Week 16 Uniform Matchup Rankings

Here's hoping your Christmas was grand.  We at the GUD hope you like the present we gave to you, namely, the WFL Uniform Database, which you can find here: http://wfl.uniformdatabases.com/.If you haven't yet seen it, please do.  You can also read Bill's excellent blog on the WFL history here: http://nfluniforms.blogspot.com/2013/12/joy-to-world-world-football-league.html

16) Titans-Jaguars:  TEN in white/navy, JAX in black/black.  On the same day that the Bucs and Rams replayed their 1999 NFC title game, the Titans and Jags also got together, just like 1999, AFC edition.  But while that NFC matchup looked similar to 1999, and while the Titans wore a similar look to 1999, the Jags apparently wanted no parts of that 1999 teal/white combo.  JAX stays in their 2013 mode, all black.  And this matchup has just too much darkness for my taste, believe it or not.

15) Broncos-Texans:  DEN in white/white and HOU in navy/white.  Jiminy, for some reason, this matchup almost looks like a scrimmage.  The looks of both together give me the impression of mirror images.  A ton of navy, similar styles and trim, these two seem so much alike. Of course, if the roles were reversed, the Broncos orange would change things dramatically. But alas, not to be.

14) Colts-Chiefs:  IND in white/white, KC in red/white.  Stark contrasts here, with the Colts in nearly total white and the Chiefs in red over white.  Bits of blue and yellow trim, but if you like it old school, this matchup is your king.  I like a little more, so I have to drop this one down a bit.

13) Saints-Panthers:  NO in white/black, CAR in black/silver.  This is the dilemma: Go with a lot of metal (gold pants, silver pants) or do a lot of black (Panthers jerseys, Saints pants)?  Not sure which works better, but the Saints went with the black pants.  And I happen to think this works a little better.  All I can say is this: the Saints need to gold-up the gold to the days of the 1967-1974.  That brass gold would boost the Saints look so much. 

12) Falcons-49ers:  ATL in white/white, SF in red/gold.  The last regular season at historic Candlestick Park and a mild surprise in that the Niners did not sport a Farewell to Candlestick patch, but no matter.  The Niners in bright red over gold is gold.  The Falcons rather bland away set of white over white compliment the festivities. 

11) Steelers-Packers:  PIT in white/yellow, GB in green/yellow.  As classic and awesome as these two teams' unis are, when they get together, it doesn't quite work.  One simple reason...yellow.  There's just too much of it. The Packer helmet, the Steeler nameplate, the pants, the sleeve stripes, it's everywhere.  And while the green and black avert disaster, it can't divert my focus on the "athletic gold." 

10) Raiders-Chargers:  OAK in white/silver, SD in navy/white.  Classic AFL rivalry, with a slight nod to this day and age in the Chargers' duds.  While the Raiders unis are really dull for my taste, they look sharp when paired with the Chargers in navy and white, with a good dose of yellow to accessorize.

9) Cardinals-Seahawks:  ARZ in white/white, SEA in navy/navy.  It would have been nice to see the Cardinals in red pants to break the mono-a-mono matchup, but no.  Still, this one is better than most other similar white vs. dark matchups.  I guess it's because the Cards' white jerseys has plenty of red trim and the Seahawks with the light blue and neon green trim are sightly pluses without being dull.

8) Giants-Lions:  NYG in white/gray, DET in honolulu blue/silver.  In what would normally be decried by this reporter as too much gray-silver, I rather enjoy this pairing.  I think because of the blue on the G-men's helmets contrasts very well against the honolulu shade on the Lions, and with a lot of blues and grays, the red trim on the Giants really works.

7) Patriots-Ravens:  NE in white/navy, BAL in purple/black.  Why do I like this one?  Why am I not ticked because of all the darkness?  Why? I guess the only explanation may be the fact that all three dark items are different colors. You have purple, navy and black.  You have this plus a touch of gold and a touch of red.  The Pats' white jerseys are a perfect contrast to all of the varying shades of dark, not to mention their silver helmets.  This is good.

6) Bears-Eagles:  CHI in white/navy, PHI in green/white.  No surprises here. Good uniforms, nice colors, a team in white over dark, the other in dark over white. Navy, green, a little silver, some black and bit of orange.  So be it.

5) Buccaneers-Rams:  TB in white/pewter, STL in throwback blue/yellow.  Rams reprise a look that reprises the 1999 NFC Championship Game.  Always nice to see the Rams in this classic uni.  Paired up with the Bucs in the pewter and white with the red and orange trim, it works nicely.

4) Browns-Jets:  CLE in white/brown, NYJ in green/white.  Clamoring as I did for much of the season for the Jets to crank out the green pants, and they did.  This week, with the Browns wearing the brown pants, it would be wise for the Jets to wear white pants, and they did.  As a result, this is a very fine matchup, with a rather unusual batch of colors on display here.

3) Cowboys-Redskins:  DAL in white/mint, WSH in burgundy/yellow.  Hearkening back to Landry's Cowboys and Allen's Redskins, this shows some good colors, the Cowboys in varying shades of blue and silver and the Skins in classic burgundy and yellow, and it is a sharp pairing.

2) Dolphins-Bills:  MIA in white/aqua, BUF in blue/white.  Not a big white helmet guy, but with the Fins rocking aqua pants again and the Bills at home in that luscious blue, this one scores points with me.  Add the red and a pinch of orange, along with a darkish blue on the Dolphins, this twosome is a goody.

1) Vikings-Bengals:  MIN in white/purple, CIN in black/white.  I like this one.  A lot.  There's just a lot of good color present,  the obvious Viking purple, the Bengal black, with a dollop of orange and a dash of yellow.  Add that all up and it is very pleasing to the eyes.

Till next time, enjoy the last week of the regular season and on behalf of Rob and Bill, we wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Safe 2014!!

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