Stripe Colors

     The Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, Baltimore-Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars team pages are in, meaning we're at thirteen and only three away from being halfway done with having all of the team pages in.
     A couple updates to the database, the 1937 and 1938 Chicago Bears now have orange stripes on their socks instead of white in the database.

It's hard to tell in black & white pictures what color things are sometimes
     Look at the three shirt sleeve stripes on the players in the picture to the left.  They are navy-orange-navy.  Notice how light the orange appears in black-and-white?  So you can see why it's hard to tell white from orange on the sock stripe.
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     Coming Thursday, a major announcement here at the Gridiron Uniform Database about our new permanent home on the web, as well as a gripping discussion of "grip strips," as worn by teams like the Brooklyn Dodgers in the early 1930s.


  1. im thinking the socks are orange with white strips...if you look at the numbers compared to the socks, the numbers appears much darker then the socks...if you compare the orange strip on he sleeve, the socks apear to be closer to the same color of the orange sleeve strip...what are your thoughts?

  2. That IS a possibility. We might do some mockups of that. Seems like the Bears were doing a lot of experimenting in the '30's until they settled in on their navy blues in 1941.

    Thanks for the input, Lance!



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