Ravens, Cowboys and Lions, Oh My

     Well the Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions team pages are now in the database.  That means nine of the 32 NFL franchises are now included, and more are on the way.  To see what has been added to the database, simply visit our update grid.
     Do you know what team wore this uniform, pictured to the left?  If you guessed the Atlanta Falcons, you'd have the right colors, but you'd be wrong.  The Falcons were an expansion franchise in 1966 and weren't around in the leather helmet era.  If you guessed the Chicago Cardinals, you'd be close, but also wrong.  No, the answer may surprise you.  Bet you didn't know they wore red, did you?
     That's just one of the many fascinating things to be found here at The Gridiron Uniform Database.
     One of the topics of debate is whether or not to include the defunct teams of the AAFC in the database.  While teams such as the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers that joined the NFL later would certainly be included, there are other long forgotten members of that league, such as the Miami Seahawks and the Los Angeles Dons.  The decision has been made to include them as well as other defunct NFL franchises, like the 1952 Dallas Texans and the 1934 St. Louis Gunners.

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