Week 8 Weekly Uniform Rankings

Before we get started, we at the GUD are thinking of those who were slapped this week by Sandy. Here at the Pennsylvania office of the GUD, we did get punched by the 5" of rain and 50+ MPH winds. We were very fortunate not to lose power at any time during the storm. Apart from a little water in the basement, we made it through OK. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many hundreds of thousands of others. We wish for those folks and families a speedy recovery.

#14. Dolphins-Jets: MIA in all white, NYJ in green/white. With the Fish staying all white all the time, was hoping the Jets would have whipped out the all green machine. Alas, no. Down the list this one goes.

#13. Colts-Titans: IND in all white, TEN in light blue/dark blue. Again for the Titans, it's a blue world. This week, I'm in a forgiving mood, so I can dig on this matchup. To a point.

#12. 49ers-Cardinals: SF in white/gold, ARZ in red/white. Was really hoping the Big Red would have gone big red, like in all red. Nope. It would have red overkill if they did, but on the Cardinals keep it low key with the white pants. A subpar matchup.

#11. Patriots-Rams: In the London special, NE in white/navy, STL in all dark blue. Both teams wear the rather rudimentary red "International Series" patch. So now we know wear the Rams' blues were last week. In the equipment trunk packed for the plane ride to Heathrow Airport. As I can and do get dulled by too much white, I am a bit dulled by too much deep blue. The Rams should have gone with the white pants here. Would have definitely notched up a bit in the food chain.

#10. Jaguars-Packers: JAX in all white, GB in green/yellow. The ever dulling Jag unis can't save this matchup, even with the Pack in the luverly green jersey/white pants combo. But when the sunshine hits the Jags lids, and the teal undertones come out, it does help.

#9. Falcons-Eagles: ATL in all white, PHI in alternate black/white. This is a dilemma, I normally hate the black for black's sake (BFBS) jerseys, but if there's one good thing about Philly's BFBS top, it makes the green pop. But really, that's all the good it does. Falcons away look is not doing me any favors this year.

#8. Giants-Cowboys: NYG in blue/gray, DAL in white/mint. Not a surprising matchup by any means. A lot of blue and various shades of gray offset only by the blips of red on the Giants helmets and pants. The familiar white at home for Dallas, and the familiar blues of NY. Just once, I'd like to see this matchup reversed by the Cowboys going dark at home...in my lifetime.

#7. Raiders-Chiefs:  OAK in white/silver and KC in red/white. So much tradition with this matchup and traditional rivalry. On a color scale, it may not be much, but basic works here. The silver, black, red and yellow means only one thing, Raiders-Chiefs. Basic.

#6. Buccaneers-Vikings: TB in white/pewter, MIN in purple/white. No surprises here and I'm glad. Bucs could have broken out the white pants, but chose not to. And I think it worked well here. Vikes in the purples and I liked this matchup.

#5. Panthers-Bears: CAR in all white, CHI in throwback navy/white. Bears rock the 1941-1947 era navy jerseys (straight block orange numbers and stripes). To get more of the feel, the Bears peel off the iconic wishbone C of their helmets. Sidebar: the Bears make no changes to the pants. Why? The pants (white with a navy/orange/navy side stripe) haven't changed a lick since 1941. These pants are the NFL's longest running unchanged design on a uniform. Anyway, it is a refreshing look coupled against the Panthers silver, black and bright pale blue hose.

#4. Saints-Broncos: NO in white/black. DEN in orange/white. Was talk of the Broncos going to a return to blue for this one. Didn't happen. And that's a big plus. This matchup has a load of different colors and that - as you know by now - is what I am after in these matchups. Black, gold, orange, deep blue = sweet.

#3. Seahawks-Lions: SEA in white/navy, DET in honolulu blue/silver. Seahawks made the right move by wearing navy as I would have likely griped about too much silver/gray. This looks good, with that pale blue for the Lions bouncing well off the Seahawks nice new look.

#2. Chargers-Browns: SD in white/dark blue, CLE in brown/white. The Browns mis-led us with this one. They had said first four home games in white, the last four in brown. One game early, but you, I'm glad. To me, this is a great matchup. A lot of color and done right. white, dark blue, yellow and powder blue trim, orange, brown and white. Brownies, I know you love your all whites, but bust this look because I like your brown jerseys so much more.

#1. Redskins-Steelers: WSH in white/yellow, PIT in throwback black-yellow/khaki. Shameless plug, in case you missed it, the GUD did an exhaustive 10/27 blog on the aegis of the Steelers throwbacks on uni-watch.com (link). Seeing this outfit in action was very disconcerting. But as the game progressed, this became very eye appealing. There is no middle ground with these babies. You either love them or hate them. I happen to love them. These jerseys are so far outside of the football box, that it works! Just a dandy look! I didn't forget you, Redskins. You should have gone with the burgundy pants. If you had, I would have likely labeled this uniform matchup the greatest in NFL history. Seriously. But, #1 for the week will have to do.


  1. Rams would have looked even better than in navy over white if they hadn't scrapped the GOLD pants for this year and worn them here!

  2. Why did they get rid of the gold pants, anyway? I'm really disappointed that teams like the Rams, Titans, Bengals, and Ravens that in the last few years used to be good for 6 to 9 combos due to the pants variations have seemingly settled on basically a home and a road with the occasional variation. Last year (with the three different pants) the Rams didn't wear any combo more than three times.

    Sure for some traditional teams just home and away looks better, but for these teams I liked the variety.



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