1999 Cleveland Browns: More Orange-y than before?

     Well the team pages for the two newest teams in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Texans are now in.  (I figured I'd go ahead and knock the Texans out since it was a quick one to do.)  When putting the Browns in I noticed that when they relaunched in 1999, their uniforms were a different shade of orange (brighter and more reddish? maybe) than they had been in 1995.  In 1995 their uniforms were made by Russell, but after they moved to Baltimore, and the replacement team came along four years later, the uniforms were made by Puma.
     This shade apparently only lasted two years, as in 2001 the uniforms were made by Reebok and went back to the more traditional Orange.  I had never realized exactly what the difference was about the uniforms, but I do remember when they played their first game in the Hall Of Game against the Cowboys thinking that something looked different.

The bright orange colors of the 1999 Browns couldn't help them tackle Marshall Faulk


  1. Speaking of the Browns, I've noticed an omission in the database. In 1954, didn't the Browns wear silver pants at night with the orange jerseys?

  2. The big difference I noticed right away when the Browns came back was the difference in the TV/shoulder numbers.
    I HATE the numbers atop the shoulders and miss them being on the side.

  3. I too hate the TV numbers. I also cannot stand the fact that the 2006 to present uniforms are touted as throwbacks when the team chooses to wear plain brown socks (no stripes) with both dark and with the whites. It's not a throwback if it's not a true reproduction.

    Typical of the Lerner era Browns. All talk and no substance.



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