rams:  SF in red/gold, STL in white/white.  Rams going with what was described as "white everything."  Not quite. White jerseys and pants for sure, but the standard helmets and dark blue socks. Nice play off of the sparkling Niner red jerseys and gold pants.  This is a good one.  Just hope the Rams wear blue pants at Candlestick later in the season.

12)  Giants-Chiefs:  NYG in white/gray, KC in red/white.  Chiefs go back to normal for their second home game after that mind-messing all red in Week 2.  Giants in the red trim laden whites.  So while there is lots of red here, it could be worse.  Just enough blue, gray, and yellow to keep this one in check and in clear focus.

11)  Colts-Jaguars:  IND in blue/white, JAX in white/black.  Colts actually sparkle against the Jaguars look.  I actually like the all white of the Jags more than the white over black look.  From the front, the Jags white/black is indeed sharp, but looking from the back, that gold portion of the helmet, coupled with the white, black and teal just seems really out of place.  Never thought I'd say this in Week 1, but the Colts uni is the winner today.

10)  Cardinals-Buccaneers:  ARZ in red/white, TB in white/pewter.  Hey, I like this one.  Not much to say here, but the pewter accessories of the Bucs does work against the somewhat stark red and white of the Cardinals.

9)  Bengals-Browns:  CIN in white/white, CLE in brown/white.  When these Ohio teams meet up, one color always stands out...orange. Helmets and major uni trim bathed in the citrus color.  It's up to the other colors of brown and black to pick up the slack.  Again, a wise move for the Bengals to rock orange socks instead of black, but a choice of black pants would have electrified the orange hose.

8)  Ravens-Bills:  BAL in white/white, BUF in blue/white.  Ravens going with the all white look and that was a little disappointing, but the Bills salvage the day in their sweet sharp blue tops.  But again, the all white Ravens drop this game a few spots.

7)  Dolphins-Saints:  MIA in aqua/white, NO in white/black.  Early season WAH for the Saints means the Dolphins are forced to wear the jerseys they seem to not like, the far better aqua set.  For whatever reason, the aqua appears far brighter on TV than it does in print.  While there is minimal trim with the new aqua's, it is the perfect foil for the white jersey/black pants combo of the Saints.  Way to go, you two.

6)  Patriots-Falcons:  NE in white/navy, ATL in red/white.  A rather fine matchup.  Both styles have been around awhile, but seldom against each other.  When both teams are in tri-colors (silver-white-navy vs. black-red-white), it scores big brownie points with this reporter.  Aces high for this encounter.

5)  Seahawks-Texans:  SEA in gray/gray, HOU in navy/white.  Yes, this qualifies as color on color, though it really works as a white/dark matchup.  But even this ever-so slightly out of the box uni matchup makes it a winner.  No white-gray, no all white, no white-navy, but a gray-gray set that isn't dull and prevents navy or white from dominating the mix.  Not just good, Really good.

4)  Steelers-Vikings:  PIT in white/yellow, MIN in purple/white.  One notable omission from this London encounter, no mega-dull "International Series" patch.  I am a fan of the Vikings new unis.  A really grapey shade of purple paied against the Steelers classic whites and yellow pants.  This one gets my seal of approval.

3)  Bears-Lions:  CHI in white/navy, DET in honolulu blue/silver.  In leather helmet days, these guys would have faced off  in navy and honolulu shades of blue jerseys.  Today, it's white over navy and honolulu over silver.  Tradition and color that still looks smart today.  Boffo matchup.

2)  Cowboys-Chargers:  DAL in deep blue/silver, SD in white/navy.  Any excuse to force the Cowboys to give the vastly overused white/mint set is so welcome.  Really, Big D, rock the blues one or two times a season, and us uni-geeks will get off of your back.  As for the Chargers, they made the right choice by going with the navy pants.  Just not a fan of the all whites.  As such, this one is in the front half of the rankings.

1)  Eagles-Broncos:  PHI in white/green, DEN in orange/white.  Is it the right amount (not too much or too little) green, with some black and a pinch of gray mixed in?  Is it the rightful shade of orange (not too bright, not too dull), with a heaping dose of navy mixed in?  I don't know for sure, but I really think one just pops for me.  Looking good, dang good!!

We are in full swing.  Catch up with us next week for another episode.

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